Know the difference between your local and U.S. Chamber of Commerce? – GRITtv Clarifies (Video)

When the Obama administration raised concerns about secret campaign cash and its influence on U.S. elections, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was near or at the top of the Whitehouse’s list of potential offenders.  Particularly concerning was the Chamber’s apparent mixing of foreign contributions in their general account which the 501(c)(6) trade organization uses for political ads and lobbying.

Some conservatives welcomed the “attack.”  Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul mused:

I see the Chamber as a group that fosters economic development in every community. … In fact, we would encourage you to keep attacking the Chamber because the Chamber is probably more popular than any politician running for office. So please, your side, if you like this — keep on attacking the Chamber. It makes no sense whatsoever. And I think it’s a really, really poor political tactic and untrue.

See what he did there?  Wait, wait, here’s a better one from Glenn Beck (h/t MMFA):

Glenn Beck, responding to the White House’s request that anonymous donors to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s campaign efforts be disclosed, has gone all in in his defense of the group. On his radio show and online, Beck solicited contributions for the Chamber, declaring them “our parents, our grandparents — they are us.”

On his radio show, Beck said “I would like to make this the biggest fundraising day in the Chamber’s history” and told his employees to promote the Chamber on and his news site,, and “get somebody on the phone” from the group. Beck asked his callers to donate “if you are as sick as I am of this lot” (referring to President Obama), and said that the Obama administration “hates” the Chamber as much “as I hate Woodrow Wilson.”

This business with Woodrow Wilson, by the way, is bunk.  As for Beck’s plea on behalf of the Chamber, his followers were happy to oblige.

The reason statements like Rand Paul’s and Beck’s aren’t met with the derision they deserve is because most people don’t know what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce really is.  Too often, the U.S. Chamber is conflated with local Chambers of Commerce, which is what Paul is talking about when he says, “I see the Chamber as a group that fosters economic development in every community…”

But that is not what the U.S. Chamber does.  Despite statements to the contrary, Rand Paul knows this, Glenn Beck knows this, and if you are interested in knowing the difference between the two, then watch ‘The Loaded Chamber, pt. 1′, embedded below.  You will also find supporting links at

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Yvette T.
Past Member 6 years ago

Sign the Petition is not placed prominently, but I found it & will sign! Congressional / judicial candidates have money funneled through the US Chamber of Commerce, increased 40 - 50%, their ads full of lies against decent candidates, HUGE corporations without integrity & harmful to EARTH & to us, + banksters launder their contributions to lobby by donating to the US C of Commerce as a cover to use unlimited secret money to push their agendas through while we, the public, do not see what they are truly doing! They present a false face, such as BP ads vs the truth that they are represented by C of C head Tom Donahue when discussing fines and liabilities and safety. PAY TO PLAY Ex: DOW, GOLDMAN SACHS, TEXACO, CHEVRON, BP, (Arco), Biggest Banks in the world, Insurance Cos, hide behind US C of C to protest against ecological, financial & health care reforms, oversight and regulations on their behalf! This is NOT our local Chamber of Commerce at all! This is ANONYMOUS, no one is accountable, & this MUST BE REVERSED! THANK YOU, NIKE & APPLE for leaving the US C of C! We must all ask companies why they are involved w the S C of C! They camouflage themselves to mislead us on their greedy aims. We must have laws to limit contributions to include US individual citizens only, cap totals, equalize amounts, remove lobbyists, remove foreign & corp access, increase Transparency in advertising and contributors! DISCLOSE ACT was beaten by the C of C!

Paul B.
Past Member 6 years ago

Of course, if we could only find some honest politicians we would need that. They would naturally understand the problems of lobbyist and campaign financing influences and avoid them. But I'd like to find a few million dollars in my cookie jar when I get home from work today. The odds of finding either are about the same. WE must change our society to being more personally responsible, then push those same values to our elected officials. If we dont demand change, they never will... why would they. Their gig is pretty good right now. One election win and they are set for life with the generous pensions they have provided to themselves. Greedy bas***ds.

Paul B.
Past Member 6 years ago

Again they failed to mention anything about the huge contributions from labor unions... all pro-democrat... BIG TIME. Campaign reform is a must... all organizations, all elections. Put limits on the amounts that can be spent at each level of election, national, state, regional and local all ewith varying levels of spending allowed. This removes a lot of special interest groups from influencing elections, and more specifically, legislation. Threat or promises of campaign money is the worse kind of lobbying... secretive and corruption breeding.