King to Do Another “Radicalized Muslims” Trial

New York Rep. Peter King has come through on his promise to hold yet another “radical Islam” hearing.  This time, as he had announced at the end of his last hearing, he will be focusing on Islam in prison.

Via The Washington Post:

In a statement Thursday that announced the session, King said that “this radicalization hearing, like the one in March, will be a deliberate and thoughtful examination of an issue that is too important for our security to ignore.”

“We have seen cases in which inmates have been radicalized at the hands of already locked-up terrorists or by extremist imam chaplains,” King said, adding that the panel “will hear testimony from both U.S. and international experts on the issue and from those intimately involved in recent prison radicalization cases.”

It’s unclear what actual results were obtained from the first hearing, other than to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment across the country and garner a great deal of news headlines and other publicity both for King and for the experts who gave testimony at the event.  It also provided King and his allies to call the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and “unindicted co-conspiritor” in terrorism about fifty times, despite there being no real support for the accusation.

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Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

The Roman Catholic Church back in the time of the Crusades managed to be even more intolerant of everybody than Muslims have been over their entire history. For that matter, large international corporations active in the United States are doing more damage to average Americans than Muslims are doing. Peter King should investigate the Christian Religious Right and the corporations along with the Muslims. Why can't we just live and let live?

Tony Co
Tony C.5 years ago

It is called Free Speech. I rarely but sometimes look at the comments before I vote yes or no to see other peoples opinions. I have read some brilliant comments and others where I shake my head with sadness on the negativity of some people. I believe the majority of all people whatever race, religion, sex orientation and anything else you can think of are good. It is the very few that screw it up for the rest of us. We dwell on the negative people and hardly the positive ones. Sounds bassackwards to me.

Patricia S.
Pat S.5 years ago

Good for Peter King!

Harold K.
Harold K.5 years ago

Please tally up how many people were murdered by radicalized Christian visa vie radicalized Moslems in the past 20 years .Be real, not foolishly pc

Harold K.
Harold K.5 years ago

Please tally up how many people were murdered by radicalized Christian visa vie radicalized Moslems in the past 20 years .Be real, not foolishly pc

john k.
john k.5 years ago

it's time for some radicalized christian hearings to weed the zealots out of the government and restore the religious freedom our founders set forth..........

Ameer T.
Ameer T.5 years ago

Now let me ask everyone who opposes Islam here a few questions. i dont know why educated and aware people would suddenly take their thinking caps off and believe propaganda spewed by the government and hate sites?

If muslims are against democracy, why is there democarcy in all muslim countries? if there is a dictatorship (American instituted and supported to begin with by the way) why are some of these muslim countries in a revolution against these dictarial regimes to bring in democracy?

If Islam is a threat, why hasn't it been a threat like always? instead of suddenly becoming one on 9/11? Surely Muslims were living in America for a long time. why did they not threaten America until America supposedly went bankrupt and needed Oil to keep going?

If Muslims have some customs that you dont agree with like stoning, beheading etc. are they doing it in America? if they are doing it in their country, is it reason enough to bomb them to oblivion? Is America the policman of the world?

Do muslims not live by the laws of America/ laws of the land? or do they disrupt the social and legal system with non-compliance?

Are muslims not human and are you not here for humanity? humanity before color, race, creed, financial status, age or sex.

Would Americans like to be on the recieving end of the same treatment lets say a hundred years from now when the American empire has crumbled?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Ameer T.
Ameer T.5 years ago

It doesn't take a genius or a thinker or an analyst to determine that this hate filled attitude is the exactly the same as the one that the Nazi party had. Just because it is now against muslims instead of jews should not change that fact. it is facism, it is empire building it is age old war propaganda. people and their opinions have always been misguided to sway the tide of public opinon in some predetermined direction. here is how it went everytime a war was needed:

First the masses have to be told that they are under threat of disaster and that their very homes, families, liberties and all that they hold dear will be taken away from them or destroyed if they dont fight a certain enemy who wants to take it all away from them. this is the motivation for getting people to fight.

Then they also have to be told that the enemy holds nothing sacred. the enemy worships some other gods that are false. rumours are spread about the heretic ways of the enemy, their atrocities, their deviant ways and their corruption. This is the demonisation of the enemy so you dont feel that the enemy should be treated with compasion or the fact that you dont feel any remorse and pity over killing them.

And the fact that your culture, your ways, your religion, your gods, your beliefs, your civilisaiton, your color is superior to that of the enemy and that your ways should prevail in a course of justice is the ratioanle for your going to war with them.

Ameer T.
Ameer T.5 years ago

people like King and Terry Jones look for scapegoats to further their own cheaply accuired popularity.

I understand their motives all right but i dont understand the mindset of some of others here. a lot of people are quoting from history from a thousand years ago or more when there is so much in the present to throw off their arguments.

America and christians at that have started a war on muslims, bombing their cities and killing millions of innocent children and women who were not radicalized at any rate. what do you yourself expect to feel if some country bombs and kills your children, your spouse and destrys your house and then claims YOU ARE THE TERRORIST? it is easier for most to make judgments from the safetly of your bedroom or house but its different entirely if you put yourself in the shoes of those that America has declared war on.

Its not about muslims, its about gaining legitamcy for the wrong doings of America to gain access to the oil, coal, copper, gold, salt, precious stones, gas, uranium and other minerals that muslim countries have.

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago

There are many things wrong with the U.S. Just because there are multiple problems, does not mean we should ignore a serious like the maladies that Islam brings with it to this country -- especially when there is a critical mass.

There is much to be concerned about with Islam, in addition to the Muslim recruits.

Recently there was a Muslim young women who converted to Islam and was murdered -- an "Honor Killing" by her family by bashing her head repeatedly into the family coffee table.

However, the police said that it was "suicide". To see the pictures of her and other Muslim girls who have, for one reason or another, been a victim of Islamic "Honor Killings" that have butchered near 20 Muslim females.

In many "honor killings" the U.S. police are looking the other way, because they are afraid of CAIR litigation and harrassment.

This is just a foretaste of what is to come. If we do not stand up for justice for the murdered women by a sick Islamic culture, the pathology of the Middle East brought through our doors here.

And violent criminals converting to a violent religion. We are going to see a lot of bad fall-out from this.

We need to not let word "Republican" prejudice our very careful considerations and objective attention.