King To Ellison: You Aren’t Welcome At Muslim Hearing


New York Republican Peter King will be holding his third set of “radical Muslim” hearings today, announcing that “40 Americans and 20 Canadians have been recruited” into the Al-Shabaab Somali terrorist network.  But one person who won’t be at the hearing?  Minnesota Congressman and Muslim Keith Ellison.  Although the Democrat asked to testify , as he did at the initial one, Rep. King has turned down his request.

Via Minnpost:

King responded that Wednesday’s hearing is an extension of the first couple the committee has held, and since Ellison testified at the first hearing on the issue, in March, he would not be permitted to testify Wednesday.

“I look forward to working with you as we continue our urgent efforts to address growing threats of Islamic radicalization across the nation,” King wrote in a letter to Ellison. King encouraged him to submit written testimony for the congressional record, which Ellison spokeswoman Jennifer Gore said he “absolutely” will do.

Representing the district with the largest Somali population in the country, Ellison has by far the most first hand experience with the refugees from the country and their experiences with the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization being discussed in today’s hearing.  That King doesn’t deign his input needed makes it clear how much the event is about King, not about actually attempting to find real answers to potential terrorism issues.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

And if you want to support irony, sarcasm, cartoons, humor (and some lousy drawings) and free speech, check out:, run by Omar Kalb.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

Kudos to Rob & Jay B.!
To all that defend islam I urge you to read the koran. Understand that this is a violent religion. Being on the side of human rights I am always shocked to see how people fight hard to defend an undemocratic ideology like islam. This is people that strongly believe in equal rights. But islam doesn't want equal rights. They want to dominate like noone has ever done before. And do not call me islamophobe, because I am not. I have studied some of the koran and know what it means to muslims. It is the word of their prophet and therefore considered law. There are no muslim countries in the world that can be called democracies. All islamic countries have one thing in common: they do not accept that anyone criticize islam. If you don't believe me, just read about the threats against the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, the burning of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian embassies, the violent attacks and murder attempts on the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, the riots and attacks following a sermon by the pope that quoted something written in the 1400s and all the suicide bombings, acid attacks and support of terrorism.
How can radical people defend burkhas, niqabs, "honor" killings, female genital mutilation, executions of women, gays, children and also have the gall to call us islamophobes?

Mabolsa Ritchie
Gerry Moran4 years ago

@ Don L.

You're VERY wrong there Don. I can only imagine you know nothing about islam apart from what muslims want you to think about it. islam is different. There has never been a more vicious ideology threatening the planet than islam. Much worse than Nazi Germany, whom they joined forces with during WW2 to help kill jews.

There are no redeeming factors in islam. It is evil to the core, and perverted beyond belief. I can't understand why anyone would want to follow such a vile creed.

It has to be challenged and fought. If we don't do this, we will all pay a very heavy price.

Don Lukenbill
Don L.4 years ago

Any "Muslim" investigation or hearing has so far to go before it exits the realm of a kangaroo court. Muslims are the Irish of the turn of the century, the Chinese of the late 1800's, and frankly, the new Hispanics. Fall guys for a reactionary leadership that is more interested in proving a point by any means necessary than actually getting at the truth.

There has always been political grandstanding, and this is just more of the same. The number one priority of our elected officials is to get re-elected.No matter how disingenuous the motive, let's create a toxic environment of "us vs. them."

Mabolsa Ritchie
Gerry Moran4 years ago

@ Wayne M.

"King has made up his mind that his "hearings" are going to prove how Islam and Muslim people are a danger to America -- and he is going to make the taxpayers pay for this predetermined result.

And he is not interested in any evidence that will prove he is wrong.

How long will it be until we have an incident here in America (United States or Canada) such as the terrible tragedy that took place in Norway last week?"

That's interesting Wayne. The thing is, whilst you've been waiting for some 'right wing xtian fundamentalist or white supremacist to massacre some people, a few other events seem to have escaped your attention - 3000 people slaughtered on 9/11, 13 US soldiers gunned down in Fort Hood, a failed car bomb plot, another Fort Hood incident just thwarted for starters... all carried out by muslims.

So whilst you're waiting for some imaginary problem to raise it's head, you're defending the cause of the real problem - islam. They've infiltrated your government at very high levels and they're preparing for the take over that they've been planning for sometime whilst you and your ilk look the other way and even back these folk up.

Nice work Wayne.

Mabolsa Ritchie
Gerry Moran4 years ago

@ Elizabeth K.

"Mabolsa, take a breath from your anti-Muslim obsessed ranting for a minute, and re-read the story."

What anti muslim obsessed ranting are you talking about Elizabeth? I asked Robert to justify his statement. Do you really consider that to be anti muslim ranting? It's interesting that you feel the need to twist my words into a pathetic attempt at an argument.

So Elizabeth... maybe you can list for us as many examples as you can of "the light of peaceful coexistence and enlightenment" evident in the islamic world since it seems that Robert can't, even though it was his point in the first place.

"It is about how King has no interest in getting to the truth about anything; he picked Muslims because they are a "hot topic" with his low education base."

No it isn't. It's about how muslims in America are there to take over. It's about how they have infiltrated the US government and the fact that islam is a great threat to America because of muslims IN America.

You might want to pretend that islam is no problem, but the evidence says differently. I ask you to look at Europe, and to open your eyes and your mind. Maybe then you'll see the truth.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S.4 years ago

contd: It would be as naive to ignore the Islamist threat to freedom as it was for the liberals who ignored the threat of the Nazis & appeased them while saying 'Oh, it can't be that bad!' But it was & its threats were carried out while the appeasers continued to look the other way until it was too late.

Islamic violence around the world & the threats made by Islamists, like the Muslim Brotherhood (the largest membership org in the world & growing) to destroy western civilization from within through infiltrating governments & presenting Islam as 'peaceful & tolerant'. It tells its followers to attack any critics of Islamism with terms like 'racism' (tho Islam is an ideology, not a race) & 'Islamaphobia' (tho a 'phobia' means an unreasonable fear, but the fear of Islam is based on very real actions, teachings & threats.)

Would you Islamic apologists here step in to defend a Congressional investigation into Neo-Nazism? Mugabe's brutal regime? Scientology? Fundamentalist Mormonism? You'd probably raise your fists & shout against all these disgusting ideas, wouldn't you?

So why not Islam & Islamists, an ideology of killing gays, cutting off hands/feet, oppression or women (just look at any Muslim country!) & intolerance. They allow no freedom of religion, speech, press, conscience, questioning or criticism - all values we claim to value here. Right?

Either educate yourself about Islam & reject its teachings or stop

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S.4 years ago

It's interesting that Buddhism & Hinduism are the fastest growing religions in the US, after nondenominational Xtianity, yet no one seems to feel threatened by them. Why? Muslims are commanded to conquer the world & subdue it under Islamic law. No other religion teaches this, nor do any others require killing those who leave them. When's the last time Buddhists beheaded any gay people? Or Jewish suicide bombers blew up a school full of children? Islamists give plenty cause for fear & concern. They don't hesitate to kill.

"Fight everyone in the way of Allah & kill those who disbelieve in Allah."(Ibn Ishaq 992) Doesn't this give you some discomfort? There are more of these than the opposite in Islam.

Why do you here always jump to defend this hateful ideology? You quickly attack anyone else who preaches violence, intolerance, arrogance. Islam demands killing of apostates, gays & rape victims. It allows the use of little children for sex (as Mohammed himself did) & women to be demeaned. It's god is a god of war (2:216). Are these the values you support?

Buddhism, Jainism, Xtianity eg teach peace, nonviolence, love. Islam teaches the opposite.

Just whose side are you on? No one is attacking all Muslims, many of whom are victims of Islam themselves.

Islamists kill more people every year than died in 350 yrs of the Spanish Inquisition. The Islamic Inquisition has been ongoing for over 1300 yrs. It would be as naive to ignore the Isla

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

Beth, hang in their you are absolutly on the right track. You sound well read and have a good knowledge about what has been happening with the King hearings. If Ellison had his way he would testify at every hearing and tie up as much time, that is waste as much time as he possible could so the committee could not get input from people accross the county that on the front lines and have seen what has has been happening with the mosques and training of radicals. We are seeing more and more of this every day of radicals killing or trying to create a bomb in America. Remember when Muslim Terrorist were only somewhere else in the world. They have arrived in America and we need to be alert.

Beth S.
Beth S.4 years ago

Apparently it was Democrats at the hearing who were rude, disruptive and disrespectful.

Rep. Shiela Jackson-Lee (D-TX) - made a show out of her comments instead of adding substance to the dialogue and learning from the experience of the witnesses. When her comment period expired and the Chairman informed her that it had, she continued speaking over him. It took several attempts of “the gentle lady’s time has expired” to get her to settle down. The cameras were rolling and she knew it.

But the most outrageous comments during the hearing, came from Rep. Al Green (D-TX), who does not serve on the Committee but asked (and was granted) time to speak. Early in his comments, Mr. Green asked all of the witnesses if they had ever heard of Jihad Jane. When they replied that they had, he continued his line of questioning, asking them what her hair color was, her eye color, her height, and finally, her complexion. He asked the witnesses if acknowledging that she was “as she is called in America, a white woman” took them “out of their comfort zone.” Clearly, he was insinuating that the Chairman and the committee were racist by focusing on Somali-Americans. When Chairman King responded that the questions had absolutely no basis and made no sense to him, Rep. Green shot back, “I didn’t expect it to make sense to you.”