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Jewish Family Still Seeks Restitution in Berlin for Nazi-Stolen Assets

Jewish Family Still Seeks Restitution in Berlin for Nazi-Stolen Assets

Billions of dollars worth of cash, property, art, heirlooms and more were seized from members of the Jewish community during the Second World War, along with political prisoners, LGBQT Germans, and others sentenced to terms in work and concentration camps.

Decades later, Germany and the world are still dealing with the aftermath of this staggering theft of property, heritage and culture, with numerous organizations dedicated full time to hunting down appropriated property and returning it to its rightful owners. As one restitution seeker, Peter Sonnenthal, knows firsthand, the process of reclaiming stolen family goods can be an agonizing one.

One of the many actions the Allies undertook shortly after the war was the formation of a committee to evaluate troves of art discovered in German museums, Nazi hideaways, private collections and other locations. The committee members were responsible for determining the provenance of the art and returning it if it had been looted, seized or stolen from Jews disenfranchised under the war. Quickly bogged down in the sheer volume of art to process, the committee didn’t even come close to returning all stolen artworks to their original owners, as illustrated by the recent find of a massive trove of Nazi art in Munich.

Meanwhile, Allied governments were attempting to settle claims on cash, land and other property that had been stolen, in the swirling chaos of a post-war environment where many people had lost the documentation for the very property they were trying to claim. Inevitably, those stepping forward with claims weren’t always satisfied, leading to the formation of groups and organizations to help people regain their property rights, a quest that remains ongoing to this day, with some of the most active organizations based in Israel.

For Peter Sonnenthal, the quest for his inheritance, and heritage, has become an intensely personal one. The German-American attorney used to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, hunting down some of the worst of the worst of Wall Street, but for the last 20 years, he’s also been fighting for what rightfully belongs to him and his family. The quest to retrieve some highly valuable property in the town of Teltow, near Berlin for his family has become such a full-time job that he’s relocated to the city in the hopes of being able to apply more pressure to the German government.

Sonnenthal’s family has a long and rich history in Germany, and before the war, they were counted among some of Berlin’s highest society. No small surprise that they had considerable assets, including prime real estate, in their hands by the mid-1930s — assets which were torn from them under Nazi seizure laws. The family fled in advance of the war, sensing the dangers that lay ahead, with the exception of one member who went to ground in Berlin and managed to survive.

In the great push towards restitution after the war, though, the family quickly ran into a snag: their property was in Russian-occupied Germany, and they couldn’t submit a successful claim until the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1989, more than 50 years after the property had been originally seized. That set the stage for a dramatic court battle that has had Sonnenthal scrambling, and refusing to give up, as he attempts to regain title to the extremely valuable properties.

While the high court appeared initially willing to rule in his favor, granting restitution and restoring the properties to the heirs of the family members who were forced to turn them over without compensation to the Nazis, Teltow officials feel differently. They threw a wrench into the works with claims that the family had voluntarily sold their land and weren’t persecuted by the Nazis, despite substantial evidence to the contrary, and while the city has grudgingly agreed to settle, that’s not enough for Sonnenthal, who wants full restitution.

The prolonged case, and fireworks flying around it, illustrate both the horrific legacies left by the Nazis in Germany, and the complex relationship the nation has with its wartime past. Restitution continues to be an ongoing struggle for Germany on a political, personal and practical level as those harmed by the Nazis, and their descendants, seek some kind of closure on a particularly bitter historical era.

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Photo credit: Andrew Mason.

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9:10PM PST on Mar 7, 2014

Some fights will never end. It's very sad for all.

6:07PM PST on Jan 2, 2014

I'll be sure to post more as I discover it. This is really fascinating stuff; again, thank you for launching me on my voyage of discovery, I'm forever indebted.

5:55PM PST on Jan 2, 2014

Also, how does one such as yourselves deal with inconvenient res judicata such as this:

5:54PM PST on Jan 2, 2014

Churchill had no doubt that a terrible crime had been committed. As he wrote to Anthony Eden on the day that the escapees' account of the truth about Auschwitz and the "unknown destination" reached him:

There is no doubt that this is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe. It is quite clear that all concerned in this crime who may fall into our hands, including the people who only obeyed orders by carrying out the butcheries, should be put to death after their association with the murders has been proved. Declarations should be made in public, so that everyone connected with it will be hunted down and put to death.

Copyright © The Churchill Center Inc., All Rights Reserved

5:54PM PST on Jan 2, 2014

I wanted to give a big thank you to the Holocaust deniers on here, since thanks to their prompting I have begun volunteering at the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, and it has already been an invaluable experience. I had not studied much since college regarding WWII, but now I am availing myself of the immense resources of the Museum and learning so much. Thank you! I wanted to just share this one snippet since I recall someone implying on here that Churchill didn't believe in the existence of Auschwitz:
(see next post)

4:05PM PST on Jan 2, 2014

And you're quite right about Regev; he always says, 'It's complicated'.
No it's not; get of the land you stole and stop the murderous settlers taking pot shots at whosoever they fancy and stop the IDF from committing war crime after war crime.
And that major war criminal Sharon is about to meet Yarway. I wonder how he will explain himself to his god.
The Israeli government is a bunch of liars and thugs who support thieves and many other thugs.

7:13AM PST on Jan 2, 2014

Thanks Sheila; that's standard viewing for me anyway.
I've been wondering how they got away with that without top BBC brass getting 'the call' from the ambassador or one of his crew. The programme is of course made by an independent media company; 'Menthorn' or suchlike.
You know, BBC journalists live in abject fear of being dragged over the coals by the Jewish/Israeli establishment. Remember poor old Jeremy Bowen? I know for an absolute fact that he would tell a different story were he permitted to report in an untrammeled way.
The PR war is lost for the Israelis. One can absolutely guarantee that they will first claim 'Anti Semitic'! Then invoke the Holocaust with tears of 'Oh poor little old me' along the way. But nobody will ever ask them the killer question(s). That fearless pit bull, John Humphries, the scourge of hubris, had the deputy Israeli PM on his early morning news programme: did he ask him any of the killer questions? No way! Never!
When that lying little Shit Regev, or that other dreadful female apologist from the IDF, is on wailing and moaning about Iran and the bomb, when is someone going to tell them to STF up until they admit how many and what type of nuclear warheads they have at Demona!

12:46PM PST on Dec 31, 2013

This might be a better link;


12:40PM PST on Dec 31, 2013

Hey folks, ... its New Year's Eve.... let's lighten the mood a bit.

Here's a clip from a UK TV programme - watch it now before it gets taken down;

Happy New Year everyone.

11:53AM PST on Dec 31, 2013

Hi Frank,

Thanks. Re. Mark Regev - if you were Jewish, he'd admit the truth. If you were a gentile, he'd adopt a very anguished look on his face.... come out with phrases like "its very difficult", "its very complex", "its complicated".... and shuffle about on his seat uncomfortably - like only they are intelligent enough to understand these "complexities", we goyim are too stupid. WTF? Try us, go on, give us a chance, explain. Have you ever noticed how they do that, Frank? Happened a few weeks ago with Jeremy Paxman and some elderly Jewish chappy he was interviewing - he used all 3 lines, Paxman gave up after that. Pity. Watch our for it in future if you haven't noticed already. It gets quite amusing, ticking off all the stock phrases as they tumble forth. Happy listening.

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