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Montana Wants to Hunt Endangered Wolves

Montana Wants to Hunt Endangered Wolves

Federal officials have denied a request by Montana to hunt gray wolves.

This is the most recent development in a lengthy fight between hunters and ranchers in the Northwest and conservation groups over the gray wolf.

Environmental and conservation groups sued the federal government to return the gray wolf to the endangered species list after it was delisted in some states but not in others. The conservation groups said the inconsistency didn’t make sense.

The groups won the suit and the gray wolf was reinstated as endangered, much to the dismay of many in Montana and Idaho, the two states where it was delisted originally.

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Idaho governor “Butch” Otter – who is apparently on a personal crusade to hunt wolves – is in separate negotiations with the federal government to make a wolf hunt happen.

Montana filed a request for a “conservation hunt” of 186 wolves, an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. Both Idaho and Montana are trying to exploit what they perceive to be loopholes in the Endangered Species Act.

Ranchers, hunters, and other affiliated groups are arguing that the wolves are a threat to game animals and livestock, which in plain terms means they’re angry wolves are killing and eating elk and cows before humans can kill and eat elk and cows. This line of logic doesn’t do much to convince me.

Gray wolves are still recovering from being nearly hunted to extinction, and if it were up to Montana and Idaho, gray wolves would have been extinct decades ago. These wolves are unfortunately standing between people and their profits. By causing a nuisance to the ranchers, they’ve made themselves a target for eradication.

It now appears that Montana will be negotiating directly with the 13 conservationist groups that brought the suit to reinstate gray wolves as endangered. A settlement between them might be the only way that Montana will get to hunt wolves this winter.

Hunting is a barbaric sport whose advocates place it under the banner of environmentalism and conservation. They seek to hunt wolves ostensibly because the wolves are threatening elk, but they don’t mention that they plan to kill the elk, too.

If we acquiesce to the hunting fanatics in Idaho and Montana, we’ll watch the gray wolf join the the long list of species we’ve hunted out of existence.

TAKE ACTION: Protect wolves from shoot-on-sight “management”! 

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Photo: Public Domain
Author: Tracy Brooks

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8:27AM PST on Feb 26, 2012

@Ruth S. You say, God has not forgotten about his creation he has set a time for justice.
Well I for one can't wait for that time to come.

7:59AM PST on Feb 26, 2012

@Collette H. I think you are right about the gene pool in Montana. Although there must be loads of decent, intelligent people from those parts, there also must be a lot of inter- breeding going on, mostly by the people that turn up to the pro hunting meetings.

7:16AM PST on Feb 26, 2012

@ Bob M. Why would you put a bullet through the scull of an animal that wandered onto your property? Why couldn't you just shoo it away so it can carry on its life elsewhere. It would have only been trying to look for food to survive, maybe feed its young. What's wrong with that. If animals wander onto people's property, it's usually because that property was built on land stolen from the wildlife that lived there far longer than greedy humans.

6:56AM PST on Feb 26, 2012

I am against killing, but I would make an exception for these insignificant little specs that call themselves hunters. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see all hunters and animal abusers rounded up and lined against a wall and shot with a machine gun. Firstly though, they should pay for the rounds of ammunition that will cleanse us of this shite. Why should decent hardworking people pay for the ammo? What a wonderful world we would then have, where all wildlife could roam free, safe in the knowledge that there aren't any arseholes lurking about.

12:01AM PST on Feb 17, 2012

Should have also added, I have horses, as I mentioned, dogs and cats. Two of my cats are strictly for rodent control and live outside, and two are "inside" cats. I'm very rural, and there are many predators around here. I do my best to protect my two inside only cats as they like going out and up on the roof, where they'd be "sitting ducks" for owls, which are VERY abundant around here, and I know I've lost at least two cats to probably either owls or coyotes. Now, I love my cats and do what I can to protect them, but I'm not about to go out with a gun and start going after every coyote I hear out there EVERY night, nor start taking pot shots at owls, either. Let's see, there's red-tails and bald eagles as well. Where would it end? So, I keep the "inside" cats inside after dusk and that's the best I can do. The outside ones have the garage and other than that, hopefully they know how to take care of themselves. They obviously are co-existing with at least ONE raccoon and I've seen the little masked bugger in my horse trailer and my dog had it treed a couple of nights ago.

12:00AM PST on Feb 17, 2012

Diane and William: great posts!
Ashley and Danielle: this site is called Care2 for people who actually CARE and want to be part of the solution.
You, on the other hand, seem to be part of the problem and your reasoning has no grounds.

11:41PM PST on Feb 16, 2012

(cut off)...........somehow the birds manage to survive as well. BTW, #1 grandson will be 30 next month, as I mentioned. A few months back, he and his wife were walking down my driveway at dusk, and a big black bear came out of the woods and meandered down the driveway, right in front of them. He came back and told me about it and then said, "I thought it was pretty COOL until I realized I had a piece of pizza in my hand!" He's come a long way, LOL!

11:38PM PST on Feb 16, 2012

Well said, William. I find many people borderline "hate" and especially fear what they simply do not understand. How long ago did we fear black people? How long ago did we fear any "night critters"? How long ago did we simply fear what we didn't see, and there are species after species after species that are now endangered because of our fears and misunderstanding.

I remember when my oldest grandson (now 30 years old) was a little kid and I took him out with me to feed the horses one night. My barn was close to the property line and it was very foggy outside. In my neighbor's pasture, there was a pack of coyotes, and they were very vocal, singing away. My grandson started grabbng at my hand and said, 'Grandma, I want to go back inside..........I'm scared!". I took him by the hand, gave him a hug and reassured him that they were just scrawny dogs who had BIG voices. We went into one of my mares' stalls and I lifted him up so he could see outside and you could clearly see a half dozen forms in the fog. After a few minutes, he started laughing and said one of them was "off key".

I don't fear wolves, I respect them. If I had cattle and lost a few calves every spring, or an old cow or a crippled one, it would be just part of doing business. I have lost a ton of catfood for my outside cats to racoons, and black bears have destroyed several bird feeders, but you know what, they haven't threatened me yet, and my cats still get enough to eat, and the birds someho

11:18PM PST on Feb 16, 2012

Daniel and Ashley, I have studied wolves for over thirty years, and I was wondering if either of you have a plan for controlling human populations that push further and further into the wilderness, destroying more and more lands already inhabited by non-humans? What are you ideas about this growing problem, or concerns? You both seem to enjoy berating Diane L more and criticizing her based solely on her concerns of nature and the directions ranchers are heading for so-called "Wolf population" control methods. I have to agree with Diane that if you can't spell or use good grammar in posting lengthy posts, why bother? I am not saying I think it but most people would think of that as being a sure sign of a child like mentality trying to express themselves as adults. My question to you is simple. What do you really know about wolves? Do you know their biology? Their place in a social hierarchy and how or why it is decided that way? Do you know all about their dietary needs and requirements out in the wild? Do you know how to distinguish different populations in different regions of the world? Wolves do indeed, avoid humans with a passion, the ONLY reason they attack cattle herds is because their territories have been encroached by simple human greed. They do not plan attacks nor do they do what they do out of sheer malice, they do it to feed the pack and the young. Humans are the reason for cattle ranches built out in the wilderness and the local game being hunted again and again

8:55PM PST on Feb 16, 2012

BTW, Daniel, the profanity (even the attempts to disguise it) further show your mindset. Kind of like carrying the gun in a way. If you can't explain it intelligently, use profanity, and if you can't protect your property by using intelligent methods, shoot it. Yes, I responded to your right as a member of Care.2 to do exactly that. I DID undersand what you were saying, hence my responses. I even can understand what a two-year-old babbles sometimes, but that doesn't mean that I'd give that 2-yr-old guns to play with, either. No, you won't get "through" to me with your beliefs, however. In case you haven't noticed, not many here seem to share your opinions at all. We don't have to live IN Montana to care what happens to the wolves that may exist there, anymore than we have to live in Alaska to disagree with what Sarah Palin does. WILDLIFE belongs to us all, not just to you.

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