It’s Official: Gay Marriage Not Harmful To Children

On Monday, Vermont mental health organizations and human service groups banded together to release a statement in favor of gay marriages, saying that, far from being detrimental, allowing an LGBT couple to marry could be the very best thing for children in their care, turning the argument against gay marriage on its head by affectively suggesting that it is gay marriage opponents who are creating unstable families by keeping gay parents apart.

Opponents to gay marriage often cry “Think of the children”, but Jackie Weinstein of the University of Vermont’s Human Development and Family Studies program said that, “We [the coalition group] felt it was important for us to set the record straight about the scholarly literature in our field, and we have lots of different families and the best thing to do for all children is to support parents the best way we can,” which was why she and other representatives would be recommending same-sex marriage be allowed when a gay marriage bill, HB 178, is debated in the Vermont senate next week.

The group’s consensus, which also includes the Vermont sector of the National Association of Social Workers, also drew a distinction between civil partnerships for LGBT couples and marriage, saying that the latter would validate a same-sex couple in the eyes of society in a way that a civil partnership could not.

By that token, allowing gay marriage had to be what the coalition group of charities and organizations recommended, as it could only serve to lessen discrimination against children of gay couples and gay couples themselves and therein improve that child’s quality of life.

They also warned against “misinterpretations” of data that the UHD had collected that was used by some anti-gay supporters to wrongly propose arguments against gay marriage by drawing on case studies of the affects of parental divorce on children, whether one parent came out as being LGBT or not.

Further to this, support for the same-sex marriage bill has come from religious quarters with 181 clergy members of varying denominations as well as Rabbis Sheri K. Berger, Joshua Boettinger Joshua Chasan, and David Steinberg all signing their support.

But Vermont’s Governor Jim Douglas thinks the civil partnership law is good the way it is and that there shouldn’t be a “decisive” bill such as the one going before the senate next week. He even added that he would be angry if it reached him before other legislature.

This runs contrary to the church he attends, however, as the United Church of Christ was the largest signer to the decleration of support. For a full list of those that signed to the decleration, please click here.

However, Douglas hasn’t indicated if he will use his powers of veto against the bill when it eventually reaches his desk, and many are quietly hopeful that same-sex marriage is but a breath away in Vermont.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution license, with thanks to Leevin.


Anthony T.
Anthony T7 years ago

so, from these comments i now understand that:

1. people who take your car and shoot you are good, or at least should have more rights than same sex couples.

2. only gays and lesbians try to commit suicide, and it seems likely to do solely with the fact that they are gay or lesbian, not with how society is about it or ANY NUMBER of other things that affect EVERYONE.

3. the biggest issues in a child's life would be if they had same sex parents, not hormones, high expectations, not understanding the world around them, feeling like they're alone, or anything of the sort.

4. God and Jesus probably like people that shoot each other more than gays and lesbians.

i'm straight... i wonder why i'm so messed up...

Kellie Noffsinger
Kellie N7 years ago

Out of curiosity Martine, and please if this doesn't seem to fit this topic you can just email your answer to me, if we are going to blame the trouble of moral standards falling because people have lost trust in God where does that put the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc of the world? Also I'd like to know how the world being loving and accepting of GLBTs force straight people to decide to lie, cheat, kill, etc? Trying to say that accepting GLBTs causes the world to go to hell is an ignorant statement. Many of the GLBT group trust God. For instance I trust that he placed me here to help spread understanding and break down stereotypes.

Sarah G.
Sarah G7 years ago

Martine, re-read your own post and see how well it fits with the profile representation you've created of yourself. The immense disparity made me laugh.

Martine Dann
Martine D7 years ago

I cant help it if I dont want to be a roll over, lukewarm doesnt work for me. Anything goes in America and the world is supposed to set (moral?) standards by USA? I was ready to leave my country because of the brutal violence and crime, until I was shot and carjacked. I REFUSED to leave after that. I forgave my attacker the next morning when I came around in the hospital. I dont hold grudges and yes i live in a country where we have to take so much crap, its even in our stinking drinking water.But I will NOT be intimidated and roll over. It doesnt matter that you dont accept God' commands, or that the world needs to wake up to whats real. I'm not ignorant either. I see and feel what is real. I know that most young gays/lesbians end up committing suicide because they are under such turmoil/emotional stuff. (im not even blowing the tip of the iceberg here). I have worked with gays & sex changes, dealt with their emotional upheavels, attempted suicides.Been with them at their darkest moments. The major problem is our "belief"system has crashed, to the fault of the churches & preachers, no doubt. But the world's attitude is "as long as I am happy, I have my rights, if I want to be g/l the world MUST just accept it". We have thrown Christ right out of the picture. Hey Christ died for ALL of us. He knew you would be different before you were born! so I dont hate G/L. But I know Christ asks you to trust Him and miracles do still happen, all of us can change, if we only

Kellie Noffsinger
Kellie N7 years ago

Martine, what children watch there parents having sex, straight or gay? I think there are bigger issues in that case then the sexual orientation of the parents. I suppose you think you were forced to roll over and take crap when the signs on restrooms no longer read "Whites Only" or "No niggers"? Are you being forced to accept crap when immigrant workers are finally accepted and treated like citizens with decent pay, health care and education? I bet the Sudanese think they are being forced to accept crap because the world is cramming aid for Darfur down there throats. Before ever assuming you are the one being forced to accept anything take a step back and think of all of the people throughout history who have really been forced to accept crap because they were not the most powerful, well-armed or popular group. And please, before anyone else against the LGBT group posts any other comments, I beg of you to proofread. Those who have already posted are really making it look like only ignorant, illiterate people share your views.

Martine Dann
Martine D7 years ago

total crap. We are made to roll over and accept. For a child to see same couples having sex..? hello! I wont accept this and we are being brainwashed to accept crap. Crap in our water, crap sprayed on our food, crap on tv and crap that a child needs two fathers or two mothers! crap!

Kellie Noffsinger
Kellie N7 years ago

I noticed the same thing Suze! I'm going to be nice and assume it was because in there passion they just made a typo here and there. But you know what they say about assuming. Judy, Therese, have either one of you ever had any interaction with a loving LGBT couple and/or there children? I think the biggest thing anyone should be concerned about is not how many or of what sex the parents are but that parents are available. How many children in foster care or orphanages do you think would say "EWWWWWW!!!!" when told a nice loving LGBT couple wanted to adopt them? For that matter as far as marriage being "a Christian sacrament of loving commitment, making a vow before God and their community" last time I checked Christians were not the only religion to have marriages and I suppose that LGBTs could not possibly be part of the Christian faith. Does anyone still remember when it was illegal and thought of being against God for those of different races to marry? Or is someone going to get up in arms about that and say how it in no way is connected to the biblical reason for LGBTs not being able to marry? Ignorance is no excuse to punish others who have every right you do to a happy life.

Graham S.
Graham S7 years ago

Judy L ! The only reason a child would be embarrassed is because YOU, the mother, taught those values to your children! It's people like you that truly harmful to children.

suzanne s.
suzanne s7 years ago

am i the only one to notice a definite connection between bigotry and a failure to proofread? the less tolerant the post, the more difficult it is to parse through. hmmm...

Therese D.
Therese Davey7 years ago

Surely it is up to whom ever brings up a child to nurture their sense of confidence that would prevent any embarrassment of their home situation? Good, loving parenting develops the child allowing them to best cope with life outside the home. No child should suffer discrimination because they do not have either a mother or father under any circumstance. However, single sex couples rearing families is still a recent experience and as a result there is not enough constructive research on the subject. I personally do not see why single sex couples want to partake of Marriage - a religious term, a Christian sacrament of loving commitment, making a vow before God and their community, reserved for hetro-sexual couples, when they defy the concept of Christian marriage themselves. Christian marriage expresses itself with the ultimate act of love, conceiving a child together and bringing it up together. Marriage is for heterosexual couples, civil partnership best serves and protects other relationships and frees them from any religious association. The heart of this debate should be focused on the what ahs been proven best for the children; every child deserves the right to a mother and father if at all possible.