Lottery Winner Who Gave Away Her Entire Prize Dies of Cancer

Imagine winning the lottery.

Then imagine giving 98% of it away.

Violet and Allen Large won $11.2 Million dollars last year in the lottery. However, instead of going on spending sprees, world trips and buying shiny cars, they decided to do exactly the opposite: they gave almost all of it away.  “What you’ve never had, you don’t miss,” Allan Large said shortly after collecting their winnings. The money, they felt, was nothing but a nuisance. And what was more, Violet was suffering from cancer — and the Larges knew that no amount of money could give her back her health. So they went about disposing of their money in the most beneficial ways they could think of.  They gave the money away to hospitals, churches, family members, cemeteries, fire departments, the VON, the Red Cross, the War Amps and many other organizations. Their generosity was unparalleled.

They kept a mere 2% — approximately $200,000- – to keep their house running, particularly since Violet was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. They stayed living in their same farmhouse, driving their same truck, and living the same lives they’d been living for decades. Last month, the Larges were named Individual Philanthropists of the Year by the Maritime Philanthropy Awards. The awards committee said the couple’s generosity “embodied and encouraged the idea of pure philanthropy.”

Violet died last weekend of ovarian cancer at the age of 79. She leaves behind a truly moving legacy of charity. She was buried yesterday by her family and friends, and her life celebrated as one rich not with money, but with generosity and love.


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Photo Credit: Kim Scarborough on Flickr


Alorha Breaw
Alorha Breaw2 years ago

I recall hearing about this quite some time back. It touched me deeply then, and still does so today.
I may not be able to do it with money but still hope the legacy I leave in that not-so-distant day is one of generosity, love, respect, joy, and a life as well lived as possible.

Natasia B., No, I'm sorry but I very much doubt it is safe. That there are scammers who would attempt to profit from & defile the Large's good works is despicable. I hope your medical concerns are resolved and that you are doing well.

Barbar Aamsel
Past Member 2 years ago

These blogs are quite incredible that have provided the best knowledge.

Sheri J.
Sheri J.3 years ago

The more you give the more you receive. RIP to this beautiful and wonderful person.

Natasia B.
Natasia B.3 years ago

Mnr and Mrs Large apparently left me some money and they have been sending me lots of mail and I have not responded yet as I do not know if it is save I also had cancer at 20 years of age I am 22 I would just like to know is it safe????

Natasia B.
Natasia B.3 years ago

Hello I have received an email saying that they give me a huge amount f money and they are waiting for me to respond with my details to claim my money from the bank?????????

Is this save???????

Natasia B.
Natasia B.3 years ago


First of all I am really sorry to hear of the passing.
my prayers will be with you.
I have received an email saying that Mrs and Mr Large donates to me a big sum of money and that they have been sending numerous emails they are waiting for me to respond to put my claim in at the bank and need my details.

Do you think it is save?

Glenn K.
Glenn K.3 years ago

At least five offers to help arrive by email daily on my cancer support, facility, Friends With Cancer, most offering donations of large and unbelievable sums of money. I type into the search bar a few lines, from these emails, adding the word scam, and have found others who have been scammed have posted their experience. The emailes often begin with Dear Beloved, and are from Nigeria, there must be a school for scammers there, little do they know they are being scammed.

Thompson G.
Thompson G.3 years ago

Violet and large are God sent and their donation was given and donated to so many people all over the world.Including me. i am so happy. God bless them forever.

Thompson G.
Thompson G.3 years ago

Glory be to God and i pray violet rest in peace.

Thompson G.
Thompson G.3 years ago

I am so blessed for having Allen and violet in this world. I will always and forever be greatfull