Morning Mix: Santorum’s Crusade Heats Up

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has apparently abandoned his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination and is instead campaigning for theocrat-in-chief. Santorum continues to attack the Obama administration for its oppression of religious liberty rights by enforcing civil rights laws and on Saturday suggested the President’s faith is not “based in the Bible.”

Well, it had been a while since someone suggested that President Obama was a secret Muslim, so I guess we were due, huh?

Oh, and apparently he believes Protestants have some explaining to do also.

Arizona continues to be a hot mess. Paul Babeu, a rising Republican star and anti-immigrant Sheriff faces allegations that he threatened his undocumented immigrant boyfriend with deportation when they broke up.

And because it is impossible for Mitt Romney to get good news these days, Babeu just so happened to be leading his Arizona campaign.

Another Arizona Republican made news by telling reporters she wanted to kick Santorum “in the jimmy” after his remarks that women shouldn’t be in combat. Martha McSally is a retired Air Force colonel and combat veteran running for the seat recently vacated by Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

After a long week of attacks on women’s reproductive health who do you think gets booked for the Sunday talk shows? Men. Of course.

We can expect more of the same in the short term. There’s too much improving economic news and spring is around the corner. All Republicans have left is the culture war.

Photo from Joelk75 via flickr.


Myron Scott
Myron Scott4 years ago

Eugene: Sorry I didn't see your last comment earlier. Page got boring some time ago; always a risk where threadsnatchers abound. Anyway, Noonan of course is a pioneer of wedge politics.
Her characterization of Obama's Birth Control Rule is itself a big lie. I'll grant that the Santorum and the Conference of Catholic Bishops may honestly believe that their rejection of Obama's compromise is about religious freedom, but it is not. It is about their absolutist position, at odds with the separation of powers clause, that any religiously based objection to a law of general applicability is grounds for refusal to obey the law. It is about their demand that such a secular law be narrowly tailored to fit their particular doctrinal bias. It is about refusing options to which they object to others - their employees - who may not share in those objections, even when they are in no way obligated to endorse or pay for such options,
It is about as anti everybody else's freedom of conscience as one can get.

Richard B.
Richard B4 years ago

Jesus didn't like sex? What about the triumvirate, the threesome made up of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

Eugene Windchy
Eugene Windchy4 years ago

Pat. Peggy Noonan wrote this for today's Wall Street Journal:

For almost a year Rick Santorum was made of Teflon. No one bothered to attack him, he's a nothingburger at 4%, just be nice in preparation for the inevitable moment when he takes the stage and endorses you with an awkward man-hug. Now he's Velcro, and trapped in a web laid by the administration's claim that the furor over the ObamaCare mandate isn't about religious freedom and abortion drugs, it's about crazy people trying to take away your contraceptives. This is as big a lie as you can tell in politics, and a deeply mischievous one: It not only muddies the waters but adds a new layer of meaningless alarm to the political landscape.

But big lies can do damage unless deftly dealt with. And the mainstream media will help this particular lie along, not only because they're carrying water and not only because they really do think Republicans are crazy on these issues and like to sit around having secret talks on ways to get CVS not to sell condoms, but because contraceptive use is an issue they can understand. What an abortifacient is and why it is unconstitutional to force the Catholic Church to ensure their provision is not something they really want to delve into. They don't only have biases, they are, some of them, quite stupid.

Pat B.
Pat Bowie4 years ago

Eugene, Well put, thank you -- although I don't know about the ill-educated reference. However, I am concerned about the large number of poorly-thought-out or uninformed responses to Care2 site topics. They are trivializing what can be an excellent forum for debating/highlighting important issues, and events that touch our hearts. Pat

Eugene Windchy
Eugene Windchy4 years ago

This discussion is completely silly because the Republicans, including Santorum, have no intention to eliminate birth control. At issue is whether Catholic organizations should have to pay for birth control.

Jessica thinks it's a "civil right" for women to get free pills from Catholic organizations. That's a nutty idea. But Obama knows that freebies, however outrageous, will generate adoration in his ill-educated base.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

For CHRIST'S SAKE, can the Catholic Church stoop any LOWER? First they rape Altar Boys for 2,000 years and now THIS? What would JESUS say? Even JESUS didn't like SEX!

david weitendorf
david weitendorf4 years ago

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david weitendorf
david weitendorf4 years ago

david weitendorf
david weitendorf4 years ago

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david weitendorf
david weitendorf4 years ago

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