Join the Food Revolution at Your Farmers’ Market

The countdown to May 19th is on. That’s the day to celebrate†Jamie Oliverís Food Revolution. Check out the startling infographic to understand why this is a revolution for all of us.

With obesity on the rise, cooking skills becoming a lost art for families, and junk food and processed food available in every corner store, there is no better place to make your own food U-turn than the place with the freshest, most local food you can buy: the farmers’ market.

My first experience with a farmers’ market was in Upstate New York. The Rochester market offered a weekly cornucopia during the growing season. One of the apple growers introduced me to Cox’s Orange Pippin apples, and my apple-munching life changed forever. No more standard, supermarket apples for me, not after the crunchy tartness of a pippin. They were so popular we had to order them a year in advance.

I’ve been a farmers’ market enthusiast ever since, in every community Iíve called home. I’ve moved a lot, and one of the first things I do in a new town is find the market and get to know the farmers there. I am never disappointed.

A Saturday in May is ideal, and what a way to let friends know about the Food Revolution. Load the family in the car ó better yet, onto bicycles ó and fill your shopping baskets with spring greens, asparagus, artisan breads, local cheese and whatever else your local market has to offer. Invite friends for dinner and serve them gourmet fare made with fresh, healthy ingredients.

Now it is easier than ever to find the nearest farmersí market. In the U.S., check out the National Farmers Market Directory. Canadians can search through Farmers Markets Canada.

Tomorrow: 5 Reasons to Support Your Farmersí Market

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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

federico bortoletto


federico bortoletto


Liu Wai Ling
Liu Wai Ling4 years ago

Farmers Market can supply to fresh food and lowest prices ,

Aimee Polekoff
Aimee Polekoff4 years ago

Farmers' markets may be the most local place to BUY food, but the most local place to get food is your own backyard. Whether you garden or eat your weeds*, it's free and healthy, so especially valuable to those of us with less money to spend. Of course, farmers' markets are great for buying food that's difficult to produce on your own, like cheese and meat, but I like to let people know about other options to get people away from buying food from factory farms.

*Many weeds, such as dandelions, are edible, and highly nutritious at the same time! You can take this a step further by checking out online loads of edible wild plants in your area.

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson4 years ago

Great idea, I shop at the markets as much as I can and avoid the supermarket as much as possible. Support a local, not a mult million dollar company that doesn't care about you.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago


Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago


Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.4 years ago

Right now, it is expensive, due to high fuel costs, for me to transit to any of the bigger farmer markets centralized in the city center.

I think it would be awesome if a NETWORK of 'tiny' yet 'completely rounded sets' of mini-farmer markets be stationed across wider distribution at easy access points. Say, at lots designated for mini-farmer markets along highway interchanges so every nearby farmer can sell their produce, as well as everyone living nearby such a highway interchange reach.

I have several such highways (need not be superhighways; but high traffic main streets too) running nearby my home, and much closer than the city center where there is only one occasional farmer's market open once a week.

This is one immediate way to up the demand for greener local supplies of produce as well as greener transport access and delivery of such foods, that everyone can benefit from.

Nadine Hudak
Nadine H.4 years ago