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More Union Busting. This Time It’s Indiana

More Union Busting.  This Time It’s Indiana

If you are still looking for evidence that the battle waging in Wisconsin is but one on a larger assault on worker’s protections consider the state of Indiana.  There the state legislature plans legislative hearings similar to those in Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio in support of bills to strip collective bargaining and organizing rights.

The bills are part of the larger “Right to Work” movement, a poll-tested name for efforts to defund unions by eliminating mandatory union workers dues for all workers.  Taking away union funding would hit American workers two fold.  First, even non due-paying workers are, by default, dependent on unions for salaries and benefits.  That’s because when a union bargains for better hours, all workers benefit, regardless of their membership status. 

Second, unions are the only other group other than corporations allowed the ability to spend unlimited campaign dollars under the Citizens United decision.  Since there is no way to, in the short term, eliminate the flood of corporate cash funding elections and political campaigns, union spending is going to be the only short-term mechanism to push back against that influence.  The Koch brothers alone require hundreds of millions of dollars in counter-advertising.  Take away union funding and there would not be a single voice acting as a representative of worker’s interests.

Another bill under consideration would strip the ability to negotiate over anything other than salaries and a few basic benefits.  Contract would be terminated without review.

For those unfamiliar with the scope of teacher’s union negotiations, oftentimes those are places where teachers lobby for additional funding for supplies for their classrooms or for smaller class sizes–benefits that directly and positively impact the students in their care.  Take that away from teachers and it will only be administrators and politicians far-removed from the day-to-day process of teaching and learning that will make decisions for the school and students. 

Which is precisely what Republicans want.

As Indiana state legislators hold these hearings members from other labor unions will be rallying in Indianapolis to support their teachers and fellow union members.

For more information on the union busting efforts underway, click here.

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10:06AM PST on Mar 7, 2011

Bust the unions ya

6:47AM PST on Feb 28, 2011

Individuals need to contact John Boehner and express your distress at the way the GOP is heading. Instead of Jobs they are attacking women's health issues, the unions and protecting the wealthy. Write your grievances to
Please spread this email address to your friends, ask them to write a polite but pointed letter to this guy. He won't care but he won't like emails pointing out the stupidity of their stance on everything and failure to act like responsible citizens and public employees. (we do pay their big fat wages, cadillac healthcare and bloated pensions)

6:38PM PST on Feb 23, 2011

I'm an RN in California. Prior to Union, I earned 30%less, and worked in terribly unsafe conditions where nurses were dangerously overloaded, and patients DIED as a result. I stand with fellow americans who believe it IS our duty as caring human beings to offer a hand to the helpless, to help keep the unemployed from becoming the homeless, to HELP others who are suffering. While US corporations continue to function while refusing to pay taxes, the Tea Party is fighting to remove all protection we have fought for so long.
*Paul B- I don't know what kind of "Justice" you claim to stand for, but cutting off support to millions who are unemployed due to the continued severe deficit of available jobs is NOT JUSTICE. Stripping the middle and poor classes of their ONLY form of self protection in order to make life easier for Big Corporations is the complete opposite of the JUSTICE you claim to stand for. I'm sure when you lose YOUR job, or become disabled, you will see how much JUSTICE comes your way.

5:40PM PST on Feb 23, 2011

For Paul B & any other person defending the destruction of justice in this country: this is not about name calling, this is not about ideology, this is not about spending or budgets. If you refuse to listen to what others say, what does this say about you? That you have your head in the sand? That you are stubborn? That you have no empathy for your fellow man? If you don't want to listen to your fellow Americans, with whom you are supposed to stand in solidarity before the world, to whom would you listen to hear the Truth? There IS an absolute reality - I name Him God - others may have different names - but if you have really lost sight of what Truth, Love, Justice and Sacrifice are about, then I challenge you to read Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas. If you don't have time for all the volumes, the Confraternity of the Precious Blood has a condensed version called My Way of Life. Read it. I dare you. And then measure what one of the greatest doctors of the Church has to say about Justice, for example, and measure it against what is happening in this country right now. Patrick Henry said in March 1799, “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” Where then, would YOU say that this country is at? The fact that Repubs seem to so bitterly hate "Liberals" or anyone who opposes their rhetoric? What say you th

3:10PM PST on Feb 23, 2011

Paul B
"We are stil lcleaning out the rat's nest in the party, but we are moving forward to put the control of this country back in citizens control and out of Washington"
That is exactly what the conservatives were saying as they "purified" the Republican Party of all and any who did not adhere to their pro-oligarch views.Roosevelt was denied the nomination in 1908 because he stood up against the plutocrats who ran the country and cracked down on corporate abuses like monopolies and unsafe working conditions. Teddy was one of the first Presidents to call for universal healthcare. Teddy and all of the progressives left the party and formed the Bull Moose Party. All you TPers are being led around by the nose by those that want to take America back to the time when plutocrats like the Kochs ran all levels of corrupt governments, where they controlled workers lives like the southern plantation owners controlled the slaves, where workers who sought change were fired upon by police and national guard bought and paid for by the oligarchs, where factories locked their employees in the shops to keep them from even taking bathroom breaks, where men, women and children burned to death when those locked shops caught fire, where unsafe machinery and working conditions led to a daily stream of injuries and deaths, where workers were forced to work 12 to 16 hours a day for 7 days a week. You keep thinking you are doing what is right, the mines are already claiming their victims.

2:35PM PST on Feb 23, 2011

Paul B
I did not have enough characters remaining to comment on the rest of your rant so I will try to here on the parts that are coherent enough to be read. The change in the last election was the direct result of all the independents and liberals who had votes Obama in for real change and them staying home as a protest against what little change had been brought about by the administration and how it had let the Republicans lead it around by the nose. If you have not seen any polls in the past two years they all trend away from your radical views and agenda. Even the polls on here run 90% against the hate and anti-middle class agenda that your politicians push. Only an air-headed nincompoop would think otherwise.

2:22PM PST on Feb 23, 2011

Paul B (did you ride Babe into this
If liberals are slandering anyone pray tell why have none been sued for slander. There are many peoples who hold different points of views than mine and I have no problem with them, we debate those differences and that is it. The ones that I do have a problem with are the ones who think they know what is right for everyone else, the ones who try to drown out any and all debate on things that effect us all, the ones who believe crap like a duly elected President cannot be President because he was not born in America (Republican governor of Hawaii has said that the President was born in his state. the ones who call any health reform socialistic because of goverment involvement while carrying signs telling the government to keep it's hands off their Medicare, the ones who rally with speakers bussed in directly from Dick Armey's Freedom Works at rallies paid by the likes of the Koch brothers via freedom Works as claim to be a "grssroots" movement, the ones who think the above are things thought up by the people, the ones who who think that the all of the preceeding things are beneficial to them when for the most part they go against what is good for the bottom 98% of our country and the people like you who make claims while never citing any sources for those claims. Goebels, Hilter, Nazi's believed whole heartedly they were on the side of justice and "what is right," and nothing the rest of the world tried to say mattered.

11:34AM PST on Feb 23, 2011

You're right Mick R and I would like to add one thing. Many white collar workers benefited from the labor unions in their companies. Why, because the company feared that the white colar workers would join the unions that already existed or form their own. I know when I was coming up the latter I benefited as an accounting clerk from the unions in healthcare.

On the other hand, their have been unions that only took and didn't negoiate in good faith, the results of those unions is why you are seeing the backlash now.

It's all balance and give and take in this life and unfortunately many of us have not learned that lesson.

10:05AM PST on Feb 23, 2011

I am a Republican, I stand with my UNION, Its not parties its people, start voting for the right person not the parties. A living wage is what the union did for me...blame should be put on the person that wont do as the people need, even the Dem's are taking away my hours at work to balance the money's in Washington state.

9:41AM PST on Feb 23, 2011

The Liberals can't help trying ot slander anyone that halds a different point of view. that is ALL they have to argue with. Teabaggers, Goebels, Hilter, Nazi's. Go ahead call us whatever you want. None of that has any effect anymore. You have tried calling us every name in the book including cries of racism and bigotry, Just look at one of Dan B.'s favorite rants. But none of that has ANY effect anymore. When you know you are on the right side of justice and "what is right," none of that matters. And also, peopel are getting real tired of hearing that type of rhetoric, they are wising up and more and more people are abandoning unions, joining the conservative movement, in favor or restoring values in our government. the last election, in addition to the national chang eof control in the House, several states had equally or even more change to Reps. what does that tell you? People are pissed at the Libs and their SCARE tactics, name calling, greedy, hypocitical actions. They are tired to the Libs acting like elitists that thing they know what's best for us. They don't, and the people have spoken. that is why the Libs are so upset. they see their imaginary utopian dreams falling apart. So sad... too bad. the rise of conservatism is on. And that's not the typical rep that we all have grown to hate. We are stil lcleaning out the rat's nest in the party, but we are moving forward to put the control of this country back in citizens control and out of Washington. Go Tea Party.

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