Just Before His 100th Birthday, Leo Plass Gets His College Degree

Just two months before his 100th birthday, Leo Plass graduated from college. As Ozarks First reports, he started attending what was then called Eastern Oregon Normal School and is now Eastern Oregon University in 1932. He wanted to be a teacher but left as “it was the Great Depression and a teaching salary of just $80 dollars a month wouldn’t cut it.” Plass ended up working in logging, only to learn he only needed three credits to complete his degree. As he says,

“They told me I only had 3 hours to go. I said, too bad you didn’t tell me that then. I would have stayed there all night. I had to just get those three hours in.”

Plass, who also worked picking tomatoes and owned a gas station, finished up those remaining requirements and has set a record for being the oldest person to graduate from college, says GOOD. Happily, Eastern Oregon University accepted his previous academic work.

Life has already been good for Plass, as he himself notes:

A good family, a good life, good food, everything good. It seems it worked for me.”

With all that good in his life, Plass didn’t expect things to get even better.

Then he put on his cap and gown.

“Never dreamed of anything like this happening to me, it’s always something out of this world.”

He’s described as “spry” and passionate about carpentry — sounds like Plass, college degree in hand will be going on to do even more good.


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LMj Sunshine

Amazing, thank you for sharing.

LMj Sunshine

Amazing, thank you for sharing.

Alexandra O.
Alex O.5 years ago

It's about time Care2 had a positive story to tell.

Nina Anghel
Nina Anghel5 years ago

WOW......good for him. thanks.

ReElectBarack Obama
Past Member 5 years ago

Now what? Thank you.

Joan Faiola
Joan Faiola5 years ago

A really fine achievement that gives hope to all of us as we get older. However, when I was studying for a BCom degree in the 1990's I read in our local newspaper of a German man of 100 who was being awarded a doctorate after just completing his dissertation. As a mature student I gained motivation not to give up my own studies, from reading of his achievement. I don't have the newspaper cutting any longer. At the time he was the oldest student, and he would be the oldest to earn a doctorate.

Courtney Bliss
Courtney Bliss5 years ago

That is wonderful. Makes me feel less bad about starting grad school at 30.

Finica Daniel Radu

Never to late right?!

Andrea Oefinger
Past Member 5 years ago

Wow, I still have a chance!

Rolf Karlsson
Past Member 5 years ago

nice story