Morning Mix: Wake Me When The Election Is Over

It seems like this presidential election has been going on forever, and we haven’t even started voting for a Republican candidate yet.† Are you totally exhausted with the campaign season already?† If so, you’re not alone.

Gallup polled voters and learned that 70 percent are already sick of the election.† Yes, the one that hasn’t really even officially began. “With the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses serving as the kickoff of voting in the 2012 presidential election campaign, Americans would likely prefer to fast-forward to the end of the campaign than watch it unfold. Given a choice, 70% of Americans say they can’t wait for the campaign to be over, while 26% can’t wait for it to begin.”

As the Washington Post points out, we don’t know how this compares to the last presidential election — whether people were just as tired of it before it even started or not.† I know I didn’t have election fatigue yet, but maybe that was me being enthused about my candidate choices.

If that held true this election, there would likely be a difference in party regarding wanting the election to be over, but oddly enough, there’s not. “As for Republicans and Democrats, thereís finally some bipartisan agreement on an issue: 67 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans canít wait for the 2012 presidential campaign to be over. Just 31 percent of Republicans are looking forward to its kickoff, and only 27 percent of Democrats say they feel the same.

So what’s turning everyone off so early this year? “Whatís behind the distaste? The growing length of campaign season means that voters are bombarded with more advertisements and requests for donations. Another factor, according to Gallup, could be the publicís general dislike of politicians and negative ads, which tend to turn people off.”

Just 17 days until the Iowa caucus.


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Chad A.
Chad Anderson4 years ago

Why can't the US have limited campaign periods, public financing, universal registration, and incentives and holiday voting. Couple this with mandatory public forums, get rid of the national convention coverage, have rotating regional primaries, and we might have a better shot at an interested and engaged electorate instead of "Survivor" debates being the only real engagement in the process at this point. How many ways can the Republicans all agree that they adore Reagan while rejecting his actual record?

Helen Allard
Helen A.4 years ago

I do believe that this is going to make history being the worst presidentail election ever...

Helen Allard
Helen A.4 years ago

I tried to put this link on another post and don't know what happened so I'm trying again,

see how you like it..

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Cathryn C. You are right, and Alan A. is wrong.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Elizabeth K. I like your post. I will add my wish:

The tea party Senate and Congress should lower their wages to the average wage of the American workers. Stop taking any Government insurance or pensions.

One more... Pass the American Jobs Act, just extend the unemployment benefits, lower taxes on the middle class, and raise taxes on the top 1%.. . the not creating jobs 1%.

Patrick F.
Patrick f.4 years ago

I have my own Christmas wish list and it has only one item.

1. For people to actually start thinking with their brain instead of whatever other part they think with now or their ego, their false pride, their arrogance, etc.

Good luck Santa!

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons4 years ago

I am sick of it too. I am still waiting for a third fourth or fifth party I can actually stomach voting for.

peggy p.
peggy p.4 years ago

i don't read those comments either dotti....

Christian governments are as frank today, as open and above-board, in discussing projects for raiding each other's clothes-lines as ever they were before the Golden Rule came smiling into this inhospitable world and couldn't get a night's lodging anywhere.
- Following the Equator, mark twain

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L.4 years ago

To Dianna B. I have asked you several times not to shout. I will just pass your comments right on by, because it hurts my eyes. Other people have made the same request. Maybe you just don't care what proper etiquette is???

Ron Berti
Ron B.4 years ago

A majority of people may indeed be turned off by negative political ads, but they are still influenced by them. We are still being bombarded with negative ads because, unfortunately, they work. Too many people are being taken in by Joseph Goebbels' mantra of make sure the lie is big enough and repeat it often enough and people will believe it.