More Americans Strongly Disapprove of the Tea Party


Although President Obama’s approval rating isn’t doing too well, at least the Tea Party didn’t come out of the debt ceiling negotiations unscathed — according to Gallup and Pew, Americans’ views of the Tea Party are at their lowest ever.  Pew tackled survey respondents’ views of the Tea Party’s role in Congress, while Gallup asked about Tea Party support overall.  Both responses showed a dip in support for the Tea Party, signaling that Americans may be tired of its presence in Congress, after less than eight months in office.

According to Pew, only 22% of respondents thought that the Tea Party had a positive effect on Congressional proceedings, compared to 29% who thought that it had a negative effect.  This is down from January numbers, when 29% of respondents thought that the Tea Party was a positive influence, and only 18% disagreed.

Pew writes that “the new poll…finds that those who followed the debt ceiling debate very closely have more negative views about the impact of the Tea Party than those who followed the issue less closely.”  That means, unsurprisingly, that people who knew what the Tea Party was doing to gum up the debt ceiling deal were more likely to disapprove of their actions.

Gallup reports that overall support for the Tea Party has dipped to a new low, at 25%.  Interestingly, strong disapproval for the Tea Party seems to have stayed mostly constant.  That doesn’t mean that the Tea Party doesn’t have its strong detractors.

Gallup notes, “Along with the decline in overall support for the Tea Party from 30% to 25% in recent months, Gallup finds more Americans holding intensely negative feelings toward the movement than intensely positive feelings. It thus appears that, to date, the Tea Party’s leadership and activities may have been more successful at galvanizing the movement’s opponents than expanding its base of passionate supporters.”

Harry Reid also said that he believed that the Tea Party was loosening its hold on the Republican party.  ”The Tea Party was the result of a terrible economy…I’ve said that many times, and I believe that,” he explained.   ”That [the Tea Party] will pass. They will lose a number of seats next year,”

Many people are still reporting that they have no opinion about the Tea Party, signaling that they may not have enough information to make a decisive call.  But it is hopeful to know that the more havoc the Tea Party wreaks on our political system, the more supporters they lose, and the more opponents they gain.

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Debra G.
Debra D.4 years ago

The Tea Party should lose. The few who started the grass roots movement were coopted by people who only wanted the power and money they could get by protecting the rich. They don't speak for the middle class at all.

Woody W.
Woody W Woodward4 years ago

If the Tea Party is losing support it's because too many of them caved in to pressure exerted by the DC good ol' boys and didn't hang in there like the people who elected them expected them to do. Those congress critters are supposed to be REPRESENTING the people who elected them, not the Demos or the RINOs.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer4 years ago

Cutting spending on, so called, entitlements is ineffective for addressing the deficit. Cutting programs that support the low and middle class will further strain both who don’t even receive lower prices as a result of the U.S. job losses and create a disconnect that will end in another financial collapse. The justification for attacking government benefits as opposed to raising taxes is the creation of jobs. But where?

Corporations have over-powered our government which now believes that out-sourcing and off-shoring of U.S. jobs is inevitable and necessary with expectations that the middle class should fall on their swords. It is the underlying cause of the financial collapse and borders on national security with the loss of our middle class tax base. Yet, this nation does nothing, not even demand it be restricted by whatever method. International businesses are doing the UN-AMERICAN activity of destroying U.S. salaries, U.S. businesses that hire in the U.S., and as an end result, destroying the U.S. marketplace while still demanding BUSINESS ENTITLEMENTS and protections for themselves.

Infrastructure spending and tax breaks will not replace enough jobs to keep up with the hemorrhaging loss of U.S. jobs from out-sourcing over seas. Neither party will do anything about it unless we begin grass roots efforts to protest out-sourcing and off-shoring of U.S. jobs. If nothing is done we will deserve what we get and it will get a lot worse before it gets better

Victoria M.
Past Member 4 years ago

...and they are using the government they criticize so much to achieve those ends.

Victoria M.
Past Member 4 years ago

the tea party is supposed to be about less government yet they want to abolish abortion/deny marriage equality or being gay at all. abolish fda and epa so that people have to reply only on information provided by companies which want to exploit this planet. abolish darwinism. if the tea party only wanted to be fiscally conservative that would be fine but they wish to literally change everything about the way people live. the fiscal conservatism angle is complete bullshit and less gov is bullshit or else they wouldnt be trying to manipulate the american people into becoming nice little free breeding stepford consumers.

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M.4 years ago

Let me finish that last sentence.....
...and the associated full-tilt [R] subscrption to uber-partisan delusion is the very reason that your presence in elected government positions pose such a threat to our country.

And finally Paul, just to clear up yet another of your misconceptions, quite the opposite of your sophomoric charge, I actually HOPE people will listen to you. That is the brilliance of our forefathers: free speech for all, just so the sensible among us can see the malignancy among us, and react accordingly.

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M.4 years ago

Paul B.: your hypocrisy is so thick, your empty-headed brethren will be putting it on their pancakes for breakfast.

You comically opined: "Your rebuttal is hollow and weak. Your facts are distorted and simply follow the same story line handed down......trashing, demigoguing your dissenters, trying to discredit them so hopefully no one will listen to attack, personally, you twist and distort any fact, and spread the are defensive because you know you have no substance to base a rational debate of facts."

You do realize, don't you, that you've just described yourself to a 'T'! You are either following the tired old neo-con attack strategy of accusing your enemies of your own sins, or you are so close to being clinically delusional that your mind is unable to see what a hypocritical fool you are making of yourself with those accusations..

You are welcome to your own OPINION of my rebuttals to you, but your are NOT welcome to your own FACTS. That's the very reason why I gave you FACTS in my rebuttal. I certainly had no need to distort them; they are historical FACTS, every one. On the other hand, you and your fact-challenged Teatards indeed have been attempting to distort them ever since they and the associated [R] failure decended upon us. That [R]s cannot truthfully assess their own recent FAILURE is the very reason that your ilk are not true conservatives, and the associated full-tilt [R] subscrption to uber-partisan delusion is the ve

Paul B.
Paul B.4 years ago

Michael K. I said those things. And you are simply wrong about the Tea Party. You may see some people climing things as associates of the tea party, but the CORE of the Tea Party is fundamental conservative fiscal values. Sure that includes a wide variety of supports, but not everyone in the movement is pro-christian right. I for one am not at all. Just as you have extremem left, you have extreme right. You can't control what people say and who they are associated with, but you have to look at the what the people are asking for, not just the most vocal and dramatic.
There IS a strong movement still in place, focused mainly on the restructuring of DC such that it is more representative of the values most americans hold... not too ar right, or left on social issues, but very focused on restricting the size and control of big government, the corruption and cronyism has to end. We must curb the power that DC yields over the market, no more picking winners and losers, etc.

Paul B.
Paul B.4 years ago

Those elected officials that stick to that game plan, will stay, those that don't will be replaced with those that will. It is a transformation of the Republican party back to true conservative fiscal policy. the social issues will fall where they may, not nearly as big a concern.
At least we are making an effort, what are the Dems doing to curb the corruption and excessive spending in DC that they complained so strongly about during Bush's administration?!?!? I think they just picked up the ball and ran with it, never doing anything about it. That is the DC culture... them first, us second. All they fight over is who gets to control the power, but nothing ever changes, at elast until we make it change.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago

The Tea Party is so sad . . . . . . .