Jamie Oliver Says Watch Out for the Sugar in Your Drink (VIDEO)

Do you think you are making a healthy choice when you buy fruit juice instead of cola? Beware. In this video, Jamie Oliver shows us a Harvard University research chart which highlights the amount of sugar in various 12 ounce beverages. Cranberry juice cocktail has 12 teaspoons of sugar; orange juice and cola each have 10.

You’re better off with some sports drinks, which contain five teaspoons — or better yet, seltzer and a splash of juice, holding just one teaspoon. And of course, best of all is water or ice tea with no added sugar at all. 

If you tend to struggle with your weight and/or have health issues surrounding your sugar levels, begin taking note of what’s in the beverages you drink — especially those you think are healthy. It may make a difference. 

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven13 days ago

thanks for sharing.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven14 days ago

thanks for sharing.

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Andrea A.
Andrea A5 years ago


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Aoife O Mahony
Aoife O Mahony5 years ago


Jay Evas
Jay Evas6 years ago

we've known about this in canada since the 80's, how can so many people be so blind?

Yuri R.
Yuri R6 years ago

Of course the consumer has to beware and read labels. "Cocktail" or "natural flavored" labels mean bad things, like mostly sugar. 100% JUICE is the best and cannot be compared to sodas and the aformentioned pseudo-juices. While even 100% juices are not better to eating real fruits (juices lack the fiber), they are a great alternative to the sugary drinks. While I do drink Powerade and Gatorade drinks, it's only after working out in the heat.

Peter B.
Peter B6 years ago

thanks for the info

marta d.
marta d6 years ago

Thank you for the information. But I think that better than adding water to juices is to prepare your juices yourself. Just a couple of oranges is enough for a good glass. I squeeze them every morning for my breakfast.