Norway’s Government “Naive” Says Le Pen, Far-Right French Politician


Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder and former leader of the right-wing National Front party (FN) in France, said on the party’s website that the “naïvete” of the Norwegian government was more troubling (“plus grave“) than the killing of 77 people last week by Anders Behring Breivik. Le Pen also said that Norway had failed  to understand the “extent of danger wide-scale immigration poses to the world” (“la mesure du danger mondial que représentent d’abord l’immigration massive”). According to the the French newspaper Le Monde, Le Pen’s remarks put in danger the National Front’s “strategy of respectability” (“la stratégie de ‘respectabilisation”‘) — a strategy initiated by the party’s current leader, Le Pen’s youngest daughter, Marine Le Pen.

Jean-Marie Le Pen also said that the killings were an “accident by one individual” (“cet accident d’un individu”).

Following last Friday’s attacks in Norway, Marine Le Pen had issued a statement on July 24:

“The National Front condemns these barbarian and cowardly acts and expresses its total solidarity with the people of Norway.

(“Le FN condamne ces actes barbares et lâches et exprime sa totale solidarité avec le peuple norvégien.”)

On July 23, the day after the bombing in Oslo and the massacre on the island of Utøya at a camp for young members of Norway’s ruling Labor party, Laurent Ozon, an officer of the FN, wrote on Twitter:

“Explain what happened in Oslo: explosion of immigration : (multiplied by six) between 1970 and 2009″ (“Expliquer le drame d’Oslo : explosion de l’immigration : (multipliée par six) entre 1970 et 2009.”)

“Explain what happened in Oslo: from 1970 to 2009, x 58 (multiplication by 58 of the number of) immigrants of African-Middle-Eastern origin”…Towards civil war?” (“Expliquer le drame d’Oslo : de 1970 à 2009, X58 (multiplication par cinquante-huit du nombre d’) immigrés d’origine afro-orientale (…). Vers la guerre civile ?”)

Marine Le Pen immediately responded that “Laurent Ozon has it wrong” (“Laurent Ozon fait fausse route”).

As Le Monde observes, this is the second time that Jean-Marie Le Pen has contested one of his daughter’s decisions.

In Oslo, Thorbjørn Jagland, the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize and a former prime minister of Norway, warned British Prime Minister David Cameron and other European leaders to take a more “cautious” approach when discussing multiculturalism.

Says the Guardian, referring specifically to Marine Le Pen:

Four months ago in Munich, Cameron declared that state multiculturalism had failed in Britain, a view immediately praised by Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP [British National Party], as “a further huge leap for our ideas into the political mainstream”. Marine Le Pen, vice-president of the far-right National Front party in France, also endorsed Cameron’s view of multiculturalism, claiming that it corroborated her own party’s line.

In addition, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said last October that multiculturalism has “utterly failed” in her country.

Referring to Breivik’s saying that he had been inspired by the right-wing English Defence League to target Norway’s center-left government, which had encouraged multiculturalism, Jagland emphasized that

“We have to be very careful how we are discussing these issues, what words are used.

“Political leaders have got to defend the fact that society has become more diverse. We have to defend the reality, otherwise we are going to get into a mess. I think political leaders have to send a clear message to embrace it and benefit from it.

“We should be very cautious now, we should not play with fire. Therefore I think the words we are using are very important because it can lead to much more.”

As an example of the latter, Jagland suggested using the word “diversity” instead of “multiculturalism” due to the different ways different groups understand the latter term. He also said that

“We also need to stop using ‘Islamic terrorism’, which indicates that terrorism is about Islam. We should be saying that terrorism is terrorism and not linked to religion.

In a ten-hour interrogation, Breivik has further stated that he had considered attacking other government targets, including the royal palace, and other member of the Labor party.

It might seem that Jagland’s suggestion to change the words used to discussion ethnic and national differences is mostly symbolic. But in light of the horrific tragedy last week in Norway, and the hateful sentiments expressed by right-wing politicians and movements in Europe and elsewhere, looking carefully at how topics such as immigration are talked about is a place to start.


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Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Haha, I was thinking National Front Party or FN but Vitchy is also correct!

Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

@ Patick F.; "what's French for Tea bagger?" "Vitchy!"

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

What's french for Tea bagger?

caterina caligiuri


Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

@Ameer T. "NO need to condemn Norway for not creating a poilce state." Not only do I not condemn Norway,I commend for not letting this terrible act be used as an excuse to destroy Democratic values.Here in the U.S.,as horrible as the 9/11 attacks were I've always been opposed to "The Patriot Act" as an example of going "haywire," and opening the door for government abuses against the rights of ordinary,law abiding citizens,

Ameer T.
Ameer T5 years ago

NO need to condemn Norway for not creating a police state. It was an unfortunate action we all agree. But lets not go haywire and start takign piss tests at the airports or stop people from immigrating to countries. a lot of immigrants are actually very educated people with masters adn PHD degrees. when someone immigrates to these countries the foriegn office scrutinises their entire record and history. It would seem from the article that the governments are irresponsibly letting in dangerous uneducated barbaric extremists into their countries without proper screening.

Dominic C.
Dominic C5 years ago

Le Pen is only expressing his views as a far right politician. And I am sure he is not only the worst. I think we never actually know how many neo-Nazis and Nationalists are out there and what constitutes them to form? But a simple rationality is we need to look at immigration policies, ethnic and religious identity and social welfare. In Europe, the society is mostly educated and moderate that some who thinks the Governments are brainwashed by the international community that they have no place to vent their frustration. Humanity does breed hatred because humanity tramples on grounds where some see that its unfair and to a certain extent discriminatory. Look Americans do not have to go very far...The South, almost every American I had come across are also hateful on the ways how Obama runs the Government. The first thing that comes to these people's minds are their jobs, welfare and economic are decimated by immigrants and Americans who support these attributes. I do not think we can run away from these people and who knows some of these can be our neighbours as well. The only way is perhaps we need to come to a middle, a compromise, otherwise this is never going to stop.

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H5 years ago

Religion is a hoax...............Religion is a crutch for those who wish to commit evil deeds

Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

I'm a non religious member of the Left who respects religious people as long as they respect my nonreligion.