Lesbian Albatrosses Raising Chick Together

This story is so juicy it could be on Jerry Springer. A pair of albatrosses–lesbian albatrosses, that is–had a ménage à trois with a male bird for a few years and now he’s gone missing. But before he disappeared he got one of them pregnant!

Cue the Unsolved Mysteries music.

It all went down at Taiaroa Head, the only mainland albatross breeding colony in the world. Female nesting of this type is anything but typical. In fact, there have only been two instances of it recorded in the past 70 years.

“It’s quite unusual in the albatross population here at Taiaroa Head to have two females mating together,” Lyndon Perriman, the colony’s head ranger, told Television New Zealand.

For the next six months the new parents will take turns guarding and feeding the chick. They’ll swap roles every two days. While one is protecting the chick from predators, the other is out at sea foraging for food hundreds of miles away.

“They need to have a very strong bond, because when they are sitting on the eggs they can sit there for a week or 10 days waiting for the partner to come back, so they need to have a good partner to rely on,” Mr Perriman told The Times.

The colony currently has 140 royal albatrosses with each having a wingspan of nearly 10 feet. This season, 17 chicks hatched from 17 fertile eggs–a rare success rate.

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Source: Gawker


Georgeta Trandafir

thanks for the story

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Cute! And heart warming! Thanks for publishing the story!

Sandi N.
Sandi N.6 years ago

LOVE IS LOVE! It doesn't matter if people or animals, are lesbian or gay...what matters is that they LOVE. What a beautiful story! I am a straight person, but have numerous friennds that are gay and or lesbian. LOVE IS A GIFT FROM GOD, AND GOD NEVER FAILS US!!!

Salla P.
Salla Here Again6 years ago

Oh, so sweet, I love this! :)

Salla P.
Salla Here Again6 years ago

Oh, so sweet, I love this! :)

Aletta Kraan
Aletta Kraan6 years ago

Very interesting !!!

Matthew A. B.
Matthew A. B.6 years ago

My Field Biology professor wrote her dissertation on a monogamous couple of male mallard ducks that had been nesting together for over 3 years by the time she had gotten around to them. No offspring, but they did build a new nest every breeding season.

Rooibos Bird
Rooibos Bird6 years ago

Knocks the old human stereotype "it ain't natural!" flat on its butt.

Animals have been adapting and forming bonds for millions of years, and a same-sex bond now appears to be just one more variety of bonding that occurs in all creatures...including humans.

Thanks Albatros ladies, here's to you and your little one! :)

Tracie J.
Tracie J.6 years ago

that just shows that in any place females can raise a baby togehter