New Ads, New Attacks As New York Special Election Looms

The New York District 26th district special election is less than two weeks away, and the outside groups are coming in to add their own firepower to each candidate. 

Well, at least they are to the two main party candidates.

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced a $265,000 ad buy on behalf of Republican candidate Jane Corwin, who was previously expected to easily win this conservative district.  The NRCC ad buy pales in comparison to the amount of personal money Corwin continues to pour into the campaign — now at nearly $2 million.

Tea Party candidate Jack Davis, who is being viewed as a spoiler by many in the race, has also provided about $2 million of his own money to finance his campaign.

Davis, who appears to be drawing primarily from voters that would typically support Corwin, is being attacked by Republicans who state he is actually a Democrat.  The Daily Caller has reported that a firm Davis works with usually caters to Democratic campaigns, and the Tea Party Express is showing up to support Corwin, trying to woo other Tea Partiers away from Davis.

Meanwhile, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is also putting an ad buy into the race, attacking both Corwin and Davis on their support for cutting benefits for seniors.


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Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

Patricia S. = Troll

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander5 years ago

I hope KATHY HOCHUL wins!!!! I do not live in New York but I do hope the people wake up and see what the GOP and the tea party is doing to our country.

Patricia S.
Pat S5 years ago

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Patricia S.
Pat S5 years ago

Go, Jane Corwin! New York needs you.

Susanne R.
Susanne R5 years ago

As a NYS resident, will be voting in this election, and KATHY HOCHUL is head and shoulders above her two opponents. Even though Corwin comes from a wealthy family and has millions of dollars to finance her campaign, I find it frighteningly suspect that Karl Rove is drumming up all kinds of support for her, including massive funding. It's also frightening that she has the support of Tea Party Express. Kathy Hochul has a proven success record, and her education, credentials and experience speak for themselves. This is a no brainer (and I'm not necessarily making reference to the capabilities of her contenders). To any New Yorkers out there: please take the time to vote. And please consider voting for Kathy Hochul. She's not a pawn of big business --and that's what NYS needs!

James D.
James D5 years ago

"Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-squar­e for the American home--but not for housing. They are strong for labor--but they are stronger for restrictin­g labor's rights. They favor minimum wage--the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educationa­l opportunit­y for all--but they won't spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine--for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing--­but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think American standard of living is a fine thing--so long as it doesn't spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it."- Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States (1945–1953)

As we can clearly see, nothing has really changed in all these years.

Vote Progressive!

Sound Mind
Ronald E5 years ago

Devaron N does cut to the quick. I'd like to add: anything said on Fantasy Faux is a lie.

D. M.
dawn mey5 years ago

Did my last comment get off the subject? Well, maybe not but anyway - NO MORE GOP/Tea Party/Rep/Right Wing - let's get our country back to and for THE PEOPLE - corruption has been a part of politics forever - let's make some changes to that. Let's stop the corporations from treating people like machines and start taking back our democracy. Corporations are greedy and power hungry - it's time to stop them and go back to more small businesses who employ PEOPLE to do a job for a fair wage and not treat people with disdain and take advantage of them.

Time to get people in political office who care for democracy and the rights of people - someone with compassion, ethics, and honesty ---- and someone who refuses to throw people under the bus for greed lining their own pockets.

D. M.
dawn mey5 years ago

With all that's going on in America in politics and screwing the American people I am amazed that anyone would be ignorant enough to still vote tea party or republican - but there are so many people who don't know what's going on since MSM refuses to report the truth - or even report the news!!! It's time to let MainStream Media know that if that don't start giving people nonbiased news, and if they don't start reporting all the important news YOU will stop watching them. I have stopped!

Anyone know what's going on in WI with the Supreme Court recount? NO? Not surprised! go on facebook page Election Integrity and it will blow your mind. Heard anything about it on the news?? Doubt it, not even on the liberal news - what are they afraid of reporting - election fraud is going on all over America, it's just being documented in WI right now on facebook but not the MSM. Will this be allowed to continue or will people FINALLY say ENOUGH ALREADY and force action to stop it and prosecute those guilty?!?!?!?!?

Suzen R.
Suzen R5 years ago

The GOP makes me sick!