Morning Mix: Republicans Say “We Already Compromised”

In the words of The Princess Bride, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”  But yes, according to the Congressional Republicans, there is no need for them to go any further on this “compromise” thing since, according to them, they are already compromising just be raising the ceiling at all.  “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said the key Republican concession is ‘the fact that we are voting — the fact that we are even discussing voting for a debt ceiling increase.’ He claimed this was a significant move. ‘What I don’t think the White House understands is how difficult it is for fiscal conservatives to say they’re going to vote to pay for a debt ceiling increase.’”

When just allowing the ceiling to be raised, an action that is necessary to prevent the country’s economic collapse,  is their idea of a compromise, you can see why it seems as if the GOP isn’t negotiating in good faith.  And it’s about to get even more difficult, as all signs point to the Republicans digging their feet in even deeper when it comes to negotiations, with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor even going as far as to tell the president that if he wants rich people to pay more in taxes, he should just write a check personally.

Sound a little petulant?  Well, when the president has to refer to raising the debt ceiling as “eating your peas” just to get some momentum on talks, there’s really no surprise there.

Even worse, the infighting in the Republican party is getting even more cut throat, as many turn to blaming Speaker of the House John Boehner for making them look bad with the appearance that they would ever consider “raising taxes.”  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been among the most vocal of these, now accusing Boehner of having “no plan” when it comes to the budget. “You’ve probably seen reports of these rumored deals and know that Speaker Boehner and others don’t seem to have a plan to force the issue of balancing the budget. Republicans should reject any debt ceiling deal that does not include a Balanced Budget Amendment and spending cuts.”

Democratic leaders are still trying to convince Republicans despite their stubbornness and bickering that they need to come to the table and compromise, and Democratic Senator Kent Conrad even introduced his own budget plan in the wake of the feuding, though no one really noticed it.  And GOP presidential candidates took the debt ceiling debate and ran with it, with Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum using the impasse to push their campaigns onward.

Meanwhile, the amount of people concerned about a government default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised has gone up 7 points since May.

We now have three weeks until the final August 2nd deadline.



Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm5 years ago

Oh For Chrissakes Paul You sound like that idiot Beck. Get a grip

Yvette S.
Past Member 5 years ago

GOP means Grease Our Pockets Compromising to this group means going to McDonalds instead of Ruths Steak House.

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Sound Mind. You mistake Obama's oratory ability with intelligence. He masks his anti-American sentiment very well. Once YOU realize that his intentions are NOT in america's best interest. He despises capitalism and everything Reagan stood for. He follows in his fathers anti-colonialism, hence his despise for countries like England. His intent is to lower us to the standards of the rest of the world, then YOU will realize that it wasn't his intelligence that you admire, but his ability to lie with a straight face.

Maybe that is what you want as well and hence you do understand that his empty political rhetoric is GREAT COVER for his ill intent, and that is why you praise him so. If so, then that is your prerogative, but that is NOT what the rest of America desires from our presidnet.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

Both the USA and the world as a whole are in a *** depression--worse than a mere recession. It would be a lesser evil to engage in deficit spending on items that would really help the economy like making the transition from fossil fuel (of which we are running out of economically recoverable supplies especially of petroleum) to sustainable energy. The most likely sustainable substitute for petroleum is bio-diesel from algae. The US military is already buying both bio-diesel from algae and kits for isolated military bases to raise their own algae and make bio-diesel from it. So it is at the pilot plant stage already. Austerity just makes business downturns worse so it takes even longer to get the national government's budget even to break-even much less to running a surplus and actually paying off some of the debt. Neglecting poor costs even more over a ten year period than keeping them busy and out of mischief with an employer of last resort program, housed in low-income housing, and providing them with affordable basic health care--so they are in modest comfort rather than so stressed out they wind up in the emergency room over one thing or another.

Marie W.
Marie W.5 years ago

Compromise takes intelligence and maturity- both are lacking in REPugs.

Rick G.
Rick Glatz5 years ago

Cantor (and the Republican Party) remind me of 'Big Brother' in the book 1984 and the Party's use of 'doublethink'. In addition to WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, the Republicans add COMPROMISE IS WEAKNESS, COOPERATION IS EVIL, GREED IS GOOD, LIBERALISM IS COMMUNISM IS SOCIALSISM IS FASCISM, and VICTORY IS EVERYTHING.
What great leaders the Republicans are. HAIL BIG BROTHER. HAIL BIG BROTHER.

Lisa D.
Lisa D'Ambrosio5 years ago

Compromise? They call this compromise? Mature, intelligent adults compromise. They do what's best and necessary to do. The Republicans are acting extremely stubborn, pigheaded and childish.

Sound Mind
Ronald E.5 years ago

Paul B, your problem is Obama is too intelligent for you to understand. A lot of us have that problem but eventually the lights come on and we understand his prior seemingly anti-constituent actions. I get mad at him all the time - until I understand his strategy and tactics. Just let the Despiclicans paint themselves in a corner and quietly assume control back in the White House. Seems to have worked every time, but I will never forgive him for allowing the bailout for the Wall Street criminal masterminds.

Sound Mind
Ronald E.5 years ago

Cantor is a bleeping idiot. Guess who he represents!

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Michael M... the government takes in approximately $290 billion per month in taxes. If you totalled all the required payments for debt service, SS medicare, military, even a lot of the other social programs and government employees, there would still be about $26 billion left over... per month. WE WILL NOT DEFAULT ON OUR DEBTS.

Everytime the government has "shut-down" social security payments have always been made from money coming to cover the $11-13 billion per month in payments to the elderly. For Obama to use the "scare old people" tactics is very low class, cheap and uncalled for. Just another lie for political purposes to scare the poplulation into believing he is the only one to save them from the evil rich people. He should be ashamed for doing that... but of course his narcissism would never allow him to feel guilt for any of those tactics he uses.

Americans are wising up to his tactics as evidenced by his falling poll numbers in almost every area except his celebrity "popularity" status. He sure can read a TOTUS like a star. Other than that he is pure platitudes.

Where is his "plan." All he does is bash any plan presented but has yet to give one of his own. All he does is ask for more money to spend, like a spoiled child who is having his credit card taken away.