Morning Mix: Your State Of The Union Recap


The United States economy is Built To Last. That was the theme of the President’s State of the Union address that set the stage for a year of battles that will be framed with a do-nothing Congress and a growing public discontent at the divisions of wealth and benefits in this country.

The President was tough when he needed to be, with a big announcement of the creation of a prosecution and investigation team headed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to go after financial and mortgage fraud. And just in case the magnitude of the appointment gets lost in the coverage, let me assure you that the cut-away shot had Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner looking very uncomfortable.

The President also challenged Congress to pass DREAM Act legislation, ban congressional insider trading and deal with the mess of Citizens United in the form of real and meaningful disclosure laws.

But he also put forward a mixed message on domestic energy development and education reform, showing that while he can be a populist on certain economic issues, he is primarily a pragmatist, particularly on environmental ones.

The President made special mention of Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) who retires from Congress to focus on her continued recovery from an attempted assassination attempt. Giffords has come to symbolize a bi-partisan co-operation that seems largely impossible now in Washington. But the President made sure to invoke the possibility as he set the tone of a need to work toward a better future for all Americans.

Proving they can’t coordinate much of anything, multiple Republicans offered multiple responses to the President’s vision. Mitt Romney’s timing was all off. He offered a pre-buttal, accusing the President of continuing to divide the country by refusing to just sit back and take the filibuster without complaint like President Obama had done in the first portion of his presidency. The Tea Party response by Herman Cain got snubbed by the mainstream media with Fox News, MSNBC and CNN deciding not to air the 7-minute address, forcing it online instead.

The “official” Republican response to the President’s State of the Union painted a picture of the United States that would make the robber barons proud. America, said Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, is a nation of haves and soon to haves that needs to be free from the oppressive hand of the nanny state. Oh, and he promised a comprehensive Republican plan to address the deficit. Let’s all remember that, okay. The President’s budget is due out on February 13th, so the GOP has a little less than a month to pull something together.

And this State of the Union was not entirely without fabricated drama. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo), most famous for calling the President a “tar baby” decided to sit out the State of the Union as a protest to the appointments of heads to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations, as well as the President’s actions on the Keystone pipeline.  As always, the Republicans in the House of Representatives keep it classy.

The speech set clear lines of policy difference between the President’s agenda and Republicans. Let’s see how the GOP hopefuls respond on the campaign trail.


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Eternal Gardener4 years ago


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Linda L.4 years ago


michail azarniyouch

at this point ot time any third parti candidate would benefit the nay sayers and repugnics and therefore should be considered high treason and sell-out.

michail azarniyouch

Any good news about the economy will make this year's electioneering more civil, Yay!!!

michail azarniyouch

If the last three years have proven anything, it is that supply-side economics has it completely backward. When wealthy people have money to spare, they do not hire employees. Corporations are sitting on mountains of cash, but as their stockpiles grow and grow, little effect is seen on employment rates.
Only when demand rises is there an incentive to increase manpower and production. Consumers are the true job creators.

michail azarniyouch

middle class people need their taxes lowered to create more demand, hence more jobs. Rich people have had their taxes lowered when Bush came into office a decade ago and unemployment steady increased through the decade

michail azarniyouch

Darn that economy!!! It just might continue to grow and the Obama-bashers will have a harder and harder time figuring out ways to somehow say it wasn't because of him. Would they all be saying the same things if a Republican was in the White House? I think we all know the answer to that question...

michail azarniyouch

Unfortunately, the GOP has been hijacked. The payroll tax cut may expire, as noted in the above article, yet when the Bush tax cuts(for the rich) were on the line the GOP fought vehemently for the JOB CREATORS(WHAT A JOKE). The GOP has given many the false illusion that thier way is the way to prosperity

michail azarniyouch

We tried deregulation, low taxes on the rich, tax incentives and wars, they only caused problems for the 99%. Clinton was most conservative Democrat ever and we ended up with a surplus,Obama is even more conservative comparatively,the GOP won't to admit it, but we've got a tea party controlled GOP bent on austerity for the working class and a blue dog democrats persuing what used to be GOP ideals. The GOP has fallen off the edge and now there is only one way to go for the working person, OBAMA. He will CHANGE, as promiced, and give the 99% HOPE. Its the only HOPE for the 99% of us that work a daily job.

michail azarniyouch

Growth will not excelerate if republicans regain the White House, matter of fact,(in my opinion) it will decelerate, until they start a war with Iran or someone else. Most of us have need a break from wars, but not the GOP, thats how they're friends make the big $,( and give it back to them). Most of us just want to be able to provide for ourselves and our families in a comfortable fashion, and attain some semblance of the American Dream, without war or drama.