Kid Power: The Answer to the Energy Crisis?

Scientists and engineers are searching for the big breakthrough that will represent the end of our desperate dependence on fossil fuels and usher in the next age of clean energy independence. But maybe we’ve all just been ignoring the answer that’s right under our noses: tugging at our pant legs and asking for more lemonade.

That’s right- our children. Is there any other item on earth full of more natural, seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm?

Now before you start to think that this article is “modestly proposing” that we extract vital human energy from the bodies of unwitting children and use it to heat our homes in the winter, rest assured that there is no plan to start rounding up the little ones for experimentation…yet.

In the meantime, some imaginative developers have come up with another way to harness the minds and imaginations of our young people for both planet and profit.

Energy Circle, a website offering home energy efficiency information and products, recently launched a free on-line tool designed to help kids and parents record their monthly energy use, write contracts to define their energy use goals and share the financial savings from reduced energy use.

The “Moolah Maker” tool calculates how the monthly savings will be dispersed and generates a child-to-parent invoice that says, “Pay Up, Dude.”

Check out the Moolah Maker tool HERE!

The creators of the tool noticed that kids often feel indignant about what is happening to the planet they are inheriting (and rightly so). They are motivated to make a difference but wonder how to start, and how to know that what they’ve done matters. Research shows that the best place to start is at home.

Forty percent (40%) of carbon emissions come from buildings, including the buildings that our kids call home. Reducing energy use in order to cut back on emissions and limit the need for new power plants is one of the most powerful steps any person, of any age, can take. And what’s the pay-off? In the case of Energy Circle’s new Moolah Maker online tool, a cleaner planet, a brighter future, and cold hard cash.

Learn more about home energy savings HERE!

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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megan m.
megan m7 years ago

haha, "...yet."
That cracked me up, but I believe 'Monsters, Inc.' has already capitalized on using children as an energy source...

David Chura
David Chura7 years ago

We find your link to energy circle, has a contact but seems to go no where. So I'm giving you a copy of the email I would like to give them. Will you be able to forward this?

Great we have children and the love we give them. As for me my love is endless for them. That is why I'm doing this research for the ultimate in energy, A subject the educated have not been able to figure out.
Our education and past experience is very exhaustive, With approx, 30 years and close to 100,000 hours in this field. We do this with no income to support us, and is all non profit privately funded by our self.
That brings me to the question. Will you help me to advance this by help to promote our website?
This is being done for the children of this world and the future . We know of this energy and will definitely replace all sources of energy and stop the carbon footprint dead in it's tracks.
We have found a law in physics that has been over looked and we need to expand our research into this field before time runs out. As per UN expressing that we need to stop all use of fossil fuels by 2050.
Here is our website Even if you are able only to help with a simple back link. Here's the html code for copy.
Help stop global warming before it's to late.

Pleas consider and remember even if pe