Japanese Police Dog: A Chihuahua? (VIDEO)

Meet Japan’s newest police dog – a long-haired chihuahua named Momo (peach).

The brown-and-white Momo was one of 32 successful candidates out of 70 dogs, who passed a search and rescue test in the western Japanese prefecture of Nara. How? By finding a person in five minutes after merely sniffing their cap.

“Any breed of dog can be entered to become a police dog in the search and rescue division,” said a Nara police spokesman. But still, a Chihuahua was not expected. “It’s quite unusual,” he stated.

The seven-year-old Momo will be used for rescue operations in case of disasters such as earthquakes, since she may be able to squeeze her tiny body into place too narrow for more usual rescue dogs.

Check out Momo here:

Creative Commons - Kjunstorm


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dogs are perfect for this they are loyal and devoted alot more than i can say for people

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