Karl Rove Used Federal Resources for Electing Republicans

Republicans often cry foul about wasting and misusing taxpayer dollars.  So what will be there reaction now that they learn that the White House and federal resources and funding was used for electioneering?

No, not the Obama White House, the Bush White House.

Via the New York Times:

The Bush White House, particularly before the 2006 midterm elections, routinely violated a federal law that prohibits use of federal tax dollars to pay for political activities by creating a “political boiler room” that coordinated Republican campaign activities nationwide, a report issued Monday by an independent federal agency concludes.

The report by the Office of Special Counsel finds that the Bush administration’s Office of Political Affairs — overseen by Karl Rove — served almost as an extension of the Republican National Committee, developing a “target list” of Congressional races, organizing dozens of briefings for political appointees to press them to work for party candidates, and sending cabinet officials out to help these campaigns.

The report, based on about 100,000 pages of documents and interviews with 80 Bush administration officials in an investigation of more than three years, documented how these political activities accelerated before the 2006 midterm elections.

This included helping coordinate fund-raising by Republican candidates and pressing Bush administration political appointees to help with Republican voter-turnout pitches, particularly in the 72 hours leading up to the election when Democrats took control of the House and Senate for the first time in a dozen years.

Ironically, the GOP is now trying to cut the Presidential Campaign Fund in their new spending reduction plan.

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James E.
James E5 years ago

Patricia S., leave it to GOP/TeaPartier/Conservatives to try and blame the messanger. While the item was reported by the NY Times, the article was based on the actual report. A link was provided in the story here, maybe you should read the "facts."

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

just what I would expect of Karl Rove -- what will be the next hidden surprise?

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D5 years ago

There is nothing to admire about Reagan except, maybe, his ability to bullshit; which frankly, is something Republicans do very well.

You are of one mind Patricia and no one would ever expect you to say anything good in regard to Obama and his efforts to pull us out of a huge mess that started with Reagan. Even Reagan's own son, Ron, had major differences politically, with his parents. Ron is a man I respect and appreciate for his intellect and sensibility.

Doug D.
Doug D5 years ago

He should be in jail. It's embezzlement.

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D5 years ago

Karl Rove should already have been supeaned, indicted, and serving time in prison, preferably Guantanamo Bay. He is no less guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors than Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libbey, and a whole bunch of the Republicans nuts. At least Bush, Cheney, and, Rumsfeld are now archived in the Washington Archives as war criminals. Rove helped facilitate everything Bush did and has been responsible for the criminal prosecution AND imprisonment of political figures on the left such as, Don Siegelman. It's amazing how nothing is being done for that man!
That is one thing I am really pissed off at the Democrats for. Not holding these criminals on the right accountable for all their filthy deeds. The Republicans have really run this country into the ground.

Patricia S.
Pat S5 years ago

Rob and Jay,
Have you noticed how obama has been admiring Reagan?

Patricia S.
Pat S5 years ago

Why would anyone but the far left believe anything that the NY times prints?

Donna M.
Donna M5 years ago

Of course they should reimburse the taxpayers. And they should face federal charges and penalties. They are thieves and hypocrites whose nefarious practices are enabled by the gullibility, fear-mongering and pettiness of their supporters.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S5 years ago

Republicans have had the most corrupt administrations in the past century! Starting with Harding who actually brought mafia bosses into his admin (whom he had previously had criminal dealings), We all know about Nixon & his total lack of ethics or morals. Then along comes Reagan who had the most corrupt admin in US history (quite a feat!), lied openly & blatantly, traded arms with Khomenii so the hostages wouldn't be released till Carter was defeated (they were released the day of Ron's innauguration). He & his bunch were all indicted for criminal actions. Ron let his underlings take the fall, didn't even have the character to own up to his own corruption, lies & illegal behavior. He & his conducted some of the cruelest murderous actions in a Latin Am that had already been forced to endure rightwing dictators installed & supported by the US/CIA for decades. He was dishonest to his dyed hair roots. Then came Old Bush who let his old friends, the dictators of Panama & Iraq, run wild with CIA pay until it better served his greedy purpose on behalf of the War Profiteers (Haliburton, his own Carlyle Groups, Blackwater, Lockheed et al) to attack them with the taxpayers footing the bill. But after all these corrupt 'Family Values' Conservatives, Little Bush breathed a breath of foul air worse than any before for corruption, moral evil, dictatorial censorship, lying, corporate cheating/welfare & had the gall to claim to believe in Jesus! so Blasphemy

Tom R.
Tom R.5 years ago

the level of arrogance & corruption within the bush administration is mind-boggling. rove's evils are 2nd only to the master, cheney.
the fact that these criminals, & their ilk, are never brought to justice says a great deal about the morals & ethics of washington.