Little Boy to Otter: Tag, You’re It! (VIDEO)

This latest entry in the chronicles of adorable viral video shows a little boy racing an otter at an aquarium in San Diego, Calif. If you think it’s a coincidence and the two aren’t really playing together, just wait until 0:34.

“Tag, Mr. Otter! You’re ‘it’!”

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Photo credit: marlin harms


Samantha Mackie
Samantha Mackie4 years ago


Shaheen N.
Shaheen N5 years ago


Caitlin G.
Caitlin G5 years ago

I was hoping the boy would turn before one of the tank ends came up so I could see if the otter was really following him! :D Made my night!

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

aww, made me laugh

mary l.
mary l5 years ago


Anni Walker
Anni Walker5 years ago

That is absolutely adorable!

Gloria W.
Gloria W.5 years ago


Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone5 years ago

That is the cutest video ever, of course they are play tag.

Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone5 years ago

That is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. What a great video. Of course the otter is playing tag with the little boy, no doubt about it.

Camila K.
Kamila A5 years ago

that is absolutely adorable! I thought that maybe the kid was running coincidentally along with the otter as it went back and forth, but the otter was following the kid! I love it!!!!