Keystone XL, the Bad Boyfriend We Canít Shake (Video)

The Keystone XL guy just won’t give up. When the postcarbon girls rejects him, he drives right to her door, along with his sleazy buddies.

I won’t give away the whole plot, but the Post Carbon Institute has created a video that is a sly metaphor for the tar sands industry and its pro-pipeline buddies on both sides of the 49th parallel. The guys won’t stop pestering, and evidence shows they will say anything to get their way.

They offer jobs, based on inflated numbers. The Post Carbon folk point to a Cornell University study that says the pipeline will kill more jobs than it creates.

They come on with promises of plentiful oil from friendly neighbors but conveniently forget to mention the abysmal return on investment. The good-time boys promise they won’t spill any more oil, and if they do they will clean it right up, though their record on that is shaky.

The Post Carbon Institute challenges their good-old-boys’ arguments:

As long as we delude ourselves that replacing depleting easy oil with expensive, low-quality bitumen is good energy policy, we succeed only in delaying the necessary transition to a viable future of energy conservation and renewables. Wouldn’t it be a wiser move from a cost, jobs, environmental, and energy security perspective to invest our money in needing less oil?

Although President Barack Obama called for an environmental review of the Keystone pipeline in January, he did not reject it outright. On July 23rd Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) introduced the latest bill trying to push it through, threatening that if the U.S. drags its feet China will buy up Canadian oil.

Lee is playing to public support for the pipeline. In poll results published by the Washington Post on July 1st, 59% said the U.S. government should approve building of the pipeline. Fully 83% think the pipeline will create a significant number of jobs, while only 34% believe it will damage the environment.

It appears the boys are pretty successful at seducing the public, in spite of the evidence and the strong and vocal opposition by environmental groups such as the Post Carbon Institute.

Girlfriends, it’s time to quit Keystone XL.

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Photo from tarsandsaction via Flickr Creative Commons


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Gabriel Reichler
Gabriel R.3 years ago


Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright4 years ago

Lynda, thank you for one of the most straight forward explanations I've heard of why this project is bad news. Too bad those pushing this won't listen to the voices of reason.

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright4 years ago

Those pushing this project won't give up but here's a newsflash for them........NEITHER WILL WE. We are not going to go away until we've won and this project has been shut down for good.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke4 years ago

Think of the planet as one big water balloon. Take a syringe - draw water out of it, what happens? It shrinks. Draw more water out of the balloon, what happens? It shrinks more.
Draw all the water out, what have you got - nothing! The oil has a purpose inside the planet - it acts as a lubricant for the teutonic (massive continents) plates to move around on. The planet will react to the loss of oil. It will have massive earthquakes and mudslides. The core temperature will be effected. The air will be polluted and burn the surface by opening holes in the ozone layer exposing the earth to the radioactive Gamma from the sun. (Kinda like a big magnifying glass on dry grass)

Massive risk, VERY low reward & NO extra benefit to the US.

Only the uneducated will think the Keystone is a good thing, morons are those that keep pushing it saying its a good thing and lining their pockets with money they can't eat!

Pat D.
Pat D.4 years ago

The Keystone pipeline has NOTHING to do with American energy consumption..... It's ALL going to places far away from the USA!!!! BUT.... the USA will have to do the cleanup/recovery from it. There goes more of your tax dollars!!! Jobs you say, Canadians will get them, that's a no-brainer.

Ernie Miller
william Miller4 years ago

I think I will post that video elsewhere it is a good one Thanks

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber4 years ago

A hint. The keystone XL will do ZERO for US fuel issues... As NONE OF IT will be used in the USA. ALL of it is slated to be sent to ASIA, China predominantly. Not US gas tanks.

Massive risk, VERY low reward & NO extra benefit to the US.

Only morons think this thing is a good deal.

Janet N.
Janet N.4 years ago

These guys remind me of spoiled children that want another new toy and nag their parents until they finally give in. GEEZ!!!!! How many times do we have to say NO!?!?

Jeffrey H.
Jeffrey H.4 years ago

The billionaire Kochroaches won't take NO for an answer.

The Kochroaches won't rest until the sand hills of Nebraska have the Keystone XL pipeline in them with the ruptured pipeline spewing massive amounts of Athabska tar sands from Alberta, Canada poisoning the Ogalalla aquifer permanently.