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Meet The Anti-Choice ALEC

Meet The Anti-Choice ALEC

Republicans insist there is no war on women, yet a new report from the Sunlight Foundation confirms a deliberate, concerted strategy to push ultrasound legislation across the states.

And the anti-abortion Americans United for Life (AUL) proudly confirms it’s behind the assault.

The group authored a model bill called “The Woman’s Ultrasound Right to Know Act” that serves as the “inspiration” for many of the ultrasound bills currently under consideration in over a dozen states. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the same exact strategy the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) employes in pushing its privatization legislation.

In its investigation the Sunlight Foundation used a technology called SuperFastMatch to compare the ultrasound bills pending across the country and the model bill drafted by AUL. The analysis showed text matching in all 13 bills with some bills more closely matched than others.

Of those most closely matched is the dreadful Texas ultrasound law. That may likely be because the bill was upheld by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. According to the Sunlight analysis the Texas bill shares multiple instances of identical text with 12 of the 12 bills to which it was compared, including Virginia.

We can expect to see more of this. AUL just rolled out its model legislation for 2012.

It also means that these are not locally-grown bills borne out of the concerns of legislators constituents but pressure bills drawn up by outside groups pushing their own agenda.

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8:53AM PDT on Aug 28, 2012

All women need to vote. This is a vital election with the corporate funded Special Interest Groups like ALEC. These people are so corrupt and can hold our country hostage as they have done for many years through President Bush's being elected as President Of the United States. There is so much corruption in the Republican Party. Their whole objective from the very beginning has been to make President Obama fail. They have done just that. Congress has been a Do Nothing Congress until after the election. President Obama has proposed many good plans that would have put people back to work. The Republicans have stopped everything in Congress for one reason, to make President Obama fail. They did this even affecting American lives. That shows a very childish and vengeful Party. I would never vote for an Republican since all of this corruption. The White House should be working together for the People. Not the Republicans. There main purpose has been to make President Obama fail. I really like President Obama. I admire him for his character, compassion, and actions to help the people of our country get back on its feet. I can't understand why anyone would vote for Romney. He has proven his choices. His choice in business to gain even more wealth by turning his back on our country, closing down companies, putting people out of work, and outsourcing everything to other countries. This action from him and people like him is why we hardly ever see "Made in the Unit

4:53PM PDT on Aug 27, 2012

ALEC why don't you tell people about all of the corporations that fund you. You may have been able to control President Bush for eight years but people are on to you now. You lost your corrupt hold on Stem Cell Research. The Supreme Court agreed to move forward with this vital research. I also know you are the hateful people that attacked President Obama when he signed the Executive Order to fund Stem Cell Research. You may have been able to control President Bush but President Obama has a compassionate heart and cares about all the people that suffer. All the prayers from the children. All you did is caused children to suffer and die waiting for a cure that should have started 15 years ago. Get away with your corrupt corporation funding. You are not an American Special Interest Group. You call yourself that but you are the cause of all the suffering and deaths from holding this research back for so many years. You can no longer do anything about it. Thank our God that this research is locked in now. So many cures are coming out. You caused so much pain and suffering. Your pushed War on Women I am sure you know that you might win if Romney is elected. Women in our country should stand up and fight against you. How can you look yourselves in the mirror knowing all the suffering that you caused.

9:51AM PDT on Apr 1, 2012

These Pro-Life (Anti Abortionists) place such a higher value on some cells in a petri dish over the lives of all the children in our country that suffer everyday needlessly . When these people have children born with a suffering illness that robs them of their childhood, they can only blame themselves. I was so proud of President Obama for caring enough to lift the ban on embryonic stem cells. All the people; Parkinson's Association, Alzheimers Organization, Cerebral Palsy, et. cheered because the cure that everyone has waited for is now here. Now President Obama has an Executive Court Order against him for lifting the ban. The idiots behind this is of course are these misguided people who call themselves Pro_Life.

7:58AM PDT on Apr 1, 2012

One more thing that these Pro-Life people do is take away the hope of all the people suffering in our country. They take away the hope of children who suffer. This is why I hate these people more than any people in our world. I get emails from the Parkinson's Community and now from the Alzheimer's Organization. Their hopes have been killed and now want research that will probably just end up with another drug that may or may not mask the symptoms. All hopes were uplifted on all the suffering people and children when President Obama lifted the ban on embryonic stem cells. Now there is an Executive Court order against President Obama for lifting the ban. I no longer see possible use of embryonic stem cells on Stem Cell doctor's pages. They even took away the embryonic stem cells contained in Umbilical cord blood. When a healthy baby is born, the umbilical cord blood can be used to save people. I don't like to hate people but I do hate these people. How dare they use our Lord as a reason for being so sinful and cold hearted to extend the suffering of people in our country. I believe they will have to pay for their sins someday. In the meantime these people are waiting until 2025 and later for a possible cure. The cure is now. Stem Cell doctors cure people that come from all over our country. They are the people God has given a gift so they can stop all the suffering of God's children. Pro-Life sick sinner's are the worst type of people in this world. I view

7:47AM PDT on Apr 1, 2012

You are right. It won't stop abortion. The reason abortion was made legal is because of all the young girls that died under the hands of people who weren't doctors and used dirty tools. They will go underground to have it done. Then there is also the horrible thing that still happens even with abortion legal. Young girls being scared so throw their newborn babies in trash cans. It is horrible and yes making abortion against the law will increase these horrible acts and many young girls will die. These Pro-Life people are clueless anyway.

4:57PM PDT on Mar 31, 2012


7:36PM PDT on Mar 25, 2012

when will these pro-life people realize that outlawing abortions does not mean abortions will no longer be proformed or attempted?

7:48PM PDT on Mar 21, 2012

One more time Pro-Lifers (joke), before you go off with your crazy thoughts and agenda, I want you to truthfully spend some time with sick children that live in a wheelchair. I want you to spend time with suffering adults with no hope but to suffer every day and hope to die. The Parkinson's community was so happy when President Obama lifted the ban on embryonic stem cells ( umbilical cord blood idiots). Now you guys are overturning that. The disappointment for all the people suffering and crying every day is great. Their hopes are crashed. The hopes of mothers wanting with desperation to help the child get well. I want you to take the time to see all of them. I want you to take the time to talk to these people. I want you to take the time to talk to the mothers and children in wheelchairs that had their hopes dashed because YOU, Yes YOU put a wall in front of it. God says not to hate people but I don't think I have hated anyone more except animal tortures. I see you guys pretty much in the race with them. Don't stand for things that aren't Pro-Life and call yourselves that falsely. If you can really spend the time with people that suffer and still stick with your sick agenda, you are evil. Until you do that you don't know anything. Call yourselves Anti-Abortionists. That is what you are but you went so much farther to create sadness and pain for so many people in this country. Pro-Suffers' , why don't you support the important issues but I don't expect y

5:16PM PDT on Mar 19, 2012

Tony Y. Open your eyes to what you really do. Do you really think that you are fighting against abortion. You are doing much more than that. You are supporting republican candidates to not only ban abortion and birth control. You are supporting them to take away embryonic stem cells. So many organizations of suffering people and children are waiting for the cure which you are taking away again. Get with it! Embryonic stem cells come from umbilical cord blood. Millions of stem cells and many embryonic stem cells are in the cord blood of healthy babies. Everyday, hospitals are discarding the umbilical cords when the baby is born. Those stem cells can stop the suffering of so many people. It is so obvious that you haven't had a loved one suffer hopelessly. My mother had parkinson's disease and suffered for years. She couldn't eat, communicate or talk at all, couldn't walk or take care of herself. Her brain worked fine but she was trapped in her body. She cried every day for years and my families hearts broke every day. After years of this she wasted away to nothing. There are so many horrible illness's that can be cured with stem cells. Why are you so evil? I am sure the devil loves you people. He loves suffering so you are a great advocate for him. President Obama lifted the ban so Stem Cell doctors could use umbilical cord blood. They couldn't until President Obama. Thank God for President Obama lifting the ban but now of course your money will fight

1:56PM PDT on Mar 19, 2012

Tell people what you really do. You won't take the time to look at the truth. Stem Cell doctors heal people. Now, which I am sure your ignorance is involved in is President Obama is in big trouble for lifting the ban on embryonic stem cells. You people don't have a clue what that means. Most embryonic stem cells come from umbilical cord blood after a healthy baby is born. There are millions of stem cells in the blood that hospitals discard everyday. I paid to have one of my granddaughter cord blood collected and saved to help her and her family if they get a horrible illness. We can't even use the cord blood because of ignorant people like you. You aren't suppose to hate people but I hate people that have no idea. You won't even look in the face of a child that has a suffering debilitating illness and only prays they can play like other children. You are too busy causing problems for our country and all the children waiting to be well. You are crazy and I hope that some day when you meet God, you are asked what you did for people. Nothing! In fact you are a block wall that doesn't care. I would bet you are involved with the Pharmacutical companies. Presciption drugs are big money. You are doing a great job for them. You are doing a very poor job for people. My heart breaks for children that could be well and then I look at you guys as a evil sick group of people that don't care.

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