Lingerie for 9-Year Olds Lets Every Girl Be a Li’l Lolita

As if girls weren’t already growing up too fast, Miley Cyrus’s little sister Noah has just annouced she is assisting in a new line of lingerie.

For 9 year olds.

As the Hollywood Gossip puts it, “It’s called “Ooh! La, La Couture” and it’s pretty much a collection of French Maid outfits.”

But, as The Frisky points out, it’s not really lingerie, exactly.  “[T]he designs aren’t so much lingerie as they are slutty dress-up clothes,” one writer explains.

There, much better.

The Frisky continues, asking, “Why? Why do little girls have to dress like whores? Enjoy your youth, young grasshoppers! Enjoy your innocence while it lasts!”

It doesn’t last long, that’s for sure.  Between child beauty pageants that force the pre-k set to don false eyelashes, spray makeup and padded ballgowns, to inappropriate Halloween costumes geared at the tweens and teens, little girls are constantly being sexualized at a younger and younger age. 

And unfortunately, it appears to often be with apathy, if not actual encouragement, of their parents.

It’s no wonder that 12 and 13 year olds are sending each other naked pictures of themselves.


Jo S2 years ago

So very wrong on so many fronts!!! We wonder why things are the way they are!?!?Thanks Robin.

LMj Sunshine

Way to young.

LMj Sunshine

Way to young.

patricia m lasek
patricia lasek5 years ago

Lingerie for little girls! Absolutely ridiculous!

Did anyone else see the 3 year old dressed like Dolly Parton with wig, fake boos & behind doing the hootchie-kootchie on tv? I was sickened.

beatrice d.
beatrice d5 years ago

this is the end

paula b.
paula barrett5 years ago

wrong wrong wrong!

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Rebecca M.
Rebecca M7 years ago

Wow, man. Miley Cyrus' sister, eh. There was the Olson Twins' line of clothing, now there's this?!? Geez-o-Pete!! I agree with Dany M.!!!

If folks want 'extra small condoms', they should take a look at the government-subsidised condoms. I hear they are very small.

Diane Elko made a good point too. Who but child molesters would really want it? Parents who allow it might not be thinking along the proper lines either. Parents who allow their small children so much access to television & internet ( cell phones) might not really be aware of what their child is or children are exposed-to. That's a problem. Censorship can be a very good thing. I agree with Madonna about that - it's probably the only thing that I would agree with her about, but I do agree with her that that there should be censorship. It's up to the parents or guardians, adults in charge, to implement that accordingly. So let's do it.

Dany M.
Dany Strakova7 years ago

what a fucking disturbing society we have! :(