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Judd Gregg? Why?

Judd Gregg? Why?

This morning, President Obama nominated Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire to be his latest cabinet nominee–for Secretary of Commerce.

Which leaves me wondering…why?

Daily Kos gives a rundown of a New York Times article about how the deal played out, suggesting that Obama was first intrigued by the possibility of getting a Democrat to fill Senator Gregg’s seat (see Marc’s earlier post about why this is intriguing).

But when Gregg insisted that his seat be filled with a fellow Republican, Obama still chose to nominate him–in the spirit of bipartisanship. AMERICAblog’s Joe Sudbay echoes what progressives are all grumbling about today:

Just wondering: If a Republican president appointed a Democratic Senator to his cabinet, how many Republican governors would agree to deal that only let them replace a Democrat with a Democrat? I believe the answer is NONE. Democrats are such saps.

This bipartisanship spirit Obama keeps espousing is especially troubling in wake of the House Republicans’ extreme partisanship with the stimulus package. And since Democrats haven’t quite made that elusive 60 yet, Senator Gregg’s vote is going to come into play. It’ll be interesting to see whether he sides with his Senate Republican friends or his new boss.

Also troubling about Judd Gregg is his environmental record on marine issues, given that as Commerce Secretary he will control decision-making for U.S. ocean wildlife–for example, endangered marine species and commercial and recreational fishing.

Senator Gregg has been a strong supporter of the Bush administration’s plans for offshore aquaculture–the mass production of fish in huge floating cages in ocean waters. He consistently expresses support for an experimental facility in New Hampshire and pushes for federal funding for ocean fish farming projects.

Want to express your disappointment with Obama’s choice of Senator Gregg, especially given his environmental record? Sign a petition to encourage Obama to ensure Gregg does not push to allow ocean fish farming in the U.S. waters.

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7:46AM PST on Feb 24, 2009


5:30PM PST on Feb 9, 2009

Well said Jess! *greenstar*

7:03AM PST on Feb 9, 2009

Seems the only way to get along with most of the people here at C2 is to shut up LOL!

2:37PM PST on Feb 8, 2009

Yes indeed... We all have the right to tell one another to shut up... It's the American way! Yeah right! Jessica, I wouldn't take Klaus' post to heart. Just tell him what he supports and that is to shut up... It's the liberal way! Or maybe I just read his post wrong.
Proud Mom of an active career Marine (G. SGT)

8:01PM PST on Feb 7, 2009

Every thing you just stated could relate to any party or a certain group of people. Why do you feel it's only the Republicans that fall into this category?

Maybe more Republicans are truly more liberal than Democrats when it comes to freedom of speech. Not all liberals preach freedom of speech but most on this website try to claim the Bush Administration took away their rights but let someone who doesn’t agree try to give an opinion and watch those same people, turn right around and try to silence freedom of speech.
But for the record that could go for any party as well! So what I am trying to say is there are always going to be problems in any affliction but if you preach for ones rights be ready to accept that every one should have the same rights as you!

8:05PM PST on Feb 6, 2009

Jessica I wonder what gave you the impression I was fighting for a speech cause? It is true that I am a veteran having served the country I love during the Vietnam era and part of that fight included my belief that a person should be free to speak their mind. However when a group of people blindly adhere to tenets that have been proven false yet they continue to publicly parrot the party line it is my opinion that they be criticized in a manner and to a degree consistent with their ignorance. When so called leaders repeatedly lie to the extent that they then act as though their lies are now truth someone must try to shut them up because unfortunately so much of the public have become mere sheople. Your notion that liberals are engaged in a cause to deny republicans the freedom of speech illustrates your inability to grasp some basic concepts. I have to wonder if you even know what the word liberal means? In your opinion was George Washington liberal? Is the concept of allowing people to say what they think a liberal one? Is liberty for all a liberal idea? Maybe you should liberate yourself from rhetoric of narrow mindedness. After all when someone asks you to shut up haven't you already said what you are free to say? Think about it!

9:57AM PST on Feb 6, 2009

Well said Jessica!
And to Klaus... I'll just let you tell it. To counter you is a waste of valuable time. It is evident that your mind is closed and set...

7:19AM PST on Feb 6, 2009

Demanding that his seat be preserved for a Republican? And The President & Governor are going along with it? This seems like the height of arrogance onGregg's part & the height of stupidity on the part of the President & GOvernor. Giving in to such self serving, partisan based demands.

7:08PM PST on Feb 5, 2009

First of all Janelle if you did your homework instead of trusting your good misinformed liberal websites you would actually learn the truth about O'Reillys political leaning. He isn't Rep or Dem but Independent. As far as the hatemongers go both parties have them! Take a look at Hollywood who loves to feed you BS information about a cause they know nothing about!

I also had to laugh at one of the post here that stated Republicans should be shut up and shut out. Funny how most liberals on Care2 love to preach freedom of speech as long as it agrees with their views but let it be of a different opinion and it's funny how that freedom shouldn't be allowed. Do you guys really believe in freedom of speech? Because I am finding it hard to believe that many people here at Care2 really want freedom of speech! I've been a member of this website since 99 and I've never see so many people fighting for the wrong cause!

5:12PM PST on Feb 5, 2009

Lena, I generally do not engage myself with individuals who display an inability to comprehend basic concepts or language. However I am intrigued by your responce to my comments. Let me ask you just how it is I am misinformed since my opinions have been formed by my own mind. As for misery, it is an emotion that I have no time for. Hate is a useless concept that I do not trouble myself with. And happiness, not unhappiness is something that comes to me rather easily on a daily basis. Blame is another worthless distraction. As I value human interaction I would suggest that you listen to what people say and
stop believing that you know what they mean.

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