New Reality Show Hopes To Shame Women Over Abortion

Anti-choice activists have long used stories of “abortion regret” in their attempts to pressure women out of obtaining an abortion. The idea had been to try to appeal to women through a sense of guilt. But with a majority of Americans supportive of abortion rights, and women needing and accessing abortion care despite these efforts, anti-choice activists have decided to switch tactics to outright shaming them.

“Surrender the Secret” is a new reality show that will “follow five women on their journey together to…healing and self forgiveness.” The show will debut in January on the Christian Internet television network KnockTv, so mercifully we won’t all be subjected to it.  But the show’s producers are absolutely clear their goal with the show is simple.

“There’s a new trend among abortion proponents — convince the world that abortion is not shameful. Convince post-abortive women that any guilt they may feel is unfounded. Convince post-abortive women who have kept their abortion a secret that they should shout about it from the rooftops with pride,” says Live Action News’ Nancy Flanders. “Post-abortive women do need to talk about their choice. However, they don’t need to be and shouldn’t pretend to be proud of it.”

Since one in three women will need an abortion in their lives, that’s a lot of shaming to do.

Naturally the show is set to debut on January 22, 2013, which so happens to be the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And this sets a clear tone for how the right will fight the next 40 years of abortion rights. The facade of concern and compassion for women facing the need to abort is officially gone. Up to this point only the most radical of the anti-choice movement Operation Rescue openly embraced the idea of publicly shaming women who had abortions in the name of “life.”

Of course the idea of publicly shaming women for having sex is nothing new. After all, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter, a piece of historical fiction about this very practice in 1850. The medium may change, but the story does not.


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Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

Janet T.,

The argument you present should have no bearing on any law which makes it legal or illegal to kill someone. Zero. You describe yourself as "very liberal." Does that also make you stupid? I don't think it does. Maybe I'm wrong.

Because how hard is it to understand a concept regarding a law to protect people from being KILLED.

Otherwise you are an advocate that anybody should be able to kill anyone who is "unwanted" whether they are inside or outside of the womb.

So let's say your sister was keeping your mother because she was elderly - and ill. Finally, your mother became such a burden on your sister that your sister decided it was time for your mother to go so therefore your sister simply killed your mother. Isn't that fair? Because that's what your argument is proposing.

Many out there today say that your mother is simply a "parasite" on your sister. Your sister gets NO benefit from taking care of your mother. And so because nobody set up an elderly adoption agency next door to your sister therefore your sister should have every right to kill your mother to rid herself of the burden of this parasite.

Can't you understand that this is the argument you are presenting?


janet T.
janet t.3 years ago

If all these PRO-LIFERS really wanted to save babies they would set up adoption agencies right next door to every Planned Parenthood in the country. You notice they do not spend their money on ads such as "let us adopt your child". And there are so-called pro-lifers who do not have children and have never adopted any also. Patrick Buchanan is a prime example. Yet he campaigns and speaks for laws to force other people. It all comes down to something televangelist Pat Robertson said "all those white babies being aborted". They just are worried about being a minority themselves some day.

Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

I see your profile says you have one child Heather. Do you love her? Him?

You could have killed her or him if you had only wanted to. You could have easily and completed snuffed out their entire existence. All the love you have for that child would have been lost. And for what? A choice? So that you could "do as you please" and not have anybody else in your business?

You could have killed them - legally.

I'm glad you didn't. I'm sure they are too Heather.

But what about the others.........

Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

Heather G.,

334,000 human beings who were killed ( in one year alone ) - would disagree with you.

If you are trying to sell the idea that planned parenthood is biased away from abortions then, my goodness, I'd hate to see the numbers of dead human beings if they were biased towards abortion.

Don't you agree?

Also, are you a parent Heather? If so I'd like you to do me a favor. Go look at your child or children whether one or all and tell yourself that it was good that it was legal for you to have killed them in the womb if you had wanted to.

I want you to look at them really hard. Sit and ponder that. It was perfectly legal for you to have killed any or all of them.

Is that not the least bit sobering Heather?

Heather G.
Heather G.3 years ago

Your double standards are showing, Pat. If you look at real research you would see that Planned Parenthood is biased toward providing contraception and testing and treating STDs. Sexual heath care for women and men is not evil.

Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

That should have been..." adoption help "

Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

Hello Heather,

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Pregnancy Support Centers are where they can go to get help or referrals to any "MEDICAL advice or PRENATAL care."

I would be glad to post any numbers regarding Planned Parenthood that you want me to if they are available. But whatever numbers we post about Planned Parenthood doesn't matter because in the end it is clear that planned parenthood is PRO-ABORTION. When they've only referred out 2300 people to aboption help vs. having killed 334,000 human beings then it is abundantly clear that there is an overwhelmingly dark bias towards abortion.

Likewise, the Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Pregnancy Support Centers have never once performed an abortion and their overwhelming bias is on the side of life. And this was my point in posting what I did. It is important for women out there to know what they're dealing with and, even though it is legal, I was advocating that they at least hear both sides before going through with killing the child. Being legal doesn't make abortion right nor without the potential for INTENSE REGRET.

Heather G.
Heather G.3 years ago

Pat P, only providing the numbers that support your opinion is NOT being honest. How many women overall went to Planned Parenthood in 2011? What percentage of them got abortions? And how many women did they refer to obstetricians?? But you won't tell us any of those numbers because any one of them would be proof against your claims.

Also, if a woman is seeking MEDICAL advice or PRENATAL care she should go to a clinic or doctor's office not some "crises pregnancy center."

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey3 years ago


Pat Patton
Pat Patton3 years ago

Any young woman reading this article should know that Planned Parenthood will not give you "CHOICE." They will overwhelmingly advocate that you kill your child. Let's just be honest about it.

In 2011 Planned Parenthood reported having killed 333,964 babies. Yet they only referred 2300 women for adoption help.

So do yourself a favor if you plan on going to such an evil place as Planned Parenthood. At least do a google search and enter "Crisis Pregnancy Center" along with your city name or enter "Pregnancy Support Center" along with your city name and, please, at least go hear the "other" side of your decision on whether or not to end the life of your baby.

I say don't even go to planned parenthood at all but if you're going to - again - at least listen to the advice from the people on the other side too. That way you will not make a decision that you will regret the rest of your life.