Is there a War On Easter? Wisconsin Thinks So

We’ve all grown used to the yearly claims that there is a massive War on Christmas waged by the nasty secularists forcing Christ out of the season and the God out of the public square. However, a War on Easter? That’s definitely not something many have encountered.

Yet that is what is allegedly being waged in Wisconsin, where a battle of displays at the capital in Madison have Christian groups crying foul.

The issue began when Concerned Women for America’s Wisconsin branch decided to place a cross and conservative and anti-choice literature up in the state capitol to celebrate Easter, according to Fox News. Unhappy with a religious display in a public, taxpayer funded area ó especially a display that only endorsed Christianity ó Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation put up their own sign to tweak the CWA supporters.

“Nobody died for our sins. Jesus Christ is a myth,” read the atheist group’s sign.

ďItís unfortunate to see a sectarian symbol that is increasingly used as a symbol of political intimidation in our state capitol,Ē Freedom From Religion Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a statement to explain their own “display.”† ďItís also unfortunate to see women serving as a front for a patriarchal religion based on womenís subservience and second-class status. This is the same group that helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment citing its allegiance to biblical principles, instead of civil liberties under our secular government.”

The new sign didn’t make it long at the capitol, however, before it ran into some resistance of its own. ďA man wrested [the] foamboard sign, which was securely taped to an easel, and violently mangled it in front of passersby. Capitol security was quickly summoned and gave chase, but the vandal got away,Ē The Blaze reports the FFRF stating on their website.

The sign still stands in the capitol, despite its now battle-weathered appearance. The FFRF has also added a note to the display, which reads, “Somebody, presumably somebody who disagreed with our message, tried to destroy our sign. Apparently, this person believes the Capitol is a public forum for Christianity only. If you donít think religious messages should be displayed on government property, join the club! We donít think they should be, either. But as long as religious groups use the Capitol to proselytize, FFRF has a right to respond to their message.”

“Religion is divisive,” the note concludes. “It belongs in churches, not the State Capitol. Keep religion out of government.”

Although the Wisconsin capitol has become the major forefront of the War on Easter, it isn’t the only battle out there. According to New Hound, Fox News also tried to stoke a “War on Easter” fight in Detroit, where they declared that Muslims hate Easter egg hunts and won’t let small children participate.

The real story? Some families weren’t comfortable with the idea of a church handing out flyers about one of their events to children at their public school. “[Parent Majed] Moughni said heís concerned about ‘using school teachers paid by public funds … to pass out these flyers that are being distributed by a church. I think thatís a serious violation of separation of church and state,’Ē reports the Detroit Free Press.

Religious displays promoting one specific religion being frowned on in the capitol? Churches admonished for recruiting at public schools? I can see how opposing these things must mean there is a War on Easter being waged.

Now, just be sure to wake me up so I don’t miss the War on the Fourth of July.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven5 months ago

thanks for the article.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese2 years ago

I really do not give a hoot if some one wants to live his life as an atheist, It worries me when the atheist think have to try to degrade other people's beliefs as if they are the only ones on the planet that are correct in their thinking. I think that type of thinking is utterly stupid as no one knows what religion or "No" religion is correct, yet each person needs to hang their hat on something in life that they fully believe in. Most decent people really do not try to knock anyone else's belief, they live and let live. Today it is only the Muslim and atheist that seem so insecure in their belief that they are afraid of all the religions of the world. It is a sad day when the world has to make accommodations for only two types of religions or Non religions. I say let those people believe in what they want, but also leave the rest of the world to believe in what they want.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

Capital Hill has always had a war on Easter. So what is new.

Michael T.
Michael T.2 years ago

Oh yeah GJ? I guess you had better go read that magic book with Mr Bill. Is it the one with the red lettering?

Jesus is dead and has been for nearly 2000 years. By my reckoning, there are very few christians who ever really got the message. Folks like you who shout these inane messages don't have a clue.

Thanks but I'll take morality from my own brain and experience. There are bits and pieces of good ways of living from all over the globe. That magic book you folks hold on to with your white knuckled grip is hardly the best example.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown2 years ago

So Bill, you never read the bible, huh?

Bill Reese
Bill Reese2 years ago

I am sorry Kevin I have never read your atheist book. If it is magic maybe I should have one.

J. G.
J. G.2 years ago

Many times in ours lifes, we do realize that the things which have not meaning for us, become the fundamental of our living when we give ourself the oppotunity to know them. It is like a piece of coal with not apparently worth, but inside there is hidden a diamont. It is what happen with the Word of God. Jesus said: "Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and it is they which testify of Me".


Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm2 years ago

NO I am ammending that I was still half asleep when I wrote that. The celebration has NEVER been ONLY about Jesus…………

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm2 years ago

As usual Bill has it wrong. We ddont care if God is in our society. WE dont want him writing for our legislative body. No one is complabout Easter except the people who INSIST it be ONLY about Jesus. It was NEVER only about Jesus except maybe in the olden days befroe Cosntantine.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown2 years ago

Jesus, more sermons. You do realize that we are not interested in quotations from your "magic book."