Miracle Rescue Of Orangutan Caught In Snare (Slideshow)

An orangutan, now called Pelangsi, is lucky to be alive. The young male was close to death when a team from International Animal Rescue cut him loose from a snare that kept him a prisoner without food or water for 10 days. Pelangsi is the latest victim of the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

The IAR team, headed by veterinary director Karmele Llano Sanchez, sedated the orangutan, gave him fluids for severe hydration and carried him back to their clinic in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

He was in critical condition for the first 48 hours with an infection called septicemia, as a result of injuries to the animal’s right hand. The snare had caught hold of Pelangsi’s hand and he gnawed on it during the ordeal, trying to set himself free.

“Pelangsi’s story is a graphic illustration of the fate of countless orangutans that are left homeless and hungry when the forest is cut down. Our rescue centre is now caring for 50 orangutans and that number will continue to rise rapidly until drastic measures are taken by the palm oil companies to protect orangutans and other wildlife from the devastating effects of their industry,” said Sanchez.

Palm oil companies are cutting down the forest and destroying the habitat of the orangutan to make room for more crops to grow. The land where Pelangsi was trapped is home to a new palm oil plantation owned by PT KAL (Kayung Agro Lestari) from Austindo Nusantara Jaya Group, according to IAR.

The company is a member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil), an association set up to promote the sustainable production and use of palm oil. IAR says, “…in spite of PT KAL’s apparent concern about the social and environmental impact of its industry, they are responsible for large numbers of orangutan deaths in the area.”

Palm oil is used to produce many food products and personal care products. A list of manufacturers can be found at Palm Oil Product List-Angelfire.

Alan Knight OBE, IAR’s Chief Executive says his team is working hard to save Pelangsi’s life. They hope he will soon be stable enough to undergo surgery on his injured and infected hand. The team expects that some of his arm will have to be amputated. Afterward the goal is to have him live out his days at the IAR rescue center.

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Photo Credit: InternationalAnimal Rescue


W. C
W. C14 days ago

Thank you.

William C
William C18 days ago


Al U.
Al U4 years ago

He has recovered and been releast back into a protected area. This was posted just a few weeks ago. I was very happy watching that video, he got out of the cage they used to carry him back in so fast I thought they must have cut some of the video out. He climed the nearest tree he could get to just as fast as having both hands. It's a happy ending to a very bad war on these animals.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V4 years ago

poor guy

Al U.
Al U4 years ago

There is a update on the 5/12/2012/ 5:... It says he lost his right hand and they are hoping that he does not get infection from him trying to bite his arm off to get out of the snare.
They said that when he heals that he was going to be released back into the wild. If it is not a protected area this would only sentence him to death because he will never be able to climb fast enough to get away from predators and poachers.
Go to the International Animal Rescue and leave a comment on their contact page and ask them not to release him into a unprotected area.

mary l.
mary l4 years ago

this is so sad

Darla G.
Darla G4 years ago

So very glad he was saved. I hope he made a full recovery and was released.

PatriciaP J.
Patricia J4 years ago

I just seen a story on tv about palm oil and just how many things it is in. Now I will start to pay attention when buying things. It was a good thing that you found him.

PatriciaP J.
Patricia J4 years ago

I just seen a story on tv about palm oil and just how many things it is in. Now I will start to pay attention when buying things. It was a good thing that you found him.