Stopping Climate Change: It’s Our Call

We start 2010 at a crossroads. The bill slowdown in Senate and the weak targets and negotiations presented by the U.S. at Copenhagen no doubt hurt our chances for serious steps for a binding climate treaty from Copenhagen. We head into the New Year in uncharted waters, not knowing the full layout of a Senate climate bill, the EPA rulings, and where the U.S. can negotiate to get a fair and binding international treaty this year.

But, our voice is far from diminished and this is not over yet.  Last year, we compiled amazing numbers that showed the full extent of 1Sky’s voice and the voice of the climate movement. The rallies, phone calls, petitions, and letters to the editor from 1Sky supporters have added up to important steps towards getting us this far. Together, we continually called on our leaders for bold clean energy legislation. And now, we have to keep up that effort.

We’re starting 2010 with a bang! On Tuesday, January 12, we’re holding a national call-in day to flood Senate offices and ask them to pass a strong climate and energy bill—a bill that will lay the foundation for new jobs, a more stable economy, and a successful global agreement on climate that finishes the job our leaders (barely) began last December in Copenhagen. 1Sky and our allies have registered thousands of supporters to make calls on January 12, a first step in what will be the road to a clean energy future.

It takes five minutes to make two calls and tell your senators to take action this year. Sign up here to join our call-in day (don’t worry, if you miss our call-in day, you can still make your call this week).

The most critical issue for climate in the first few weeks of 2010 will be making sure the Senate votes down Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) amendment that would take away the ability to use the Clean Air Act to crack down on dirty coal plants. This use of the landmark Clean Air Act legislation, which even the conservative Supreme Court approved, is important because it gives us a way to fight back against dirty coal companies even if climate legislation fails in 2010 or is so watered down as to be ineffective. The Murkowski Amendment is expected to be up for a vote when the Senate returns next week. But this week, 1Sky activists will let the Senate know that there have already been too many giveaways to dirty coal and that the American people don’t want another bailout for an out-of-date industry.

I look forward to working with everyone in the climate movement this year to get the job done. 2009 may not have ended the way we would have liked, but for a strong climate bill, it’s far from over.

Gillian Caldwell


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Doctor V.
Doctor V.6 years ago

WE DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY for GEOEngineering and Climate manipulation that has been going on for years!!!

Are you aware that the government admits to the deployment of aerosolized particulates of known toxicity over America for training in military applications and other purposes? Geoengineering? Climate Control?


HAARP and Beyond - Dr. Nick Begich VERY INFORMATIVE...

Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP

"I can’ t believe that people spend time on the internet arguing about “contrails versus
chemtrails” when this has been going on openly for decades. Call it what you want, the
military has been spraying us without our permission for generations."
the full article -

See the "Contrails in the Media" section near the bottom of the page... KNBC 4 in LA, the Weather Channel, PBS

Signs of toxic chemicals used to Modify Climate showing up in drinking water??? Hmmm... on KNBC 4, LA and KTVU 2, SF Bay area...

Monica D.
M D.6 years ago

Noted, thank you. The voices calling for addressing climate change are strong. Unfortunately so are the voices caling for the status quo to remain. The result so far is evident.

Yulan L.
Yulan Lawson6 years ago


Terry B.
Terry B.6 years ago

Robert Dean said it all. TYVM

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p.6 years ago

thankyou for the article