Michele Bachmann Is Now Swiss — Can They Keep Her?

It’s a sad day, America. The country may be losing its favorite daughter, U.S. Congresswoman and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

Yes, she’s going Swiss.

It turns out, her husband Marcus is actually “100% Swiss,” with parents born and married in the country and who only then moved to the U.S. where “they bought a farm in Wisconsin and raised their three sons there, according to Rep. Bachmann.

Yes, I believe that does in fact make Marcus an anchor baby.

Now, the Bachmanns are taking advantage of Marcus’s ancestry and obtained dual citizenship, on the behalf of a few of their children who wanted dual citizenship, too.

Does this mean the Congresswoman will start embracing European socialism soon?

Photo from Gage Skidmore via flickr creative commons


Dean C.
Dean C.4 years ago

@Lee W: Touchy, touchy... looks like Debra P hit a nerve. We're all looking forward to a new Mormon President in 2012! Mmmmm, what do the African Americans in this country think about a President who's church only recognized them since 1978! Such diversity! And by the way, even though Debra P may have misspelled a word or two doesn't mean EVERY democrat is uneducated. Coming from you though, it fits in nicely with the bigotry and ignorance that your party quite clearly represents (thanks for the confirmation of that).

Dean C.
Dean C.4 years ago

@Don S - You're right MB is capable of putting together a coherent sentence but I wished she had taken your second bit of advice and taken her hate somewhere else too. This is a free country and Debra P can say what she wants. MB is a whacko and she proved that during her albeit short but too long of a campaign. NEVER in a million years would the USA put someone so far out of touch with social issues and having such radical ideas in the position to lead this great country. Michele Bachmann is a hateful woman and the I'm surprised the Swiss would even let her in!

Don Schneider
Don Schneider4 years ago

Debra P what is a wacho ? Would that be someone capable of completing a coherent sentence, or perhaps a significant independent thought ? Please find another venue for your hate and anger as soon as possible. We would all so appreciate the kindness !

Don Schneider
Don Schneider4 years ago

The Swiss aren't stupid ! She rescinded her citizenship request, because she feared they would actually hang her, and not just in effigy for her hateful rants....Who in their right mind would want to be involved with this throwback. She is the only woman on the planet that Mr. Hankey found unlikeable !

Thomas S.
Thomas S.4 years ago

She is obviously the Tax Attorney and is using her schoolin' in this situation.

What does it say about the majority of Voters from the Northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, like Woodbury, Blaine and St Cloud, that they have put this educated nincompoop in MN Senate and in OUR Congress several times - even against several sane and credible opponents??

There must be something in those Sky Blue Waters?!?!?

Ceejay Robb
Ceejay Robinson4 years ago

Lee W - Exactly what I thought too when I heard this, hide the money! Ooops seems she realized how obvious that was and has changed her mind. Sigh, back to the Cayman's or where ever. Tee hee!

Debra P.
Debra Prisk4 years ago

See...I told you so, any woman who is conservative will be attacked by the left wing wachos.

A N M.
anne M.4 years ago

She wouldn't be happy in Switzerland, that's for sure. Switzerland is a very liberal democracy, something that's totally alien to the Bachmanns. Moreover, why would Switzerland even care about her wacky opinions?

tammy B.
tammy B.4 years ago

Poor Switzerland. The Austrians didn't want or take Arnie back. So, I doubt the Swiss will take Ms. Bachmann... our country just couldn't get that lucky

Nimue Pendragon

And yet somehow I just can't seem to care...