Man Denied Canadian Citizenship For Mumbling

Canada’s minister of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC), Jason Kenney, is well known for his intolerance of diversity – or dissent. Over the last several years, Kenney has made many changes to citizenship and immigration rules, making it harder for immigrants and refugees to gain citizenship, forcing people (particularly women) to conform to his preferred social norms whether or not it causes religious or moral problems or hardship, and insisting that the citizenship oath be spoken in a certain way in order for a candidate to be “eligible” to receive citizenship..

However, it appears that in their zeal to apply Kenney’s moralistic rules, CIC staff have wrongly denied a man his rightfully gained Canadian citizenship – and now they can’t find him. In a citizenship ceremony last week, the man was pulled aside as he waited to receive his certificate of citizenship, and told that because he hadn’t said the oath correctly he was not eligible to gain citizenship that day. The man left the ceremony with his family and vanished. The only problem? He wasn’t saying the oath incorrectly, as CIC later determined, and was perfectly eligible to receive citizenship that day. (No word on how they determined he was saying it correctly in the aftermath, although this raises its own questions.) So instead of this being the proudest day of his life, the unidentified man was instead disrupted, shamed, and ejected for nothing. Way to go, CIC.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been cracking down on articulation of the oath, which is one of the ostensible reasons behind their ban on veils (to ensure the vow is spoken “corrrectly”.) Since 2011, all citizenship candidates are watched during their oaths to ensure they are articulating the words of the Canadian vow of citizenship.  However, it appears that the criteria for “correctly” could use some clarification of their own.


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Jackie V.
Jackie V.4 years ago

@ Michael M... "way to prove that we're no better than the ignorant, anti-immigration Americans down south"

ANTI-IMMIGRATION?!?!? Are you serious? We (the US) are referred to as the "melting pot" of the world because we let so many immigrants in our country! Not all, but most immigrant's 1st stop in my great country (US) is the welfare office & many reside in our prisons! After a while, we finally began to get stricter with the immigration laws. We had to! If you call that ignorant, then I hope that we become even more ignorant, and I advise our great neighbors (Canada) to do the same. Don't wait until it's a HUGE problem like we (US) did! Nip it in the bud now! By the way, Michael, it's sad to read your negativity towards my country. I always thought that we had a mutual respect & love for each other...although, I am not surprised. I found out during the Stanley Cup Finals (Boson Bruins VS Vancouver Canucks) that I was disillusioned. I found out what Canada really thought of the US. I couldn't believe the stuff that I heard, which didn't really matter because we got that Stanley Cup anyways ; ) (Sorry had to go there-lol)
PS: You say, " It's all of you that make me so ashamed to be Canadian right now that I'm actually looking at moving to the states" Please do not...we don't need any more immigrants, especially ones that have no respect for this great country(US)-those are the worst kind, and we have plenty of them!!...Jackie from Boston MA USA

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim4 years ago

Wow that's strict...

Dean White
Dean White4 years ago

Bigots are strongly partial to their own group, religion, race, or politics and are intolerant of those who differ. That is part of many religions and their version of God.Millions of immigrants are now fine Canadians and make this country a better place. If you worry about destroying the environment, look to our present government. If you want demonizers of those who are not like them, listen to our federal government.

I say to immigrants, " Come in. Come in. Come in and sit down You are part of the family.

Some people in life like a group to demonize: blacks, gays, First Nations, the poor, atheists, Muslims, and many more. Some people go to church to seek the Holy; when their thinking evolves, they realize everything is holy: humans, animals, all nature.

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B.4 years ago


Christine Stewart

What are they going to do, video tape them to be sure they said all the words correctly? How bizarre...

Ernest R.
Ernest R.4 years ago

@ Catherine T.. “If I had my way, immigration would be halted immediately” My sentiments exactly. Congratulations on your having the guts to say it. Canada has become host to EVERY criminal gang on the planet. The story was that with an aging population we had to bring immigrants with lots of children who would support our seniors with their tax dollars. The fact is that there are not enough jobs for them and that they are accompanied by their grandparents, and who supports them ? GUESS WHO ? Canada does not have an obligation to care for the indigent populations of the world that have reproduced themselves out of living space Should we pollute our rivers and our air, lose our rainforests, our bears, caribou and wolves in order to have a greater human population that we can't afford to support ? I don't think so.

Dean White
Dean White4 years ago

7:30PM PDT on Apr 7, 2012

@ ..Teresa W.. “Maybe the oath wasn't worth saying aloud?” If that was the case, he was clearly applying for citizenship in the wrong country, wasn’t he ?.

A little B.S. is good most anytime.

Read more:

Ernest R.
Ernest R.4 years ago

@ ..Teresa W.. “Maybe the oath wasn't worth saying aloud?” If that was the case, he was clearly applying for citizenship in the wrong country, wasn’t he ?.

Ernest R.
Ernest R.4 years ago

@ Susan D ..Canada has NO NEED for more immigrants unless the intent is to destroy the environment Canada’s economy is based on commodities, timber, mined minerals, oil and formerly fish, in fact a limited quantity of pieces of Canada. The larger the population , the smaller the pieces of that pie for each resident. There are not enough jobs for the people already here. More than one study has shown that recent immigrants are a net financial loss to Canada, and only in a joke does anyone expect to make it up in volume. Their diversity brings us bigamy and “honour killing” {both in a recent case in Quebec} as well as incest, normal in Pakistan, not to mention human trafficking.. Gary A…Any cohesive group has a culture, a common way of life, even Georgia has one. Your snotty remark to Catherine was uncalled for She is not required to be a xenophile and she objected to undesirable, not foreign. Eventually you may learn how much ‘diversity’ means that there is no longer a common way of life. Canada has long been considered a sucker country for immigrants. Ships full of uninvited Muslim and Hindu migrants prohibited from landing in Indonesia, Australia, anywhere else, can land in Canada. Hopefully that will end.

Sarah Helper
Sarah Mussa4 years ago

How sad.