North Carolina GOP Files Arizona-Style ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Bill

Written by Rebecca Leber

Four North Carolina House Republicans filed a bill on Wednesday that notably introduces the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s anti-immigration law. Under the bill, H.B. 786, police can check the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest and detain them for “reasonable suspicion.” The bill also makes it easier for police to seize immigrants’ vehicles. Furthermore, it would require a detained undocumented immigrant to pay the costs of his or her arrest, while making bail more difficult.

The bill does provide driver’s permits to undocumented immigrants if they lived in the state for one year. However, these licenses follow the controversial design North Carolina attempted to issue to DREAMers, which mark them from the rest of the state’s population: Undocumented immigrants would receive a vertical license, instead of the standard horizontal one, and they would carry a thumbprint.

Since Arizona enacted SB 1070, the state has suffered economically, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in productivity, tourism, and new business. North Carolina, home to 325,000 undocumented immigrants, also has a growing number of immigrant citizens who comprise 10 percent of the state’s workforce.

Lately, North Carolina Republicans have made the state the Tea Party’s ground zero with bills that suppress minority votes, create a state-sponsored religion, and shut down abortion clinics.

This post was originally published by ThinkProgress.


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Barbara Mathes
Barbara Mathes3 years ago

If you love this country you should carry your papers Otherwise get out we don't need anymore illegals here

Walter G.
Walter G3 years ago

If a law is wrong, it should not be ignored, or unenforced, it should be ammended or abolished.

Lydia Weissmuller Price

The law requires everyone to carry ID and present it when requested. You could be arrested if you go for a walk and leave your purse or wallet at home. Ridiculous. It's Nazism.

Sharon Tyson
sharon Tyson3 years ago

I live in NC and I am ashamed of our legislature. These bills do not solve problems. They only fuel hate and fear. We have industries in this state that are happy to hire undocumented workers and pay them poorly. We use these people for our own advantage and blame them for our ills. It is time for sensible laws that don't violate human rights. Americans can do better. We are a country of immigrants.

Erika B.
Erika B3 years ago

ALAN L......I would love to VOTE YOU to a country with no rules

Erika B.
Erika B3 years ago

First, there is a federal law that requires non-citizens to carry ID papers......many of the problems we're having today with so many who entered illegally is that they feel they have the right to do so....and then that we are obligated to just hand over whatever they want. I am a legal immigrant, who waited 3 three to come, along with my family...and many of my friends were all legal immigrants who applied in their own countries....AND WAITED IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES...and back then we had to be sponsored by a citizen family who was responsible to care for us so that we were not a burden to others. My husband and his family waited 13 yrs....they too had to be sponsored. This country has a quota system and can only take so many people in legally a year.....but what is going on is an INVASION.....and it has to STOP!!! STOP CATERING TO THOSE WHO CROSS OUR BORDERS ILLEGALLY. AND STOP PROVIDING THEM SERVICES....THEY WILL THEN STOP COMING ON THEIR OWN.....THEY COME CUZ WE KEEP GIVING THEM STUFF.

Brian F.
Brian F3 years ago

Given citizenship to people who illegally came to this country is a slap in the face go those who came in legally like the one million who do so every year. Please do not justify illegal immigration by saying those who are already here have the right to citizenship even though that broke the law and came in the wrong way.

Brian F.
Brian F3 years ago

I am completely sickened by the comments here. We are just finding excuses to justify illegal immigration. People who came here illegally have no right to March in Washington DC and demand citizenship. They need to go to their home countries and apply like the 1 million legal immigrants do who come here the right way.
Carole l and the rest of the pro amnesty crowd here please take a trip to ranches in the South Texas border area and see for yourself the overwhelming swarm of illegal immigrants flooding into our borders. Ranchers must be armed as they are getting murdered daily. You don't like the term swarm, but that's what it is. It's an invasion and you are playing the race card to justify it. The Arizona laws are not racial profiling and Mexico has enforced tougher laws for years and they are not being called racist.

Carole L.
Carole L3 years ago

Ernest R
“I think the Arizona requirement is absolutely necessary in a crucial situation when the state is swarming with illegal aliens”

interesting choice of words... “swarming”, do you see them as insects? You do realize that “aliens” are non-terrestrials and from a different planet. While immigrants are from earth. If you continue to 'see' them as “aliens” one might deduce you view dark skinned humans as non-humans.

When you were pulled over were you asked to prove your citizenship? This is racial profiling plain and simple.

Carole L.
Carole L3 years ago

Ernest R
“Undocumented “immigrants” [illegals] have jobs in the US. It is reported that they are preferred to citizens because they work harder and cheaper. They are not taking those jobs away from citizens who are not yet ready to submit to slave conditions, but they are contributing to the ratcheting down of decent wages while enabling high corporate profits.”

precisely why we need Unions.

Susan W
“I know of people who think First Nations people should "go away". We don't have anywhere to "go back to". This is where we are from.”

that's the problem with some Caucasians, they forget who was here first. My grandfather immigrated to US 1906. he landed in San Francisco the day after the quake. While I consider myself an American citizen I do not consider myself Native American.

Ernest R
“@ Carole L. “I don't have to show my state drivers license all the time” I don’t have to show mine all the time either but I always carry identification if it should be necessary."

true as do I for the same reasons. I can honestly attest that I have never been stopped for being out and about while sporting dark skin. And I’ll just bet you've never been pulled over for driving whilst brown either.