Jan Brewer Flexes Racist Muscle Again

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) must be feeling neglected because she’s decided to start another fight with the White House.

On Wednesday Brewer issued an executive order barring undocumented immigrants who qualify for temporary legal status in the United States from receiving any state or local benefits. The immigrants impacted are those that qualify for the Obama administration’s deferred action plan–a new program that gives young undocumented immigrants under 31 who came to the country as children relief from deportation and a two-year work permit. To qualify, recipients must have been younger than 16 years old upon arrival; currently not older than 30; have lived in the country since June 15, 2007; and have no felony convictions.

As many as 1.7 million people could qualify for the temporary federal program, which enables those undocumented immigrants who qualify to apply for work permits, Social Security cards and driver’s licenses, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Applying for “deferred action for child arrivals” permits will shield some young undocumented immigrants from being ousted from the United States for at least two years. In Arizona, officials said an estimated 80,000 undocumented immigrants were eligible to apply.

According to Brewer, those deferred action recipients cant receive a driver’s license or any other unspecified “public benefit” in her state despite the federal order.

Carlos Garcia, director of the grassroots community group Puente in Phoenix, called the governor’s move a “mean-spirited attack” on a well-meaning program. “Brewer has once again put Arizona’s name on the map as the epicenter of anti-immigrant racism and hate,” Garcia said in a statement.

It’s unclear what, if any, force Brewer’s order has considering she’s trying to nullify a federal order, but it certainly sets up a battle over federal/state control on immigration issues. In addition to another opportunity to prove her anti-immigrant chops, Brewer is likely setting this up for legal challenge. The fight over DREAMers gives the right another chance to make their case that they are the party of xenophobes and nativists, because apparently there was still some dispute.

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Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

It's very simple. Bill.

Voting is like driving a car.

Select "D" to move forward;
Select"R" to move backwards!

Consider this quote from Sinclair Lewis;

"When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Sinclair got it partially wrong it should read like this

"When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross, while wearing sacred underwear."

Robert Taylor
Robbie Taylor4 years ago

Damn Arizona. Jan Brewer just keeps trying to make you guys look bad.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

Then do not waste our time and read the ultra liberal rag, and try to debunk it.

Tim Ra
Tim Ra4 years ago

Yes, thanks bar-fly Brewer for marking us as the state that has the lowest education funding in the entire country. Great job there! Yes, we're breeding idiots here in AZ.

And, Bill, you should be careful to bring up BS articles from the Oregonian. All my family lives in Oregon and the majority of them read the Oregonian. So, if you plan to keep feeding us your paranoid BS from the Oregonian, I'll be the first to debunk your crap!

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

Just to help all of you non-readers out Hillary is in today's Oregonian again wanting to promote the UN and its anti-gun laws. She is leading the charge to apply them to the USA. We need to kick the UN out of the US and Hillary along with it.

Did anyone notice that Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona won the court case on the Arizona illegal alien law? Now it is legal to ask a person stopped for any violation to see their ID. A great step forward. This is not racial profiling, it is mearly asking the lawbreaker if he or she has an ID. Simple and straight forward.

Thank you Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona for helping to start the clean up of illegals in Arizona, and a first step in showing the way to the other 49 states. Oops or should I have said 56 as Obama said we had 57 states. Darn, now I am confused.

Tim Ra
Tim Ra4 years ago

You worry too much, Bill, and that's exactly what your conspiracy thinkers want you to do, panic! They'll never get past the NRA.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

Heaven to forbid, three of you are asking where I found the information on Secretary of State Clinton wanting the US to support the UN anti-Gun Law. Do none of you read your own liberal trash?

This subject has been in the ultra-liberal Oregonian for over a week almost daily.

Those are her words or at least the liberal writer's wording of her words.

Wake up you 2nd amendment right is on the line by the UN.

Tim Ra
Tim Ra4 years ago

@Bill ~ “The US Public are fed up with no jobs, high taxes, high gas prices, high food prices and a debt that our next generation will never be able to pay off. They want someone in office that will at least start to reduce all of above not just blow hot air at it.”

The 99% have been fed-up with those things for decades! And guess what, Bill, Republican’s have done their fair share of contributing to those 99%-ers frustrations. Nevertheless, everyone’s taxes have been at their lowest since I can remember, so you’re way off on that one. I mean, why do you think all of us in the 99% are complaining that Warren Buffet’s maid pays 28% in taxes, while Warren only pays 16%? That’s what American’s are fed-up with, bill!

And the, “a debt that our next generation will never be able to pay off”? I used to hear that one growing up in the Regan era, only it was being said by Democrats back then. And guess what happened (took several years to get there) after Clinton left office? Yep, a surplus! My suggestion is if you ever want to see a surplus come back, then you need to vote out the stupid tea party members that are holding us back from ever attaining that goal.

Tim Ra
Tim Ra4 years ago

@Bill ~ "As to our Constitution I am talking about Clinton wanting the US to fall under the UN mandate and gun control, how dumb is that thinking? Or Obama wanting to get rid of talk radio that does not agree with his socialist ideas that are following the Marxist program."

Both of those have already been debunked, Bill. As Kevin asked, where do you get your news from?

Bush once said, “If I were a dictator, things would be much easier to run”, would you have taken that as *literal*? You have heard of the term *taking things out of context*, yes?

There’s a plethora of opinionated information out there, Bill, and not necessarily factual news. You have to know which ones present actual *news*, and not a bunch of heated opinions, hype and spin. Sounds to me like you’ve been drinking way too much tea.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle4 years ago

Brewer is truly one of the most mean-spirited women I have ever heard.