Milk: It Does A Body Bad

The dairy industry is remarkably good at PR. It has Americans believing that drinking milk is good for them, maybe even necessary. It’s not true.

The Harvard School of Public Health has found that it is “not clear that dairy products are really the best source of calcium for most people.” If you drink a lot of it, it can “paradoxically weaken bones.” Instead of milk, it recommends getting your calcium from leafy green vegetables, broccoli, beans and tofu. For Vitamin D, it says, take a supplement.

There are plenty of replacements for dairy in your food. Instead of milk with your cereal, try oat milk, vanilla rice milk or vanilla soy milk, all of which add a touch of sweetness. Instead of milk in your favorite recipes, use soy milk, which stands up well to the heating involved in much cooking. Non-dairy creamers are available. There are even substitutes for yogurt, cream cheese, ice cream and other staples of the American diet. My favorite butter alternative is called Earth Balance, which acts just like the dairy version. For more ideas, visit Eating With Food Allergies or Dairy Free Cooking.

Check out this infographic for more information:


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Jim Ven
Jim Ven17 days ago

thanks for sharing.

m m.
m G.about a year ago

Good graphic and quit milk a while ago, best decision lately

Connie O.
Connie O.3 years ago

coming from a dairy state, I grew up drinking a lot of milk...eating a lot of dairy products. My bones are still strong ... so I guess I will continue on the way I have been doing for many years.

Alison L.
Alison L.3 years ago

Personally I think that if the dairy is raw (not pasteurised, sterilised, homogenised, filtered etc) then it is a lot more tolerated by our body with all its natural enzymes intact. The milk that people buy in the shops today has no resemblance to the beautiful creamy milk that a free range, grass fed cow produces. If you dont have access to the "real" stuff then I agree - dont bother. BUT I certainly wouldnt replace it with the nasty processed stuff called soya milk. In my opinion that is not fit for consumption either. Far easier and way more healthy is to make your own nut milk - almond is delicious - and it is so simple to make.

Sarah F.
Sarah F.3 years ago

Wait wait waitwaitwaitwait WAIT. So, adults drinking the milk of another species (a species built to grow HUGE very quickly) is NOT healthy?!?!?? Or even natural???! Well I'm informed.

You get vitamin D from the sun, by the way.

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen3 years ago egads, the plot thickens. thick like rich cream!

Sandra K.
Sandra K.3 years ago

However, I do love yogurt & cheese and am not about to stop eating them. I did that many years ago when I did the vegan thing and was not any healthier.

Enjoying my Kashi today with Silk coconut milk. Bloody delicious.

Sandra K.
Sandra K.3 years ago

I havent been able to stomach milk since I was a kid & grew up just fine not drinking the crap. As an adult, I only use a minute amount of it in my tea as milk substitutes dont taste the same in tea. That being said, there are so many different types of cow milk substitites now which are available SUGAR FREE, as well as with sweetening. Almond milk, coconut milk (made by Silk), hazelnut milk, soy milk etc. Take your pick. And they taste great. Theyre also far better for you. When I lived in Asia & Southeast Asia, it was a lot more difficult to find dairy products in the stores. It was very common to find vegetarian substitutes for meat & milk due to the high population of Buddhists. People were much healthier in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. They were much less healthy in countries like Indonesia, where milk is heavily pimped.

Jean D.
Jean Dahlquist3 years ago

I can't drink soymilk. Tofu is fine, but soymilk kills my stomach. Also, most of my family is diabetic so I avoid sugar. The sugar they put in soy and almond milk isn't exactly good for you either! If you buy from a good dairy, I think milk is pretty good stuff.

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen3 years ago complications!