New Documentary Delves Deep into the Animal World

When we heard about Katie Cleary’s upcoming documentary Give Me Shelter, we knew we had to share with the Care2 community! The film, which will be finished in May, covers a wide range of topics, from abandoned animals in shelters and puppy mills to orangutans dying in Indonesia due to deforestation.

The documentary also highlights the amazing work of people who dedicate their lives to liberating animals and creating a more compassionate world for us all.

Supermodel Katie Cleary previously worked with Care2 on a campaign to get the Kardashians to stop using fur in their clothing line.

Watch the trailer for Give Me Shelter:


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Elisa F.
Elisa F2 years ago

So true! Thank you for sharing.

Fi T.
Fi T3 years ago

It's important to understand others' point of view

linda s.
Past Member 3 years ago

Excellent. I only wish more people would become aware and involved!

Teri P.
Teri P3 years ago

What an important message this is!

Valerie A.
Valerie A3 years ago


Chris W.
Chris W3 years ago


Chris W.
Chris W3 years ago


Chris W.
Chris W3 years ago


Chris W.
Chris W3 years ago


codruta Onaga
Codruta Onaga3 years ago

Can't wait to see it and share it. So many people ignore all these facts and so many are not educated. I wish more public figures would be more involved in protecting animals and educate people thru the media.