Morning Mix: Palin Calls Out ‘Stalinist’ Attacks On Newt, Cain Endorses Newt

The Republican presidential candidates head into the final stretch for the Florida primary with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich bringing out the big guns: Sarah Palin. Palin’s gone on the offensive for Gingrich, accusing the Republican establishment of “crucifying” Gingrich. Because that is exactly what Gingrich needs, another grifter to enable his Jesus complex.

Palin was out and about helping Gingrich fend off attacks from Jon Voight and Arizona Sen. John McCain. Seriously. If you needed any more indication that the race on the right is a joke with all the grown-ups on the right waiting for 2016 to jump in consider that it is Jon Voight and Sarah Palin slinging political mud.

Not to be kept out of the party, former Godfather’s pizza CEO and political punchline Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich. It’s not clear how a Cain endorsement helps Gingrich. The supporters that Cain did manage to whip up before “suspending” his campaign after claims of sexual harassment and assault surfaced would naturally move to a Gingrich candidacy. After all, both men are serial woman-abusing, ethically challenged and view a presidential run as a stepping stone to higher speaking fees. The cynicism in this endorsement is thick.

Oh, and In case you were wondering, Rep. Ron Paul (TX) isn’t planning on going anywhere soon.

After she was done waggling her finger in the President’s face, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) announced an April 17th primary followed by a June 12 general election to replace the recently retired and much classier Rep. Gabby Giffords (D).

St. Louis, Missouri did the right thing and hosted a historic welcome home parade for Iraq Veterans. Good work, St. Louis. It would be great to see other cities around this country follow this lead. It would be even better to see Republicans push for military support in the form of adequate veterans spending rather than just push for militarization.

Maybe CNN can ask the candidates about that at the next debate.

Photo from david shankbone via flickr.


LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article and wow on comments..

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article and wow on comments..

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M4 years ago

I'm sorry:

3 short paragraphs -- see my initial response to you.

Diane O. -- another contibutor on here who also continually deflects off-topic by parroting the rightwing talking points of the week. Surprised you don't know two seem to be of the same genetic clan.

Was I EXPLICIT enough concerning your deflection and hypocrisy? You seem to have no questions on those details. I'm always here to help.

Chris P.
Chris P4 years ago

No real helpful comment from me, But all I have to add is "Get it right"

Eugene Windchy
Eugene Windchy4 years ago

I don't know what are the 3 paragraphs or who is Diane O. Perhaps you could express yourself in a more explicit manner.

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M4 years ago

Believe me, my response WAS civil.

Now, I had assumed you could at least read, and count to 3. Bad assumption, I now see; but perhaps not surprising given the sad amount of DEFLECTION and HYPOCRISY you display.

DEFLECTION: what is god's name does Michelle Obama's travel habits have to do with the issues covered in the "Morning Mix"? When you and yours dislike the story, instead of intelligently discussing your dislike and providing a case for your opinion, you just change topics by deflecting discussion to your favorite fairytales. That's about the level of national discourse we so-called "liberals" can ever get out of you rightwing cretins (not name calling there, just providing an accurate behavioral description).

HYPOCRISY: On the one hand we hear from you and yours about how inaccurate and biased the "liberal" media is, yet you and yours have no problem cherry-picking stories and factoids from that same "liberal" media (NYT in this case) when it suites you. So what's it to be, are they liars and communists, or are they accurate enough to provide you dull-wits with information that you can quote?

It appears you and Diane O. are in the same 3rd grade class, which appears to be the pinnacle of education for those of you striving so strenuously to be good citizens of Dumbf**kistan.

Noreen Marshall
Noreen Marshall4 years ago

Also agree 1,000,000,000 X'S with the comment:

I can not believe ANYONE would want Newt the Brute for President. He is a joke! Is Ronald Reagan still "working through him?"

Haven't we had enough idiots in the White House all ready like The Dick Nixon, The Jerk Regan, 2 Giant Assholes - the Bushes (with the younger Bush the dumbiest) - we sure do not need Newt as President. If that is all we have to vote for as our next President I will cast my vote for Mickey Mouse.

Noreen Marshall
Noreen Marshall4 years ago

CAN WE PLEASE for God's sake STOP hearing about this asshole. Good grief, never ever heard about Sarah Palin until someone was stupid enough to pick her as a running mate for the White House. There is nothing special about her - never was - never will be. Enough about Sarah Palin - I don't get a crap what her opinions are so DROP IT ALL READY!!!!!!!!!

Darryll Green
Darryll Green4 years ago


Sharon M.
Sharon McDonald4 years ago

Eugene: Thank you for calling me incorrigible but knowing the meaning I would also say that you also fit the definition. I CAN be persuaded to change my mind when I have all the facts rather than just opinions. Did you read M.W.' comment? Would you not say that she may also have implied where you got all your "information" about Michelle's vacation to Spain, etc.?
My apologies to m.w. for using her comment without her permission. I completely agree with her. I don't read the two "rags" that she referenced in her last paragraph and i seldom watch Fox News. When I do I take into consideration of their bias as I do with most news networks.