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It’s Easy To Buy Guns! (VIDEO)

It’s Easy To Buy Guns! (VIDEO)

Just two weeks after the Tucson shootings, the City of New York sent undercover investigators to a gun show in Phoenix, Arizona. Mayor Michael Bloomberg reported that those agents discovered just how easy it is to buy a gun with minimal oversight.

As reported by Talking Points Memo,

‘According to the the Gun Show Undercover: Arizona report, undercover investigators successfully bought guns after telling unlicensed dealers, “I probably couldn’t pass a background check.” The investigation took place January 23 at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix.

One undercover investigator purchased a Glock pistol and a high-capacity magazine — the same weapon Tucson shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner allegedly used — without a background check.

“We have demonstrated how easy it is for anyone to buy a semiautomatic handgun and a high capacity magazine, no questions asked,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “This country must take two simple steps to stop more of the 34 murders that occur with guns every day: make every gun sale subject to a background check, and make sure the background check system has all the required records in it.”

It’s time for Congress to step up and fix these deadly flaws in our gun laws. The background check system must include all the names of prohibited purchasers, and the loopholes that let criminals evade background checks must be closed immediately.

Sign our petition, and demand that Congress close the Gun Show loophole. Click here to take action.

And then check out our video, to see just how easy it is to purchase a gun:

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Photo credit: mrbill via Creative Commons

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2:18PM PST on Feb 6, 2011

reading the comments written by some people is even more disturbing than the fact that people have guns.Who is comparing this with Hitler and Stalin? This gun law supposedly comes from the time when the constitution was written and there were still wild animals roaming the countryside and a few native americans too . The stupidity of so many people just makes me tired.

12:28PM PST on Feb 5, 2011

as usuel this film is slanted against hand guns to restrict guns any more than they are in arizona is not fair and corrupt bloomberg was not supposed to even run a third term but with his money and conections he made it happen anyway there is much corruption even here in the USA lets address that first before we ban guns for honest citazins bloomberg come from one of the most corrupt states what does that tell you they just had the biggest mob bust in history of course the FBI made it happen in his state along with two other corrupt states and is bloomberg going to save you when your attacted in the desert two years ago they wanted to make it so that you could carry a handgun in any federal wild park but those left wing anti gun states got exemptions to it so if you are a family in motor home and visit a federal park in their corrupt state you can not defend your self with your hand gun you legaly own in your home state and if you posess a hand gun in NJ with out their very hard to get permit you get 3 years in prison manditory is that fair and if you have a permit in NJ its only for target shooting at a range no carry at all it must be unloaded in case in the trunk all times so in an emergency it could be useless yes they chip away till it gets that bad so just say no and better yet support the NRA before its tioo late

9:03PM PST on Feb 3, 2011

Julie, Obviously, you don't watch the news much or online news to understand what is going on in our Country. These were the people who changed the laws so that citizens were not allowed to own guns: Stalin, Hitler -- had enough yet? How about Obama?
Yep, he wants to take the guns away. My question to you is "why" would he want to take away the guns in the same fashion as Hitler and Stalin?

8:56PM PST on Feb 3, 2011

Bloomberg? Did you know that he was paid to "allow" that hideous Mosque to be built on the site of 9/11? So, if he has been bought -- why would we trust him. Take away guns for protection? How convenient.

12:22AM PST on Feb 3, 2011

Keep your guns, go on shooting!

12:03PM PST on Feb 2, 2011

25% against? Did people even understand the question?

10:51AM PST on Feb 2, 2011

More laws will not solve this problem. Enforcement of the laws we already have will. Look out, I'm a liberal with a gun!

7:19AM PST on Feb 2, 2011

This article is rather disingenuous. The video contained three significant violations of federal law that I noticed. I would imagine that an ATF agent could find even more problems.

The author said: "It's time for Congress to step up and fix these deadly flaws in our gun laws. The background check system must include all the names of prohibited purchasers, and the loopholes that let criminals evade background checks must be closed immediately."

There was no flaw in the law here aside from the fact that it was flagrantly being broken. Gun shows are treated like any other place of business. It is true that private sales are not regulated in the same way as commercial sales, but a table at a gun show is treated as a conventional place of business in the application of law. In the same way that I cannot sell guns out of a hardware store without the same license as a dedicated gun shop and the same required background check, I cannot buy a table at a gun show and sell firearms without the license and regulations.

Once again, the problem is not a deficiency in the law, but rather that it is being broken.

7:03AM PST on Feb 2, 2011

From the author:

"It's time for Congress to step up and fix these deadly flaws in our gun laws. The background check system must include all the names of prohibited purchasers, and the loopholes that let criminals evade background checks must be closed immediately."

What other rights would you like to see abridged to suit your fears and prejudices? Should Freedom of Speech be allowed only as long as you agree with them? Should persons with differing views have to get a license and a background check before they can blog?

How about Assembly? Are you okay with that one or would you like to impose a dress code and a sign motif?

6:32AM PST on Feb 2, 2011

Julie W. says

"So 25% voted against strengethening gun control - and this on a caring site? I despair of the US and its gun culture."

So 70% voted against freedom? Ans this on a caring site? I despair for the people that want all people to be helpless in the face of criminals or the state.

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