Last Tuesday’s Success Couldn’t Have Happened Without You

Last Tuesday still seems kind of unbelievable. So many progressive candidates and causes won at the ballots. Voter turn out exceeded all expectations. Women will now make up a larger percentage of Congress than they ever have before. So much history was made!

We had the pleasure of working with many of the candidates and causes during this election cycle. We were happy to support Alan Grayson, Lois Frankel, Paul Tonko, Tom Carper and Sheldon Whitehouse in their successful campaigns. We are delighted that Patrick Murphy defeated Allen West, even though West originally refused to concede despite a clear loss. Tammy Baldwin made history as Wisconsin’s first female Senator and the first openly gay Senator. Heidi Heitkamp became North Dakota’s first female elected official to represent the state in Congress after one of the most closely watched races in the country. Our support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the House Majority PAC helped strengthen many of these campaigns as well.

Many of you supported campaigns against local ballot initiatives including the deceptively-worded Special Exemptions Act. In Oregon, there were (sadly) no marriage equality initiatives on the ballot, but you all supported the successful campaign for marriage equality in Washington!

Leading up to the elections, you made your priorities as voters clear: you pledged to support working families, comprehensive immigration reform, equal pay for equal work and a fair tax rate for all Americans. You stood up to Mitt Romney’s attacks on Planned Parenthood, and you told members of Congress that you would not tolerate their attacks on reproductive rights. (Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Joe Walsh and Roger Rivard all lost their re-election campaigns.)

Special interests tried to buy every campaign in this election, but you stood up to them and voted on values, not false propaganda. You committed to supporting President Obama, and you showed up at the polls.

Thank you for all of your hard work promoting progressive values in this election cycle. Our work is nowhere near finished, but you should all be proud of the progress we’ve made.


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Zee Kallah
Helen Porter3 years ago

I have just gone through our successes! and WOW, we are making a difference.

When I'm introducing people to Care2 and how they can help save our planet for our children and our grandchildren, I like to refer to our wins! It's usually strangers that I introduce to "Alone we can do almost nothing. Together we can save our planet."

Yesterday, I was talking with a neighbor I had introduced to Care2. I didn't ask him later if he did check us out or not. That can raise someone's hackles. Yesterday, when we were talking about politics, he mentioned that he then "signs some petitions".


Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti3 years ago

Goody goody!

Adam C.
Adam C.3 years ago

Last tuesday was a month and a half ago. Enjoy the drone wars and GMO frackburgers. I mean, what American doesn't want to be detained indefinitely?

Great White Earth Beings
'Great White' 3 years ago

I accidentally submitted the comment, below, what I wanted to make sure to include (so people do not jump to the wrong assumption), that yes, Voting Democrats into offices are better than Voting Republicans into offices. If it is recorded that I EVER Voted for a Republican, than I must already be dead.

With all that being said, it is only degrees better and with Capitalist (even if they are different and wanting different amounts of benefits ); it is tons large degrees of better Voting a truly Left political Party outside of The Two, when The Democrat Candidate is any way a Capitalist.

Great White Earth Beings
'Great White' 3 years ago

I live in the real world, thus The Capitalist are in control of both The Democratic Party ('The Compromising Capitalist' President Obama) & The Capitalist Party/BKA Republican Party (no matter the degree of Capitalists actions and etc.), just for different Capitalist benefits and different degree of benefits.

Read more:

Great White Earth Beings
'Great White' 3 years ago

Fadi M. & Anyone Else that FALSELY believes Socialism and Capitalism exist separate from each other,

Reference every country that still survived and is either most of their system is Socialism or Capitalism (The USA, The England & The UK and All The Western European Countries that practice Democratic Socialism), they all will have Socialist programs to keep their people's living safe and healthy enough (not saying much for The USA, The England*) to prosper the country or The Rich (more so the weaker the country becomes and closer it crumbles to none existence).

Shawna Sitter
Shawna S.3 years ago

noted!! Thanks.

Fadi M.
Fadi M.3 years ago

On the other hand, I hope you didn’t mean what you said about shooting the crippled deer?? Do you enjoy it? Sad and I’m sure you have a ready-made justification for it.. it may also be a humanitarian one!

Fadi M.
Fadi M.3 years ago

David F. said "Fadi. M, Great to here from Dubai That’s one of the few places on the planet that socialism can work along with Capitolisim. Plenty of money coming in so spending doesn’t matter"

To begin with I would say it seems you've earned yourself quite bad reputation here on Care2, and I'm not surprised at all to say the least. Also I'm sorry to tell you this but your comment here reflects a great degree of ignorance not only about the political system in the USA, but also about other nations as well, firstly because neither Dubai nor UAE is a capitalist or socialist. Secondly, Dubai is not a rich Emirate, it has very little reserves of discovered oil and it managed to succeed on its own mainly through construction, trade and tourism in the beginning, whereas Abu Dhabi is the rich Emirate with plenty of money coming in from its oil to the world. Thirdly, if a nation's wealth is simply measured by "money coming in" like you said then USA should be the richest country in the world. FYI, USA is way above UAE on the list of countries by GDP, and one step above UAE on the list of GDP per capita, which means Americans are ought to be richer than Emiratis, but why then do you think 46 million Americans live on food stamps while Emiratis are doing a lot better off? The answer is quite simple and I cannot afford to waste more time on this article. Sorry but I think you are not here to learn!

On the other hand, I hope you didn’t mean what you said about shooti

Susan Allen
SusanAWAY Allen3 years ago

sl l writes " This new transformative process of making America into a total socialist state and crushing ambition and drive to be independent has a huge price." What price would that be? A more equal society instead of a society where the top 1% have everything while the 99% work just to serve them. Screw you. I think many other countries employ many of the socialist ideas many "liberals" are espousing and they are doing just fine. We don't have a liberal media in this country telling us this is what we want the way there is a conservative media telling conservatives what to think, say and do.