New Life for the Blind Husky That No One Wanted

Written by Lori Whitney of Pennsylvania

Dante was born two years ago to a pair of siberian huskies. He was the last born and the breeder had to pull him out of the birth canal and revive him. He was three times smaller than any of the other pups, blind, had an overbite, and his skeleton did not look quite right. We received a call from our friends as they knew we had been wanting a husky pup, and they told us to come look. No one wanted the funny looking pup who kept running into things, so we took him. We took him knowing full well that he may not live a normal life, but hoping we could make his life as full as possible.

He had his first vet visit at five weeks old so we could see what all was wrong with him. The vet told us that he was fully blind and should be put down because he was going to die in a couple of years anyway. Needless to say, we did NOT follow his advice. Several days ago, Dante started limping on his right back leg. We contacted my friend who offered up her vet as we don’t have any good vets around us. The vet discovered that he had torn his crutiate ligament trying to bear all his weight on his right side as his left front elbow did not form right in the womb and is full of arthritis. This is not an injury from being too active; it is from trying to relieve pain. Trust me, we feel so guilty about not getting him in sooner, but he did not show signs of pain.

The good news is that his hips look great and as long as we get him the TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteomy) surgery, his life expectancy will be normal. The surgery has to be done at a specialist and will cost us $2,500 and we are trying to raise funds to pay for it.  See Sweet Photos of Dante


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Judie B.
Judie Babout a year ago

My sister has a dog that broke her leg in a freak accident as a puppy. The vet told her to euthanize the dog. Instead, my sister took her to another vet who set the break. Today, the dog is happy, healthy, and doesn't even limp. Like doctors, 50% of all vets graduated in the bottom half of their class. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion!

nicky m.
nicky mabout a year ago

I am so sorry that I cannot help you with money for the vets fees for the operation, but I am flat out trying to find money to care for my thirteen cats as it is. Please don't feel guilty for not realising the problem earlier as sometimes animals have things wrong with them for a long time before the symptoms show. I mean, they can't use words to tell you, so sometimes you have to rely on them limping, or looking sick to know they are in trouble. You were so kind to take on that needy little puppy. Huskies are just SO incredibly WONDERFUL aren't they? I have always wanted ones, but the strays that come to my door have nearly always been Heinz 57s!

Saeeda M.
Saeeda Makhlooqabout a year ago

Good for igorning the vet who said puts puppy to sleep. Hope all is well now with husky.

S Gardner
sandy Gardnerabout a year ago

There is a place for everyone and every dog on earth!

Genesis Merano
Genesis Meranoabout a year ago

Faith in humanity restored. Thank you for having Dante in your lives, for giving him the opportunity to live the good life.

Ake Lindberg
Ake Lindberg1 years ago


Tony L.
Away L1 years ago

It's great to read about such caring people... I'm sure that the dog will have paid back in oodles of affection.

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson1 years ago

Thank you for not giving up on him! A blind animal is just as able to give unconditional love as one with sight!

Pablo B.
.1 years ago

That cutest thing! That is solidarity between species.

Lawrence Dsouza
Lawrence D1 years ago

Thanks for the kindness spread.