NBC Reporting Elena Kagan is Obama’s Supreme Court Pick

U.S. Solicitor General, Elena Kagan, is reportedly President Obama’s nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, according to NBC.  Kagan, a former law professor and Dean of the Harvard Law School, is considered a strong leader and concensus builder.  She has not served as a judge previously and consequently has less of a record on legal issues than a typical Supreme Court candidate being elevated from one of the lower courts.

Marc Seltzer and Jessica Pieklo discuss Kagan’s resume and how her nomination is likely to be received by the Left and Right in a podcast conversation:  Redefining America:  Constitution and Leadership 2010 –  A Kagan Nomination to the Supreme Court

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Inez Deborah Altar

Maybe constitutional change will not be so good. Kagan is a form of writing "Cohen" ("priest" in Hebrew) assimilated to the Central Asian Qagan which is a ruler´s title (like the Mongol Qahan).

Sue D.
Susan L.6 years ago

Scarlett P - You MUST be kidding! You only show that you don't check anything that your Idols tell you! (God says you should have no IDOLS before HIM) You are simply a follower of some religious leader or whatever it is that makes you believe what you are too blind to look up yourself. If you don't know by now that Obama is NOT Muslim, then you will never be taken seriously.
If you really want to EVER be taken seriously, then you must show some common sense, check your information (from non-bias sources) before you make statements that have already been proven wrong. Come up with some MEANINGFUL arguments that you can at least defend with some kind of proof.

Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

OMGosh this country was built on the Constitution!!! But then again... why would a muslim President want anyone who believed in it???

Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

She has no experience.... None... Like I said... Just another Obama puppet... I don't understand how she can be supported... But again... It's demorats... blind leading the blind...

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.6 years ago

I don't know.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba6 years ago

Congrats to Kagan.

Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

What bothers me is the fact Obama said "she is my friend"... so I feel anything he wants... She will try and make sure it passes for him.... She is not a lawyer, never tried a case, she is someone he can mold to what he wants.... LOL... but then again he is only a one term president.... So....

johan l.
paul l.6 years ago

Great, Elena Kagan. More power to your elbow!

manyfeathers u.
manyfeathers u.6 years ago

Why would you want to change the Constitution? Those laws protect us from too much government. I love my freedom, I don't want to be ruled by the elites in Government. They suck!

Sue D.
Susan L.6 years ago

Well, Janice C. - I suppose you prefer the current majority of the court that prefer to re-write the Constitution by their rulings? I don't !

I stand by what I said and will again commend Marilyn L. for her comment:

"What better than to have a constitutional law professor as a Justice? This woman's whole adult life has been about the law, as a professor, lawyer, Solicitor General, adviser and consultant. She is more qualified than some sitting on the court. And perhaps, just perhaps you don't know her views on many things because she knows the law is not about her views, but about the Constitution."