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Labor Day for Animals? Why Not?

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Being forced to carry people in carriages during extreme weather also takes its toll.† Many animal advocates continue to protest and get laws changed to remove the carriage horse trade in cities. The growing idea of replacing horses with electric vintage vehicles is gaining popularity.

Production animals on factory farms have the worst plight of all. Pigs are kept for a lifetime of continuous artificially inseminated pregnancies in gestation stalls so small the animal canít turn around or have any meaningful movement of their bodies. Pigs have the intelligence of a 3-year-old human. Mama pigs end up so frustrated they bite the bars of their cages to the point of losing their teeth.† Many show signs of clinical depression and anxiety. Think about that pain and suffering the next time you have a hankering for bacon.

Iíve heard it said that cows are the foster mothers to the human race. Thatís a sweet sentiment until you realize how the cows are also kept pregnant to make them continuously lactate to in order for us to steal their milk. Their horns are burned off without the benefit of anesthesia or painkiller medication. They are fed antibiotics to prevent infection from the deplorable and filthy conditions in which they are forced to live. On concrete floors without the natural ability to graze on meadows, cows become lame and depressed.† Many suffer with a prolapsed uterus and no veterinary intervention.

Chickens are made to live in a space smaller than an 8 by 11 inch piece of paper.† Never allowed to spread their wings or participate in natural chicken habits like dust bathing and foraging, the life of an egg-producing chicken is reduced to a mere 16-18 months. Fifteen years is the norm for free-ranging birds, not to mention they are stuck in a large barn without sunlight and built-up chicken excrement so extreme workers have to wear respirators to enter.

Turkeys suffer much like the chickens do, living in cramped squalor. They are fed hormones to grow unnaturally large, often to the point they can no longer support their weight while walking. Slaughter is not even close to humane standards. Think about that next Thanksgiving time.

Labor Day for Animals

Is it so difficult to imagine the animals in our midst deserve to be remembered and honored on Labor Day?† While you celebrate your appreciation for all the service animals, why not commit to getting production animals out of their misery?† Many organizations like Mercy for Animals, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have campaigns to end the suffering of factory farmed creatures. Join their efforts to truly show your respect for all of Godís little creatures.

Contemporary Labor Day plans usually revolve around barbeques, swim parties and the like. So this year, when you host a barbecue for Labor Day, how about throwing some veggie burgers on the grill instead of hot dogs and hamburgers?

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8:57AM PDT on Sep 11, 2013

thanks for sharing :)

5:59AM PDT on Sep 6, 2013

Thank you Megan, for Sharing this!

11:13AM PDT on Sep 4, 2013

They all need some R & R.

3:23AM PDT on Sep 4, 2013

Of course, animals deserve recognition, merit awards for his work. For example, during the Second World War, if not poor malnourished and emaciated horses, people have survived much less in St. Petersburg. Horses have supplied food. But as far as I know, no one has put a monument to Russian draft horses that saved people's lives. Why? Also, do not think it's right that a horse or pony - it's business. This photo of a horse in this article. Probably in other countries of the horses that are all day or carry people through the city, and are more like the right thing. In Russia such horses are always hungry, dirty, exhausted and still host and beats her so she quickly walked over the slippery asphalt. I hate people. I always want to buy all of these horses when I see like. Alas, I am not rich. And this owner then just buy a new horse to a similar manner to mock her.

6:53PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

Of course! Service animals work very hard & sometimes at a extremely hard or dangerous job, they deserve total recognition

5:07PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

really??? who voted 'no' in the poll???

3:43PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

Animals need rest and restoration as much as any human.

3:05PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

what 1% voted no!! Really???? to me animals are better than people any day & should be recognized the same.

2:26PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

Animals need rest the same as we do especially the working ones.
My heart bleeds for those poor lovely carriage horses who only get abuse and very little enjoyment. not even much food.

2:25PM PDT on Sep 3, 2013

Yes, of course! All of them work had and need and deserve a break too.

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