Jared Loughner’s Online Postings Reveal Deep Misogyny

In a pattern that seems disturbingly similar to last summer’s shooter, George Sodini, who wrote that “30 million women rejected [him],” online postings reveal the extent of Jared Loughner’s aggression and misogyny.  Loughner seemed at times to be reaching out for help from the online gaming community in his postings, which emphasized his inability to attract women or land a minimum-wage job.

It’s his recent posts that are the most disturbing.  On April 24, in a thread titled “Would you hit a Handy Cap Child/ Adult?”, he wrote: “This is a very interesting question….There are mental retarded children. They’re possessing teachers that are typing for money. This will never stop….The drug addicts need to be weeded out to be more intelligent. The Principle of this is that them c— educators need to stop being pigs.”

Later that day, in an even more horrifying post titled “Why Rape?”, he claimed that college women liked being raped.  He wrote, “there are Rape victims that are under the influence of a substance. The drinking is leading them to rape. The loneliness will bring you to depression. Being alone for a very long time will inevitably lead you to rape.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the other people on the forums didn’t realize the extent of Loughner’s mental instability until after the shootings.  Reported now, however, the postings add to a general picture that includes deeply rooted bigotry and misogyny.  It’s a chilling reminder of the fact that, as Anna North writes on Jezebel, “Virulent misogyny isn’t just an objectionable ideological pose — it can be a red flag for impending violence.”

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Hadn't heard of this particular quirk with the boy. Thought he was schizophrenic and against her political direction.

Well, he should have been referred to a professional years ago, it appears. It's a shame that people turn their heads, and prefer to ignore crazy symptoms out of embarrassment, perhaps?

Monica K.
Monica K6 years ago

Right on Jo Zee! These incoherent ramblings remind me of another madman - Sirhan Sirhan! How strange that in both cases friends and family are shocked by the actions of a man they knew as a nice normal guy, but AFTER THE FACT we find all these ranting incoherent hateful writings! At least in the cases of Ted Kazinsky and Timothy McVeigh, people watched their long slow slide into madness, but then again, they didn't kill POLITICAL figures.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago


Michael Kirkby
.6 years ago

Browsing through some of his postings sets off alarm bells; not just the comments but the structure of his thinking and expression. I've known ten year olds who have more logical, cognitive thinking than this person and were able to express themselves in writing coherently.
The immediate family is strange, exhibiting strange behavior long before this. Behavior and the concept that there are repercussions and penalties for what we do begins at home. I don't think his environment was conducive to that. No excuses though.
Getting help at any municipal or governmental level just doesn't happen most of the time due to budget cuts. Mental illness affects such a great percentage of the national population. A lot of cities are on the verge of bankruptcy; hence budget cuts in order to deal with high union wages; political profligacy and an economic situation bordering this side of disaster. It's up to private industry and investors to provide the facilities and those are expensive. In America, the penal system is the first line of housing for mentally ill offenders now, but the government claims it has nowhere else or other means to treat or house them. Are we breeding or creating a strata of Loughners?
I think that posting these rants is deleterious overall and we are bombarded 24/7 by CNN. In retrospect would you be willing to give up more of your 1st Amendment rights. How many internet moderators would be unbiased; sans their own political bent?
He isn't the last unfortunately.

Colleen Maranda
Colleen B6 years ago

Charlene: Amber appears to be stating that online forums should have a Moderator assessing the appropriateness of posted comments. If so, then I strongly agree with her.

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush6 years ago

To Gina P.: You are absolutely correct.
To the detriment of our society, Americans would rather throw someone in jail, after the fact, instead of using intervention in the first place.

People, especially conservatives, who do not understand the social sciences, are not willing to use their tax dollars for therapy. They prefer incarceration, which is extremely more costly, particularly considering, repeated offendes.

To Amber M.: Do you actually think before you speak?
Do you not understand, that posting his writings, may, just may, help prevent another screwball from committing the same tragedy? You don't post them for the lunatic; you post them for anyone close enough to notice.

If your picture is current, I will connect your remark to youth.

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush6 years ago

If there is no 'gene' for hatred of women, she said facetiously, then I must wonder what brought him to this character trait.

If, his problems did not manifest itself until he was an adult, what could his parents have done. If, on the other hand, they were apparent as a child, which is 'usually' the case, then some therapy was in order.

My goal is not to place blame, but to, hopefully, get people to stop living in denial and realize, there is no shame in mental illness, be it temporary or permanent.

Jo Zee
Jo Zimny6 years ago

Manchurian Candidate, seems there have been quite a few of them throughout our history.

Gina P.
Regina P6 years ago

Even if he wanted mental health services, budget cuts have left few resources. There is almost no help out there for people like Jared. I feel great sorrow for his family. I'm sure they knew he needed help and were trapped by his right to refuse it.

Tiffany P.
Tiffany P6 years ago

I think he's probably misogynistic. Uneducated, certainly. You can misconstrue his writings to mean almost anything you want, they are so incoherent. But these writings aren't misogynistic per se. A woman IS likely to get raped if she is alone for a long time. Rapists are predators and single out the easiest, most defenceless targets! (Remember that rape is about power, not lust.) And his comment about educators and drug addicts is so incoherent and open to suggestion that you can make it mean almost anything. He might even have a good point - we just wouldn't know it!

Perhaps if we stop being so quick to label him as "mentally ill" (last time I checked, 'stupid' wasn't a mental illness) we should look at the reasons for his dissatisfaction with society and address them before other young people do other drastic things to change them - or bring light to the issues needing change. And, by the way, get rid of the violent rhetoric we're always hearing from politicians, the media and the like. As has been pointed out, they certainly hadn't helped, and are probably more responsible for this incident than the doofus individual. As someone said recently: There have always been mentally ill individuals; there just hasn't always been mentally ill individuals trained in violent thinking with access to guns.