Lack Of Prenatal Care For Undocumented Mothers in Nebraska Likely Responsible For 5 Infant Deaths

How much is a life really worth, monetarily?  What used to be a rhetorical question is now one that will be furiously debated as the impact of denying prenatal care to undocumented pregnant women in Nebraska is now being felt.  Babies are dying from lack of care, and eventually the anti-abortion activists and the anti-immigration groups will have to come to an agreement on what they value more — saving infants or punishing illegal immigrants.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that denying undocumented women access to prenatal care assistance has had “dramatic effects”:

The elimination one year ago of Medicaid funding for prenatal care for about 1,600 low-income women has had dramatic effects, doctors and health clinic administrators reported Wednesday. At least five babies have died. Women are traveling 155 miles to get prenatal care. Babies have been delivered at clinics, in ambulances and hospital emergency rooms. [...]

Andrea Skolkin, chief executive officer of One World Community Health Centers in Omaha, said that in the past year, only about half of uninsured women are receiving any prenatal care. The health center has more premature births to uninsured women, compared to insured women. Uninsured mothers were twice as likely to deliver through cesarean section, which is more expensive. [...] Four infants died in utero at the Columbus health center, she said. In the previous seven years, the clinic had never had an in utero death.

The babies in question are of course American citizens — citizens that the anti-immigration faction would rather see die than pay for any sort of health care for their mothers.  Not all of the women being affected by this cut were immigrants — some of them were just extremely poor, but the state cut off their medicaid funding as well rather than allow an funding to possibly go to illegal immigrant women, too.

Of course, some of these poor women, when confronted with pregnancies which they could not afford to see doctors to maintain, chose to end their pregnancies instead.  And the “pro-life” backers of the change, including the governor, were just fine with that.

Fetuses aborted, babies dieing in utero due to lack of care?  This is the end result of a party that values anti-immigrant zealotry over actual lives.


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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Why don't BIG BIZ, who lured them over here, pay the bills, like they SHOULD. BIG BIZ sent all the middle class American jobs to China and India and now the TAXPAYERS in AMERICA WHO ARE PAYING FOR THEIR MEDICAL BILLS RAN OUT OF MONEY. AMERICAN TAXPAYERS CAN'T EVEN PAY for their OWN MEDICAL BILLS. Maybe the Catholic Church can step up.They tell everybody to "go forth and multiply" and they have BILLIONS of DOLLARS. Maybe the Pope could melt down some of that gold in his churches and pay for these poor women. It would be the charitable thing to do.

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W.5 years ago

Thought this bore repeating:

"You know, I don't think some are thinking enough.
How about we deny them the prenatal care and THEN charge them with infanticide?
I mean, as long as we're all on the "Cruelest Country on the Planet", we should really do as much as possible to really GET at these poor creatures who DARE to think that coming to this country is a good idea.
Then we can give them the death penalty while we're at it.
That'll teach 'em!

Some really sick characters around here, that's for sure."

Christopher M.
Christopher M.5 years ago

It is too bad that people want kids. They grow up to be educated (at great expense) and often unemployed/underemployed. We have so many people in this country we throw away some kids (the ones we think don't amount to much, special ed, some races, the poor), some people (the disabled, some races like Native Americans, some veterans, people on welfare, ex cons), all people with needs that can be met, the adults through employment. But no, we don't NEED some people.

We would need them if there were at lot less of us.

Does it really have to take a nuclear war to get to that point? No. All we need is to figure out what we will probably need, and estimate the births we will need to supplement the sum total of employed adults. Then people will be important, everyone, with no one left to waste.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.5 years ago

A foreign country has jurisdiction over the mother and also has jurisdiction over the child. The child should not have American citizenship at birth.

I don't necessarily think foreigners are entitled to medical care while visiting our country, whether with our permission or not.

When we help these people, we will help these people ourselves and not through the government.

But they must ultimately understand there is nothing here for them at the present time. We have five times the number of job seekers than jobs. America needs to employ its own people, and tackle its own crushing debt burden, before we think about employing and giving Federal subsidies to our neighbors.

Pass E-Verify, kick out all the illegals with no promises whatsoever, and make less kids to get in line with the jobs we need to fill. We can retrain our population to fill other jobs, so we don't really need a lot of kids.

America, get you mess straightened up first. National debt, peak oil, and jobs.

Illegals, go home and get your mess straightened up at home. Mexico is an overcrowded country with drug violence. Clean up your civil war and jobs while we clean up our mess, we are not your salvation.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Jane R, no one on this site ever questioned whether an illegal alien was "human". The issue
here is WHO SHOULD PAY for HER MEDICAL CARE! She should pay for it herself like
every other American citizen has to. Americans can't go to Mexico and have kids and get
THEIR medical care paid for by the MEXICAN government! Mexicans cross our borders,
breed like rabbits and get FREE food, FREE housing, FREE medical care, and FREE
educations PAYED FOR BY AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! Illegal aliens suck 389 billion dollars
out of the American economy a year and now they're whining that they want more. Enough
is enough.

caterina caligiuri


Juliet D.
judith sanders5 years ago

Big thanks to Paula L for reminding us of the plight of Native American women. She mentions abuses in "far northern states," but I know that in Oklahoma Choctaw women have been forced to travel over a hundred miles from their homes in order to give birth at a BIA hospital. No exceptions for lack of child care, inadequate transportation, or going into labor prematurely. If they showed up at a hospital in Broken Bow, for example, they could have the baby there, but would not be given any anesthetic.