NASA Cancels Radiation Experiments on Monkeys

It was an outrage.  NASA was planning on reviving an old experiment on squirrel monkeys.  They were to be given harmful amounts of radiation and then forced to live the life of a laboratory animal — caged for years — and endure countless experiments.

The reason given was to test the effects of radiation on astronauts.  Experiments to measure brain damage, loss of motor control, cataracts, and cancerous tumors were expected to result in early death.

The obvious question that needed to be asked was: why? 

What sort of information would these experiments give NASA regarding radiation exposure to astronauts in space?  The same tests had been done years before.  The results already gave enough scientific proof that radiation is dangerous.

So many people protested that NASA has quietly abandoned the experiments.  PETA, HSUS and a multitude of individuals wrote, called, signed petitions and spread the word.  There is power in numbers and NASA’s removal of primate research at Brookhaven National Laboratory is proof of that power.

Aside from the numerous celebrities that protested – Sir Paul McCartney, Alicia Silverstone, Bob Barker – a NASA engineer, April Evans, resigned over it.  She recognized the futility and stood up for her beliefs.

Thanks to the many who took action, NASA has cancelled these useless experiments.  At least eighteen squirrel monkeys are safe for the time being.

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Photo credit: New Jersey Birds via flickr


Nino U.
Nino U5 years ago


Sue Vogt
Sue Vogt5 years ago

Great news, should be more of stopping using animals for any experiments.

Joice S.
Joice Santos5 years ago


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Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo5 years ago

Good news!

Robert Negut
Robert Negut5 years ago

Who are the 2% (right now)?

Jennifer E.
Jennifer E5 years ago

Does this mean they'll be 'replacing' the primates with dogs or mice or some other animal victims? Sorry to be pessimistic but it seems too good to be true.

Gabriela B.
Gabriela B5 years ago

Great news!

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare5 years ago

I wish i can green star every single care2er because-once again-they did it :'D
May God reward you greatly and guide you to always do the right thing. *cyber hug*