Largest B2B Site Bans Ivory, Shark Fin and Sea Turtle Sales

E-commerce company and Yahoo partner Alibaba has agreed to ban trades in elephant ivory, sea turtle, and shark fin.

The Internatioanl Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been working with Alibaba and its Chinese owned partner site regarding online wildlife trade that’s threatening endangered species, along with having negative impacts on the environment.

From IFAW:

In addition, Alibaba has strengthened its internal control of wildlife products traded to accord to international and national regulations. Alibaba’s announcement comes nearly a year after eBay, working with IFAW, agreed to ban the sale of all ivory products.

“From eBay to Taobao to Alibaba, a growing number of internet sites are taking responsibilities to protect the world’s precious wildlife from the threat of trade. It is a very encouraging trend,” said Grace Gabriel, IFAW’s Asia Regional Director.

For more information on how to help, visit IFAW’s campaign to Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

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Mem H.
Mem T.4 years ago

yay! keep up the awesome work IFAW!

beverly g.
beverly g.6 years ago

Gud for u guys and WELL DONE. so.pleased. These are magnificent animals.

Jenny S.
Jenny S.6 years ago


Maria Teresa Suplico

Kudos to all involved! I recently found a good business partner on Alibaba. May your tribe increase, IFAW, Alibaba and!

CR C.6 years ago

Good you great work it shows hard work really pays off. These beautiful creatures need a chance.

Helen D.
Helen D.6 years ago

Absolutely fantastic news!!! Thanks to everyone!

Dara Carritt
Dara Arvizu6 years ago

im glad people are finally waking up and taking responsibility for the destruction of outr precious animals!

Michelle E.
Michelle E.6 years ago

Excellent, this is such great news. Thanks to all involved

Mark O.
Mark O.6 years ago

Alibaba is the best source to find manufacturers in China and overseas. For them to take this step is a minimal investment, with huge consequences. I applaud Alibaba, Yahoo and all those responsible for this MOST RESPONSIBLE of decisions! Hooo Raah!

Merryl G.
Merryl G.6 years ago