Minnie Mouse Gets A Makeover

Disney, no stranger to criticism that it perpetuates troubling gender dynamics, has decided that one of its most iconic characters needs a makeover.  After decades as a beloved children’s character, Minnie Mouse will get “leggy, modern and glamorous” thanks to a partnership with Forever 21.

Disney did not come right out and say anything was wrong with the “old” Minnie Mouse per se, but the makeover implies plenty.  The “new” Minnie is stretched and has become a well-traveled fashionista who knows her way around the fashion capitals of London, Paris and Tokyo.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking a fresh stab at an old favorite, especially as American culture has evolved since Minnie’s introduction.  But our images of girlhood have come a long way and don’t have to include our daughters as thin-spired consumers.  This is especially true given the target audience for Minnie Mouse.  She’s not popular with the tween set.  She’s popular with the preschoolers.

While the move may seem harmless, it is yet another reminder of the relentless onslaught of sex and consumerism facing our daughters.  Minnie Mouse was one of the few characters that had remained, well, child-like.  Just like Dora the Explorer though she has become a marketing vehicle, which means she must push the image that sells the most products.

I wonder how long till we see Mickey’s makeover?

photo courtesy of Jeff Christiansen via Flickr


Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago

Robyn, give Minnie enough alcohol and she'll be legless but not leggy.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago

Testing cosmetic surgery on mice? LOL!

Robyn O.
Robyn O.5 years ago

Took much emphasis on "legs" today, and it's the "leg"acy of the disgusting 60s, which really meant not liberation but just a different form of attacks on women. I think we're in for a change soon, with more fashions that celebrate the whole woman, not a "leggy" boy with a flat body -- yet a boy wearing high heels. Hasn't anyone but me noticed that the whole mini thing of 45 years ago, which never went away even with some respites in the 80s, makes every woman into a hooker? See Snooki, Kardashians, and the other role models we have these days after 45 years of propaganda. They are all cheap and repulsive. Men may have really gone crazy years ago, but I seldom see any men paying attention to these idiot women who have lost all sense of self-respect. Poor Minnie Mouse, I don't want to see her leggy.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba5 years ago

Go Minnie Mouse!

Lim Y.
Lim Y.5 years ago

if minnie needs a new makeover,fine,so be it.but with a kid's heart i loved her the why she was especially during the vintage days.if she has to be someone new must in be being a FASHIONISTA?someone uptodate with something materialistic?leggy?

Estelita A.
Estelita atti5 years ago


Estelita A.
Estelita atti5 years ago


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Move over Mary Kay.....

Kha Bliss
Past Member 5 years ago

Seriously? Really? The best things in life - aren't things!

Anthony P.
Anthony P.5 years ago

I don't care how much my daughter pesters me, she's not getting the ear enlargement surgery just to look more like the new Minnie Mouse.