Libertarians Building Island Paradise


Libertarians pine for a country with next to no government presence and freedom from the burdens of living as a part of a community. If Pay Pal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel has his way, they may just get such a place. Thiel has donated $1.25 million to create floating libertarian countries in international waters where they would be free from any current laws and regulations.

That’s right. A libertarian island paradise free from the rest of us. It almost sounds too good to be true.

The funding runs through Seasteading Institute which seeks to build sovereign nations on oil-rig like platforms. The idea behind these “countries” is to start from scratch and based on libertarian principles. Those principles include no public welfare, no minimum wage laws, minimal, if any, building and environmental regulations and non-existent weapon restrictions.

Seasteading says the group plans to launch an office park off the San Francisco coast next year with the first full-time settlements following seven years later.

I hope this initiative moves forward, if only to provide an example other than Somalia of a place where libertarian ideology translates into governance. It is one thing to promote an ideology of non-government influence on a micro or a macro scale, but it is an entirely different thing to actually build a functioning community around it.  Is this even possible? I guess we’ll see.

Photo from brewbooks via flickr.


Patrick F.
Patrick f.5 years ago

Haha, this can't work, some crazies with a load of money to do whatever they want? We already have dictators running small countries and we want more? Sink 'em!

Patrick F.
Patrick f.5 years ago

No minimum wage laws huh? And who would live there to do the bidding of these ultra-rich pricks? NOBODY! So you can expect kidnapping(and slavery) to rise because nobody in their right mind would live there without massive wealth. Let's give the location to the Somali pirates and then turn our back on them when they need us.

Alice G.
Alice G.5 years ago

Didn't the Hippie movement in 1960 tried to do something similar ? Started out beautifully ended up in disaster..

Emily M.
Emily M.5 years ago

Is this Libertarian paradise going to be built on that gigantic pile of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean?

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.5 years ago

I think it's a great idea, now if Texas would only go ahead and secede.

faith v.
faith v.5 years ago

Two comments have been cut out:

Sandra L said.;
"This works as long as those in the community are honest."

My reply:
Agreed, yes - but what makes you think that anybody floating such an idea could be honest?

If he were honest, wouldn't he be down here fighting for equal rights, equal pay and equal taxes, equal schooling, intelligent policing and jailing system - or (how) are you going to keep the crooks out? - , honest politicians, honest supreme court judges, environmental intelligence, medicare, medicaid, vets care (I'm not in favour of military "solutions" because I don't think they solve anything, but the way soldiers and vets are treated in the USA is truly despicable!)

I'm sure anybody reading this could add their own pet numbing nasties to the list.

Honest people don't just build their own ship and say, "Pull in the ladder, Jack, I'm all right!"
That gene isn't in their makeup.

For which thank God.

faith v.
faith v.5 years ago

Fabulous! The perfect Macho Mix.

I wonder who is going to do the washing up, mow the lawn, clean the latrines, dispose of the garbage (dumping it in the sea must be controlled - not in MY area!), make the clothes and shoes, get up at 2am to feed the babies
(no abortion here, I presume? No contraceptives? Or no sex?)
Or just no women, like those other anti-gay all-men secret societies. Cosy!

But with no women we are back to the question of who is going to cook and clean up?

Ah, yes, I get it; Female servants like the England you escaped from. Good idea.
Who is going to tend the sick? Oh, wait- no taxes, no health care, so if you're sick it's better you don't know how to swim, over the side goes quicker.

And who is going to bury the last body when the Lords of the Flies have resolved all the world's problems by exterminating themselves?

Columbo and I have one more question: Are they going to take a bible with them?

Sandra L.
Sandra Lynn5 years ago

Libertarians are for minimal govt, not no govt. This works as long as those in the community are honest.

Yvonne C.
Von D.5 years ago

I seem to have missed the part about "no laws of any kind". The article I read said they want a place where you can have the things you worked for without other people taking it away from you to give to some other lazy douche bag that didn't work for anything, and you can actually pay a fair wage for the work that someone does and you can defend yourself and your property the way you used to be able to in this country. Nothing what-so-ever about no laws at all.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.5 years ago

Kent M makes the most important point

Your rights end where mine begin.