Iowa Gov. Nominates Catholic Priest For State Medical Board

What do you do if your a radical anti-abortion Governor and you can’t make the courts do your bidding? You pack the state’s medical board.

First Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad (R) nominated a Dubuque anti-abortion activist for a seat on the Iowa Board of Medicine, but the Iowa Senate rejected that nomination. Branstad In response Brandstad nominated a prominent Catholic priest for the spot.

The medical board licenses physicians and is involved in abortion politics when anti-abortion activists file complaints about providers. Branstad’s first choice, Colleen Pasnick is a past director of the Family Life Office for the Archdiocese of Dubuque and a past employee of Dubuque County Right to Life.

More notably though are Pasnich’s ties to domestic terrorists including Cheryl Sullenger, an Operation Rescue leader who was convicted of bombing a California abortion clinic in the 1980s.

Branstad’s latest nominee is Msgr. Frank Bognanno, the pastor at Des Moines’ Christ the King Catholic Church. Bognanno was part of an anti-abortion delegation that met with the medical board to object to Planned Parenthood distributing abortion pills via video conference. Pasnich and Sullenger were also a part of that delegation, though Bognanno denies any ties to Sullenger.

Should Bognanno’s nomination clear it would represent a continuing encroachment by the Catholic Church into the regulation and review of medical care and a dangerous slide away from science and toward theology. And it’s a slide that Branstad is apparently happy to embrace.

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Photo from thetalesend via flickr.


Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth L3 years ago

Wow and catholic priests have such a good record looking after children.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

No stars for Elaine A. but for some others, that I call True Humanitarians.

Pogle S.
Pogle S4 years ago

@ Elaine A - Good! Now more children will live in misery as a result!

Congratulations upon your compassionate robot act!

Pogle S.
Pogle S4 years ago

Unbelievable! Go on governor, you haven't got a mandate, but carry on, continue to pursue your own ends why don't you! The whole world can now see your underhand methods and it won't be long before you are out!

M.E. W.
Mary W4 years ago

Talk about a conflict of interest!

Beth K.
.4 years ago

Elaine A seems to be against all rights for any women. Stepford wife or just a fake person?

Nancy A.
Nancy A4 years ago

Elaine A., maybe more children will live but how many of those children will suffer? How many of those lives you are so thrilled will be saved will die a few hours after birth because the mother threw the new born in a trash dumpster? Do you have "any" idea how that child will suffer? What a painful death that will be?

Or, how many will grow up being abused and sexually asulted and raped because the parents can't stand the site of them. While you live in your nice safe cozy world, you won't have a clue the trama these unwanted children go through with many of them committing suicide to escape the pain.

Or how many will live in poverty, only knowing hunger?

Before you celebrate, think of the reprocussions caused by you and others like you with narrow minded thinking, who think they can dictate what everyone can do or not do.

If you don't agree with abortion then don't get one. But you and the other religious zealots have no business telling the rest of the world what they can and can not do. If a woman wants an abortion, that is her business; she is the one that has to live with that decision, not you.

It's interesting that many pro life people are only concerned with the unborn. Once the child is born, they are forgotten. Things would be so much better if they turned all that negative energy to helping the children that are already here instead of worrying about a decision that should be left to the mother.

Roger Monk
Past Member 4 years ago

Forgive my ignorance if I'm wrong on this, I'm not American, but isn't there something in the constitution about separation of church and state?

What are this man's medical qualifications?

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

More children will die as a result.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

More children will die as a result.